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Satanic Pedophiles and The State


Sacrifice and Torture

Most people seem to believe that human sacrifice is something that ended a long time ago, but it is not so -- they have been doing it all along.

In ancient times they publicly sacrifice and tortured people, and everyone pretty much thought it was OK; as the consciousness of humanity began to rise, human torture and sacrifice became unacceptable to pretty much everyone -- this will be the future of many things that today we consider to be "OK".

Sacrifice and torture used to be OK, but when consciousness changed those things were seen as unacceptable; war and starvation are tolerated by us today, but when consciousness changes we will no longer accept these things.

You mean they used to kill people with bombs while letting other people starve to death? On the same planet? How uncivilized humans were back then!

When that time comes, if people are starving and bombs are being dropped, people will just put a stop to it (we will get there). However, if it is done secretly, like Chemtrails, vaccines, and GMOs (just an example -- nothing to see here -- keep on moving) people won't do anything, because they don't know about it. If you tell people that we are being poisoned with Chemtrails, GMOs, and vaccines, they will say you are crazy -- but one day, when consciousness changes, we will put a stop to all of this.

People used to believe there was nothing wrong with human sacrifice and torture, but when they became conscious enough to realize torture and sacrifice were wrong, they did something about it -- they stopped tolerating it, and those who were doing it had to do it in secret after that. They never stopped though, they just can't do it openly anymore; most people will consider you insane for suggesting any such thing, but only the ones who have never researched the topic.

The reality of human torture and sacrifice is dramatically different from the reality we have been conditioned to accept, but people who research these things know that it is true -- all of them. If you don't know that human trafficking, human torture, human sex abuse, human slavery, human cannibalism, and human sacrifices are happening at a massive scale in all countries of the world, you simply have done no research into it.

Everyone who truly investigates this comes to the same conclusion: this kind of stuff never stopped; they just do it in secret now.


Satanism and Pedophilia

People also think that Satanism is some kind of joke or some kind of little sideline backwoods operation somewhere, but that is only because they don't know what Satanism actually looks like. This is another thing that people tend to dismiss, but only people who do not investigate do the dismissing. People who research this understand that Satanism is alive and well, and is prevalent in all positions of power on the planet.

Satanism and human torture/sacrifice always connect to pedophile rings and human trafficking operations, which connect directly to the richest most powerful and influential people in the world -- it has always been so. A long time ago they did it openly, and who were they? They were the people in the positions of power and influence in every part of the world ... this should surprise no-one, except the ill-informed and ignorant.

Not every Satanist is a pedophile and not every pedophile is a Satanist, that's true, but the rings of the two intersect and interact very powerfully; there is a carefully woven web of rings within rings, that "snakes" its way through all of the institutions of politics, media, entertainment, banking, education, and religion. All of those rings connect directly to the secret society networks, which are also fundamentally connected to Satanism and pedophilia -- especially pedophilia, which is central to all of these apparently different expressions of vomitous sickening perversion and depravity.

The reason that Satanism and pedophilia are so universally common to the upper echelons of society is because Satanic pedophile rings infiltrate their people into every area of power; that's why we can always find Satanists and pedophiles in positions of power, no matter where we look in the world.

In all forms of Satanism there is human sacrifice, and sacrifice rituals are performed to create as much terror inside whoever is to be sacrificed as possible. When terror reaches its maximum level, the brain releases certain chemicals and hormones into the blood that is then fed upon by whoever is performing the ritualistic sacrifice. While all this is happening, nonvisible nonphysical entities who apparently direct the sacrifices (the gods) feed on the energy created by the terror.

Evidently, this is why they do these sacrifices, so their "gods" can feed (like vampires) directly on that specific kind of human emotion and energy.


Sacrifice and Torture

Sacrifices to the "gods" are always happening all around the world, and Satanists believe this allows for their nonhuman "gods" to manifest into this reality -- because of the energetic environment that the ritualistic sacrifices create.

This is why the most powerful people in the world regularly go to places like Bohemian Grove, and do whatever it is they do there. Why are the people who run our country doing Satanic rituals out in the woods in the middle of the night? Because ... the most powerful people all over the world are Satanists who ritually sacrifice human beings to their "god".

