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Same Storm, Different Ships

In this episode of the podcast we talk to teachers and workers from the hospitality industry about how they have been affected by Covid.

Podcast Series "Same Storm, Different Ships"

A podcast about how regular people and small business are coping with Covid.

Video Podcast “Same Storm, Different Ships” Quote From S.A.I.T. Professor

Jae Fortier

3 hours ago·2 min read

This is the transcript from our new video podcast talking to regular people about how Covid has affected their lives and careers. This quote is from a teacher of third year carpentry at S.A.I.T.

See the full episode below.

“You go through the anxiety, from what you’re hearing on news on the news, and there’s rumblings around the workplace. And then you’re talking to people talking to friends and family, like what’s going on with this thing. And, and then the kids get sent home from school. Yeah, and so that was Well, I mean, I was watching the numbers out of China and, and then it had gone to Italy and watching those numbers, and it’s like, Holy, this thing is something. But they sent the kids home, and then they sent us home. And so that was you know, that was the real point in time.

So we got sent home, like post secondary institutions got kind of shut down for in person classes. And, you know, we had a staff meeting, and they said, Okay, so we got three days to come up with a plan. And no problem. Yeah, so and then we’re going home. So so that was, that was really the, the main kicker, and for me, it’s like, it’s very much. You know, I have a thing about finances. You know, maybe it’s because a younger person, I never had any money. But but it’s it’s very overwhelming for me to think about not being able to get by.”

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