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Russians and Ukrainians Gather in Australia to Oppose Putin's War.

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Anton Bogdanovych, continues, his voice low and his words deliberate, "[Ukraine] is our country." "It's a country we adore, and there's nowhere else for us to go."

Protesters have gathered in towns around Australia to voice their opposition to the war in Ukraine.

After World War II, a large number of Ukrainians immigrated to the country, and when Ukraine gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, migration resumed.

They've developed a solid community inside Australian society throughout the years, with strong ties to family and friends back home.

Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine began last month, members of this community – as well as certain members of Australia's Russian community - have done everything they can to oppose the conflict from afar.

Every day, Anton gathers a growing gathering of demonstrators in Sydney's Central Business District to demonstrate against the conflict (CBD). Meanwhile, protests are taking place around the country, some of them are led by Russians opposed to Vladimir Putin's invasion.

Anton Bogdanovych held a protest in Sydney on the first day of the conflict. Every day since he started holding them in the same city center location, the number of people who attend has increased. On weekdays, there are over 100, and on weekends, there are thousands.

According to Anton, the protests are for networking, "deciding what to do, allocating people to different directions," as well as elevating one another's spirits.

"It's just psychologically tough for individuals to... Every morning, they check to see if their parents are still alive... You don't want to wake them up by calling, so you send a message and hope for the best. It can take a long time for them to respond.

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"My mother is in need of a hip replacement. As a result, her leg is in excruciating pain. And, of course, no procedures are currently possible."

According to Anton, many individuals in Ukraine are now chronically sleep deprived. Because of the bombing, his family can only get a few hours of sleep each night.

"Being deprived of sleep is a type of torture... It has an impact on their health. COVID caused a heart attack in my father, and his heart is still recovering. So, with him being sleep deprived and all these loud noises going on all the time, I'm concerned about his heart."

He is also concerned about the country's future.

"We battled for our freedom with Ukrainian lives..." he says. "We have a look at what the Russians have. Even though they believe the war is unjustified, many are terrified to go out on the streets. We don't want to live in such a country."

Anton and the Sydney protestors, helpless while missiles "fly on the heads of our parents and loved ones," are calling for a no-fly zone over Ukraine imposed by the rest of the globe.

"Our parents are scared to death. Our cities have been demolished. To put an end to this, we need aid sealing down the sky so that bombs don't fall and missiles don't destroy our cities."

Iryna Semenova is very concerned about her parents. She was born and raised in Kyiv, Ukraine's capital, and relocated to Australia with her partner three years ago for work after living in Germany and Canada.

Fellow Country members what can we do to help to stop down and help to calm down the situation. So am here by to call help to every support individual or country to came and stop the situation of massive losses of lives.

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