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Rumors Fly as Arrests Are Made, but Are They Related to the Murder of Jessica Chambers?

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Interrogations occurred, but no one has been arrested.

Rumors are flying high regarding some recent arrests that were originally believed to be in connection to 19-year-old Jessica Chambers. However, the Panola County Sheriff, Dennis Darby has confirmed that the arrests had nothing to do with the Chambers case. Darby went on to state that the rumors were simply untrue and encouraged those on social media to stop spreading rumors. Rumors are just as detrimental to the case as having no information, so it's important to wait for all the facts before relaying information that could throw the investigation off or end up putting the wrong person behind bars.

The Sheriff's department has interrogated several persons of interest regarding the Chambers murder, but no arrests have come from those interviews. Darby says it's important to remember that they police can and often does interview those that are closest to the victim, such as family, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, and even siblings but that doesn't mean that they are a person of interest in any manner. They're doing these interviews to learn more about the victim, their background, their dynamic, rather they had any enemies, who would want to hurt them and so on.

The individuals arrested knew Chambers?

That being said, it's really important to understand that when a person or persons of interest have been arrested, or they know the victim it doesn't always mean they're being arrested in connection to the crime. It just means they have been identified as a person who may know information regarding the case. In this case the individuals who were arrested were brought in on unrelated drug charges, but Sheriff Darby stated that they were not apprehended in connection to the murdered Courtland, Miss teenager. Does that mean they have nothing to do with the murder of the young teenager? No, but it doesn’t mean they do either.

Jessica Chambers

Jessica Chambers

What happened to Jessica Chambers?

Chambers was murdered 4-months ago, after a passerby seen Jessica walking on the side of Herron Road at about 8:00 PM, engulfed in flames near a burning vehicle belonging to the young lady. She had suffered burns over about 98% of her small frame, making this one of the most heinous crimes involving fire I have ever covered in my career. Rumors have circulated around new outlets and social media websites regarding how Jessica died, when she died and rather she had an accelerant poured in her nose and throat before being set on fire.

19-year-old Jessica Chambers burned to death

19-year-old Jessica Chambers burned to death

Jessica Chambers knew her killer, as this was a personal crime.

My personal belief is that Jessica had to have known her killer, as the killer would have had to have been pretty close to Jessica in order to pour lighter fluid up her nose and down her throat. Jessica's father confirmed that his daughter suffered a cut to her head, so it's likely that the killer knocked her out. Jessica likely struggled with the killer, fighting her her life as he/she was trying to bring harm to the young girl, and somewhere during the struggle she took a hit to the head rendering her unconscious. The killer took advantage of this by pouring lighter fluid in the nose and down the throat of Jessica while she was knocked out, possibly thinking that she would never come to and the fire would have done the job. Obviously this didn't do the job as Jessica was able to continue walking down the road and was rumored to have talked to the first responders that arrived on scene once police were alerted by the passerby.

Although this investigation has been going on for some 4-months, it is still very young. There are many leads to follow up on, people to interview, evidence to go over and that is all going to take some time. Someone out there knows exactly what happened to Jessica and eventually, someday someone will either come clean, or the police will find something that will directly link them to Jessica and her untimely death.

If you or anyone you know has any information regarding Jessica or her murder you are asked to call Crime Stoppers at (1-800)-729-2169, the ATF at (888)-283-3473, the FBI at (601)-948-5000, or the Panola County Sheriff’s Department at (601)-563-6230. Remember you can remain anonymous, and no tip is too small.

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