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President Trump Target The Congress

Trump had the opportunity to call the riot at the Capitol to stop and leave the Capitol, but he didn't. Trump was out for blood



Donald J. Trump took an oath to protect and preserve the constitution of the United States to the best of his ability. President Trump Violated his oath as President when he betrayed America and the people.

At a park near the White House Wednesday thousands of Trump supporters attended a Trump's stop the steal rally. Trump told his supporters to march down to the Capital and dissent against Congress for certifying Joe Biden as the next President of the United States. We will never concede, stop the steal of this election, we must take back our country, said President Trump. Angry Supporters marched to the Capitol, yelling we will fight for you Trump, Trump, Trump.

Outside the Capitol Building Trump supporters was pumped up by the President, they picked up police barriers, engorged the police and headed for the front steps Windows and doors was broken as they crawled through broken windows. Inside the Capitol waked through hallways calling for vice President Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi. Where is Mike Pence the angry mob said, less hang him. Mike Pence and his family was hiding a few feet in before an officer led the mob away from Pence and others. Nancy Pelosi was also in danger she was hunted by the Mob in a way that would make ones skin crawl. Thanks, God Pelosi was safe. Other members of congress was trapped in behind doors not knowing if it was their last day. During the insurrection at the Capitol president Trump watched the Capitol under seized and didn't call for help. Members of his administration begged him to call off his supporters(mob) but he didn't.

The President did nothing to stop the violence or to protect his Republican Party. I watched the impeachment of Donald Trump, as the Impeachment managers laid out their case, they showed who Donald Trump was a vindictive hateful Old man.

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President Trump incited a riot that took the lives of five people he should be held accountable for his action. Republicans will never convince Donald Trump for anything, they sat in the Impeachment Trail knowing the truth about the man they have protected for four years. Republicans are as guilty are Trump if they don't vote to impeach him. Abraham Lincoln, freed the slaves, but who will free America and the people from the former President Donald Trump.

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