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Rush Limbaugh Verifies that His Illness is Terminal

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The Initial Diagnosis

On January 20th 2020 Rush Limbaugh was diagnosed lung cancer. This advanced stage of cancer was found because Limbaugh received received medical care for experiencing shortness of breath that he was having earlier that month.

Limbaugh notified the public of his diagnosis in early February. He stated that his program would run "as normally and competently" as possible.

Limbaugh Follows Up About His Condition

On October 19th 2020, Limbaugh stated that his diagnosis has worsened. He stated that:

This wasn't a good sign from the 69 year old considering he already has stage 4 cancer. He later states that:

The Today Show Reports Limbaugh's Diagnosis

Rush Limbaugh's Recent Life Achievement

Rush Limbaugh received the presidential medal of freedom for his contributions to the country in 2020. This didn't occur without a controversial backlash. Notable recipients of the medal include:

  • Hellen Keller
  • Neil Armstrong
  • Jackie Robinson
  • Mother Teresa
  • Rosa Parks
  • Pope John Paul II
  • Maya Angelou
  • Eli Wiesel

To put a controversial radio host on this list seems to deteriorate the value of the honor. Limbaugh has a history of using rederick and insults to build his empire. His divisiveness may be his worst attribute.

This man has made personal attacks on Michael J. Fox for acting like he has a disease because he doesn't believe the actor has any symptoms. In another radio show, he claimed that a women requesting that congress make birth control free was a slut and if we were paying for her contraceptives then she must post sex videos online.

There is plenty more troubling remarks that Limbaugh made that I would think exclude him as a candidate of such a high honor. If you don't believe me check in the video below.

Whether you like Rush or not, its should be sad to hear about someone who has to have a slow and painful death caused by lung cancer. No one should have to suffer from this disease.

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