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Rosa Parks, Now Donald Trump

This is just about I can't stick my head in the sand and respect myself in this issue. When it looks like and quacks like a duck?

At some point, we must connect!

At some point, we must connect!

A letter to Congress circa 2020.

To Every Congressman, Senator, and Representative and Ambassador of these United States So help me God;
Please carry this and read it in the Halls of Congress. and to the Seat of Alabama Legislature:
President Donald Trump is standing up for All of Us -Just like Rosa Parks was Sitting down for All!

Rosa Parks knew when she went on the bus that it was rigged against her and knowingly she sat down where she wasn't supposed to, where she knew within her heart she must stand up for her God given right and freedom: Has President Donald Trump done any differently by standing against an election that was rigged against not only him, but the entire American Citizenry? It is a shame for any Judge, or Media, or Individual to throw President Trump off the bus for their willingness to allow the election to be rigged against him and the American People. Thousands more ballots counted in many states than are on the registered voter roles! Many proven to be dead people who have resurrected to vote for the Democrats. Neither Rosa Parks was willing to back down and neither is the Donald trump we have all known for 4 years as our United States President. Indeed he must not back down or we all suffer the same fate of prejudice that Rosa Parks and her people suffered. Only In Donald Trumps case, Both the Black and the White and All, will be forever forced to accept the loss of freedoms and honest and fair elections in this great Country. Sometimes it takes just one person standing up, or in Rosa Parks case; Sitting down in the name of Justice and Freedom. Martin Luther King stated that racism must end, but Rosa Parks sent a message much like the President is sending around the world in 2020. The Election was rigged! Its rigged against freedom of speech! Its rigged against fair, equal and honest elections! Its rigged against the Americans who want to have a say so with their one vote in electing their leaders. I see (Do you see?) How Antifa looting and rioting? Falsifying numbers of Covid19 data and deaths? How factions within the Congress targeted Our President with a witch hunt for collusion? Do you see how all of this along with convenient election blackouts on the night of the elections; the race had Trump Winning, then the black-out, and then when it resumed, It was very high numbers in every direction for Biden? How it all rigged the bus for the Democrats? Against the Conservative base of America? How it stopped again when they had flooded the polls with too many votes and had to get rid of votes to match the registries? Geez, Americans? Aren't you ashamed? And just like Rosa Parks knew she had to sit down and claim that the bus was rigged against her kind, that the 2020 political swamp had rigged the bus against President Trump, and against 74 million plus Americans and those above that number who had their votes stolen and changed to the other party? Don't you see? You ought to be proud of a man like President Trump who isn't afraid to take a seat on the Bus with Mrs Rosa Parks! Both are hero's of many years to come for Americans! Rosa Parks changed her world, and Donald Trump, May God bless him to change our world in 2020!

Humbly,Michael O. Jones

© 2020 Oscar Jones


Rodric Anthony from Surprise, Arizona on December 01, 2020:

That all may be true. I wanted it to be true in the beginning, but what if it is not? If it is true, we are on the verge of another civil war. This whole election has split my family apart and most of us have turned against the President for lack of proof, libelous claims by his lawyers at our Union because President Trump did not win this time. None of what they claim was held up in courts other than baseless claims. When the judges asked them to say whether or not there was proof they could not say. Where is the evidence that I can stan up and wag in the faces of the Left? As Ben Shapiro says, the facts don't care about our feelings. I need the facts to support these allegations, not assumptions.

I love and support the Constitution. It is the founding document of our nation. To claim that the president-elect has usurped the election there needs to be proof beyond doubt and belief because it did not turn out the way we wanted it to. We have Congress to consider. The presidency is at most 8 years of power. The Senate is where the focus should be now. If we can control that as a party, we have an edge.

Trump has been an embarrassment from the time he came into office. I did not vote for him the first time around because he is not a true Republican. He praises himself rather than let others praise him. At least Obama let his supporters praise him and did not use fear to gather them in. I did not vote for him either time, but I respect him because of his behavior. My hope with President Trump was that he could repeal Obamacare and bring back NASA.

Without a majority in the Senate, we may never get those programs situated. Because of President Trump, people hate my party and are leaving it! I supported him eventually after the liberals tried to oust him by impeachment. I watched the entire fiasco from a hospital bed, the who things That was a lynch mob! They were trying to get him out before he was seated!

Now, he is out. He will not concede and he claims that the election was unfair. We will see how things go on December 14th. If the evidence supports his claims, the electors will do the right thing, I trust. I still think he makes the best president after all of his behavior. He is what we wanted, a non-politician in the Whitehouse. I don't like the stink he comes with. I still prefer him to Biden to lead the country. I hope there is a turn of events, but I accept President Biden as my president if there is not. I support the office, not the men. I support the Constitution above my political party.

Oscar Jones (author) from Monroeville, Alabama on November 30, 2020:

The proof is within the irregular activity of the election. It's within the software of the dominion , but so many of the operators being crooked , hide, manipulate erase, and erase the evidence. But almost no one actually believes it was a fair election or that it was all legal. It had all been cleaned up, and re-characterized by the media. So, it's a shame on the American public if we don't insist it all be investigated. And done once, then every election becomes a farce, a bogus attempt at preserving our freedom . And that's the way socialism leeches itself into society, by apathy. Communism comes by stealth of politics, like a trap. Suddenly our rights are gone, our constitution is abolished, and freedoms are a thing of the past. Young people become students of socialist ideology and have no clue anymore of the value and price of freedom.

Rodric Anthony from Surprise, Arizona on November 30, 2020:

This is a great assumption that has no evidence other than the opinion. I am still waiting for the proof that any of the claims made by President Trump. I voted for him but this is embarrassing, to say the least. I voted for President Trump and I feel like a fool. I was hoping it was a conspiracy, but now I just want the President to be humble and concede.