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Rules Of War

Alysia researches up to 8 hours a day on current affairs. She looks for the new websites by real people who's voices are being silenced.


Rules of War

1) Never let the enemy see what you are doing

2) when spies infiltrate eliminate them secretly.

3) Slip up on the enemy while they are sleeping

4) Fairness is something given lip service in a war, in truth, there is no such thing as fairness in a war.

5) Use bio type war tactics under cover of darkness. Lie and say you are just spraying a field for bugs.

6) As there are millions of the enemy, it becomes necessary to control them by sticking them with a needle. This technology allows tracking of individuals, thus controlling the masses and reducing the efficiency of the human immune system.

7) remove the enemies guns, the ruling class is the only ones allowed to have guns.

8) Lock up the enemy in their own houses. If that doesn’t work, put them in concentration camps. They will go willingly if they think this is for their own good.

9) Spread propaganda ceaselessly. It is psychologically known the repetition of propaganda makes it believable to the masses, such as a trend catches on and everybody follows suit.

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10) Do not underestimate the enemy. Have a backup plan for every strategy that is implemented in case something goes wrong.

11) Constantly say things like “be safe.” It lulls the masses into their dream state so that de-population can take place effortlessly.

12) Take away their livelihoods, then give them some money to make them dependent on the gov for food. Then ration their food.

13) When their seniors are dying of old age, tell them it was a dangerous bug and they are not allowed to see their loved ones off, because they are keeping you “safe.”

14) Start planning to remove their children from the homes if parents refuse the vaccination. This act will cause parents to desire to die, and if the commit suicide, it saves the leaders from having to get their hands bloody.

15) If any speakers arise among the throngs, escort them out of country by threatening their life, or find another way to silence them if they know too much.

16) Do not allow gatherings of too many people; too many heads in the same area causes revolutionary thoughts and actions and creates the opposite of the leaders agenda.

17) Over time the people will become government property only. Keeping them muzzled reminds them, they are owned chattel and should not try and make decisions on their own about their health, wealth, or career plans, etc.

18) Reduce their moral continually by reporting massive figures of deaths occurring. Convince them all are dying of a dangerous bug. When they ask questions about the bug, be vague and just say things like trust us, we are the authorities.

19) When they ask questions on social media, delete their posts so that they all stay asleep.

20) Finally use technology to kill off the enemy. Build 5G everywhere. Transmit radioactive frequency through electric circuits and cell phones; this is a slow but effective method of producing illness in the masses; then tell them Covid got them.


MG Singh from UAE on November 26, 2020:

A very interesting list that makes the article worth reading

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