They perform rituals and sacrifices in certain sequences on certain days of the year at specific times and places; everything is of an extreme ritualistic nature because all ritualistic behavior comes from the reptilian brain ... which is interesting because the reptilian brain connects directly to Satanism: "Satan" is always Reptilian. No surprise then, that structure and ritual are always part of Satanism ... Satan is a reptile; therefore, the reptilian brain desires structure, ritual, and hierarchy as it sacrifices people to its Reptilian God ... very interesting.

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Apparently, they need all this ritual because they believe that their actions interact with astrological cycles and influence the morphic fields of the metaphysical universe, which is the same as Einstein's unified field of energy that we all exist within. Ritual based practices can leave a strong impression on the morphic field if they are done over a long enough period of time; extremely horrific events that happen suddenly can leave an imprint also, a stain, on morphic fields -- such as would be the case of a haunting in a place where a horrible murder had occurred. Things like that can have an impact on the energetic field in which we live; Satanic rituals and human torture/sacrifices have been going on for so long that we are now seeing the effects on a large scale manifesting into the world.

To change a planet in this way takes a very long time indeed; you can't just do it overnight apparently. According to researchers, this world is a projection of the metaphysical world, and thousands of years of Satanic ritual has finally impacted upon the metaphysical enough to affect the physical reality in which we live; we are told this is why the world looks as it does, because of the low-vibrational energy that is generating it from the metaphysical morphic field. War, violence, murder, rape, hate -- bloodshed of all kinds, all around the world -- this is the result of thousands of years of ritual sacrifice and abuse.

In ancient times, they always wanted a "virgin" (child) to sacrifice to the gods; we are told this has exactly to do with why pedophilia is predominant among the apparent "people" who seem to run our planet. Satanic pedophiles want the pure energy of children before they have gone through puberty; after puberty, the body is chemically different in a way that makes the energy less pure than it was before.

When Satanic pedophiles abuse children, they believe they are connecting themselves into the Chakra system of the child's body -- especially the Base Chakra -- from which they draw the energy that apparently feeds the nonhuman entities that are believed to direct and control the torture/sacrifices.

A way of describing a "Satanic pedophile" might be to say they are "demon possessed"; when a demon-possessed person sexually interacts with a child, they are able to "feed" the demon that possesses them -- this is why pedophilia is so important in Satanism.


Political Pedophiles

One of the reasons it is believed that so many politicians are pedophiles: if there is evidence of pedophilia, that evidence has amazing blackmail potential and power. Surely, there are few better ways to get what you want from government than to get a pedophile elected to office and then threaten to expose them if they don't do what you say.

This is how it works though, and why there are so many pedophiles in the position to make laws that govern our lives. What? We have to follow laws written by pedophiles ... and Satanists too? What? You've got to be joking! NO! We do -- we have to follow laws created by pedophiles and Satanists!

If that doesn't make you feel sick, how 'bout this: all laws are just opinions, made into legalities so that those opinions can be imposed and forced onto us -- backed by the threat of violence and force ... so, you have to, by law, live according to the opinions of pedophiles and Satanists! How do you like that? Is that workin' for ya?

Politician pedophiles will do whatever they are told -- as long as it means that their "little secret" will remain a secret.


State Abduction

Around 800,000 children go missing every year in the United States alone -- nearly 2,000 children become missing every single day! Not in the wilderness somewhere, in the freakin' United States of America!

Where are these children going? Some are found, sure, but not nearly all -- nowhere near all! Where are these children going, and why can they not be found?

We get little notifications here and there, "amber alerts" they are called, and we see the occasional story on the evening news about a kid missing somewhere -- but they barely cover even the tiniest fraction of the children that go missing ... every day -- every - single - day.

Oh look, sports is coming up next... But, what about those kids? No, no ... no more about the missing children -- the sports report is obviously much more important!

If people had any idea as to the scale and utter grotesqueness of what is actually happening, the world would be transformed that very day. George H.W. Bush (out of context but totally appropriate to quote him right now, as it turns out): "If the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us."

