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Running Scared of Putin in Ukraine

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Recent polling does show the President Biden's handling of the war in the Ukraine has failed. Over 50% of Americans think this. Foreign policy was supposed to be Biden's strength in the election, I mean, I voted for him. He has proven to be an old man in fear of Putin. Don't get me wrong, he has done great things like keep NATO united 100%, forged a real bond to thwart Russia that no doubt has shocked Putin. But the shock has worn off. Biden has provided the Ukrainian army millions of dollars of good military equipment, like the Javelin and Switchblade drones that can attack tanks. I am sure he has provided other solid equipment Ukrainian soldiers use on the daily basis that enhance their performance. But at the same time, Biden and NATO are dragging their feet on the equipment Zelensky continues to ask for like S-300 systems, MiG-28 aircraft, T-72 tanks and APCs.

Why is this?

They are running scared of what Putin might do. It has been like this since Feb. 24th when the war began. They tiptoe around trying not to offend the great Putin because he alarms them with talk of using chemical weapons or tactical nuclear missiles. Meanwhile, war crimes are being uncovered daily like those 400+ civilians killed in Bucha. More Buchas will come as the war enters a new more deadly phase when Russia tries to take more of the Donbas and Dnipro. The horrors are only beginning.

And yet, what does Biden and NATO do? They condemn, threaten war trials, threaten to remove them from the UN. As if Putin really cares, LOL. There is only one thing on his mind-victory to save face after his plan to take Kyiv utterly failed by stiff Ukrainian resistance. Putin will pull out all the stops to win now. He probably will use chemical weapons if the new attack begins to fail again. He may even use ONE tactical nuclear weapon.

Biden and NATO use of words to Putin is like talking to the wall or a teenager who refuses to listen. Biden had said that the use of chemical weapons would cause the US\NATO to some response. Short of military response, Putin will no doubt call his bluff. If not military, what economic isolation with more sanctions? If the war crimes in Bucha was not a redline for NATO\Biden, what the hell is? So far, both have just used the usual words in condemning it and support of Ukraine, which I am sure Zelensky is sick of hearing. Words are cheap, action is expensive.

Zelensky is correct that if nothing more than words is the West's reaction to the war crimes in Bucha, then, the UN and NATO are powerless against a bully and should be dissolved.

Ukraine needs weapons and more than their getting. That is the only thing that is going to stop Putin now. The sanctions still have not yet crippled Russia and all the targeting of individuals close to Putin has nil impact. The oil shipments still are happening and Russia makes millions from it. Isolating Russia is not very effective because of China, Iran, India and others. Sanctions are too slow for a fast moving war where events change in a day.

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Biden and NATO need to look in the mirror and not see Putin! Together, they are so much stronger than Russia's fumbling military and yet they act scared of the boogey-man. Already, some NATO countries do see the light and are sending dozens of T-72 tanks and APCs to Ukraine. Others, may be supplying the S-300 anti-aircraft system. Poland still could send the 28 MiG-28 fighters but for Biden who is in the way. But, time is of the essence and it is running out before Putin begins the final Donbas offensive.

Biden and NATO have been running scared. What will happen if Putin tosses one missile into NATO territory? First, Russia will say its an error or missile that went off course and apologize. Then, Biden and NATO will walk back his statement that if once inch of NATO is attacked, NATO will send units in to Ukraine. Does anyone actually believe this? Maybe, Biden might send one cruise missile to prove a point into Russia. Would he dare? I think he would be too scared. But look at what the Ukrainians did: they flew two gunships into Russia some 30 miles from the border and destroyed an oil depot! While nobody claimed it, attacking Russia did not provoke Putin and it did not create WW3.

Putin is willing to push the envelope with Biden and NATO because he does not fear them as much as they fear him. It is really time to "get some balls" and face-off with Putin in small steps. That is how war is. But sending in American troops will never happen unless NATO joins in.

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