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Saria Zaman, a ray of hope

No one could have imagined that Diamer, especially a daughter of Daryl, could enter the political arena. The district has a distinct geography and a distinct culture. As easy as it may seem for a woman to jump into politics, it is actually much harder. The customs here are different, I don't want to discuss them. The people of Gilgit-Baltistan are well aware. The hardest thing in the world is to break the ritual. Dr. Mohammad Zaman Sahib broke this ritual and brought his daughter Suraya Zaman into the political arena. This decision was by no means easy. It was the work of a big heart and a kidney. Then he addressed the people in front of Darul at the ceremony of the educational jirga and surprised the people. It was the first time in Darrell's known history that a woman addressed a public gathering and set an example. Dr. Sahib knew that critics would openly criticize, taunt, blame, say bad things. But they didn't care. Someone had to take the initiative, so they did. Indeed, on social media, people began to openly criticize in gestures and in private gatherings. No matter, that's the way it is.

Suraya Zaman became the youngest member of the Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly in the reserved seat for women. In his first interview since taking the oath, he spoke of improving family education in Diamer. He vowed to give women their rights. She herself is a highly educated woman, aware of the importance and usefulness of family education. He received his early education from Ghazar District, Matriculation from Saudi Arabia, FSC Abbottabad and Master's degree in English from Namal University, Islamabad. I saw in him a passion for public service and regional development. The first visit was to DHQ Hospital Gahkoch. He announced to give Rs. 1 million from his ADP to the hospital and donated an ultrasound machine from his own pocket. He announced a donation of Rs 1.5 million for Kishrot Hospital and promised to donate Rs 2 million for DHQ Hospital Chilas. In recent days, he has visited his hometown of Darul and accompanied by his esteemed qiblah visited various places of Darul in detail. Hear regional issues and make various announcements in different places. The list of his announcements in Darrell is long. The most important of these are: Girls Primary School Biari, Girls Primary School Ishot, Boys Primary School Ishot being given middle status, Establishment of MNCH Center at Civil Hospital Darul. These are just a few of the dozens of announcements that will take time to complete.

Daughter Dr Muhammad Zaman has been adorning print and social media in Gilgit-Baltistan for the past few days. There was a lot of discussion, especially on social media, with every social media user writing about it in their own way. Some praised becoming a member of parliament younger than a "hard area", while others lashed out. Well, each person has their own way of thinking and each person has their own way of thinking. No one's thoughts can be guarded. People with negative and positive thinking have been around since the beginning of time. My post is about a "thought" that is running through the minds of many people today and they have expressed this thinking on social media. Many writers have called her the "Messiah" of the women of Diamer, with great expectations that the women of Diamer will now get their basic rights, and so on. Of course there is positive thinking, but thinking alone cannot change that. It is clear that Suraya Zaman cannot do anything alone. I must be with you all. She talks about family education in her first interview, which is welcome, but can Suraya force our daughters to go to school? When we use religion cards, how many people here have inherited their sisters and daughters? Can Suraya give inheritance to our sisters and daughters? Can they restrict unhealthy relationships that are established in infancy? Babies are still in the womb and parents form relationships. Can they stop honor killings?

These are the bitter realities that are an integral part of our society. These evil rituals have deep roots in our society. Until we uproot them, we can do nothing. We have to change our thinking. Just dreaming doesn't make a revolution, just thinking doesn't change anything. Dreams have to be interpreted embarrassingly and thinking has to be put into practice. Then somewhere the revolution comes. You have to start at home. We have to give our daughters modern education as well as religious education. The share of sisters and daughters must be taken out of the inheritance. Unless we change our minds, loud claims on social media are useless. I can confidently say that many of us have something in our hearts and something else on our mobile screens. This is pure hypocrisy and such hypocrisy does not bring progress to society, it degrades it. Times have changed, family education is essential. There is a trend in many areas of Diamer but facilities are not available.

First of all, there is a lack of girls' schools in Diamer, and there are none at all, and if there is a school anywhere, the teachers are extinct. The biggest problem here is lady teachers. Where will the lady teachers come from if there are no educated women? From outside, it seems impossible for lady teachers to go to different villages of Diamer and carry out teaching activities. Suppose someone goes, then half a month will pass in vacation. In my humble opinion, this shortcoming can be met to some extent in two ways. First, those gentlemen of Diamer who have had the opportunity to educate girls outside, should make sacrifices and take up the cause of girls' education in Diamer ۔ The lamp burns from the lamp itself. Secondly, young educated women of Diamer, especially Daryl, Tangier, Thor, Hodder should find educated women and get married and light the lamp of education. Marriage is one of the basic human needs, so why not find an educated partner. At the moment there are only two ways, the third is not visible. Only by doing this can you complete the mission of Suraya Zaman, otherwise it will be a dream like thousands of dreams. A dream that is impossible to interpret. The world of dreams has to come out of the world of awakening if something is to be done. My opinion may be based on misunderstanding and you have the best option. You can put your thinking into practice accordingly.

Suraya Zaman Sahiba, development work will continue in the future, we request you to spend all your abilities on family education. Build as many girls' schools as possible, as the saying goes, "If the pool is available, the ducks will come." If educational institutions are available, there will be teachers and girls. Your Qiblah is an active person, he is also a high social worker. Human service is at their core. They want to do something new for the region and now God has given you a chance. I hope you will work hard for the welfare of women and the people will stand by you. We all have to bring about a revolution together, the individual cannot do anything unless public support is involved. Lastly, I would like to express my sincere condolences to the bereaved families of the victims and their plight. It is a disgrace not just to one person but to the whole region. It doesn't look good. Such actions should be stopped.

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