Where are hundreds of thousands of missing children per year disappearing to? Hundreds of thousands in the United States alone; how many children go missing in the world every year? Millions? What? Seriously? There is nothing like that -- nothing of the sort on the news, not ever! What if people find out the truth? What if they find out why this is happening? What if they find out why no-one ever told them about it?

Millions of children missing -- and everyone is going on about their normal lives? What? Excuse me! ... and we don't think this is leaving an imprint, a stain, on the fabric of our reality? Of course it is!

This is only part of what is wrong with the world, but the negative effects are profound ... just look at the world! If we don't start to realize and acknowledge what is going on, we will never be able to do anything about it; if we never do anything about it, it will only continue to get worse. If we will not "stand up" for this, what the heck will we ever stand up for? Me-Me-Me? Mine-Mine-Mine? My-Selfish-Little-Self? Not good enough!

We better start paying attention ... and start trying to understand where all these freakin' children are disappearing to, why it is happening, and why the people responsible never get in trouble!

The reason that no-one gets in trouble is because the pyramid structure of the Control System allows things like this to happen: if police, judges, lawyers, politicians, media, doctors, and coroners are all in on it, it is not hard to operate a pedophile or human trafficking ring without ever getting in trouble. When the right people are in the right positions, then even if you do get caught you won't get in trouble. Your buddies who participated in it with you are not going to punish you for it unless of course, you were set to be the patsy or fall guy; in that case, you might be sacrificed, but the ring will continue unobstructed.

All the pyramid structures of the Control System fuse at the top into one pyramid, and if you put your people in positions of power in the right places in all the smaller pyramids, you can effectively control the whole structure -- this is how it works.

You don't have to control everyone in an agency, you just have to control key people within an agency or organization to control it. To control a police department, you don't need to control all of the officers -- you only need to control the person who hires and fires police officers, to control a whole police station ... and this is how it is done; it works the same in every agency or organization -- in every country.

If you want a school to teach children to become socialists, you hire teachers that will teach socialism to the students -- piece of cake, and it works the same no matter what organization, structure, or agency it is. That's how it works, and this, is what has been done: Satanists are in all of the positions of power all over the world, because all of the people who determine who is in those positions of power are also Satanists. This is how and why our world is the way it is; they have been putting "their guys" in everywhere for so long that we don't even notice anymore. We don't even know what Satanism actually is or what it really looks like because we have been conditioned not to; however, it is easy to recognize if you know what it is.

The best way to conceal that you are doing something is to appear to be doing the opposite of what you really are doing. For example: if you want to destroy the environment, but not make anyone upset, you can just do it behind the disguise of "protecting the environment" (just an example -- nothing to concern yourself with -- they wouldn't do that). If you wanna sell drugs out the back door, sell something like doughnuts out the front door; we all know how this works.

So ... if you are a government, and you want to conceal your rampant abduction of children for ritualistic torture, abuse, and sacrifice, what should you do? ... ... ... That's right, create an agency called something like "Child Welfare" or "Child Protective Services". If you can create a good enough front, behind the scenes you can do whatever you want.

How many children go missing from these agencies? How many? How many children are sexually, mentally, emotionally, and physically abused -- while under state custody? How many are murdered? How many are never heard from again? How many children are wrongfully removed from loving parents, and then never seen again? These numbers are extraordinarily difficult to gain access to, which is very troubling in and of itself, but the numbers we can access are absolutely staggering.

Courts can be structured to protect pedophiles, and that is what all the secrecy is about when you go start trying to investigate these matters. Some parents are unfit to have children, this is true, but many children are removed from their homes wrongfully. How many times do these same children end up abused or dead? Far too many -- and they just went "missing"? Huh? How do they just "go missing" while under state custody? Missing to where?

When parents resist their children being removed (kidnapped), The State will sometimes suddenly determine them to have anger issues or psychological issues of some sort! It's absurd -- what kind of parent would act any other way? Only one that has no love for their child would act in any other way. What way should parents act if someone is attempting to abduct their children? It seems that psychotic anger would be a most appropriate reaction, except for when "The State" abducts them; then, you are supposed to simply be calm and submissive to the -- (big booming voice) All Mighty-All Powerful-All Knowing -- SSTTAATTEE -- that wants to have total control over every aspect of our lives ... especially the children!

© 2019 Jason Horne

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