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Rise of Islamophobia in India, the Future of New India

Islamophobia is rising all over the world. In India, how a lawyer was beaten up by the national police because of having long beard.

Islamophobia in India

On 23rd March, nearly 6 pm, a lawyer was brutally beaten up by the police when he was going to the hospital for treatment. In his statement, Deepak (victim) said I am a patient of Diabetes and Blood Pressure since for the last 15 years. When I was on the way to the hospital, I was stopped by the police.

Why he was being assaulted by the national police

Deepak was beaten up by the police for having a long beard. The police thought Deepak is having a long beard and he is a Muslim that's why police beaten up Deepak unknowingly and without any reason. The police beat him because he looks like a Muslim. That means police can beat any Muslim guy without any valid reason. Police man himself has given this statement. When the police stopped him, he had been trying to explain to them about his disease, but one police officer came to him and slapped him without even listening to him. Deepak told them that they should act under the limits. He said that I am ready to be detained under the IPC (India Penal Code) section 188. As soon as the police heard him, he started beating him and within a few minutes many police guards came there and started beating him with sticks. Blood started flowing from his ear.

The next day after being assaulted

On March 24, Deepak filed a complaint to the district superintendent of Police and the state Director General of Police. He wrote several letters to the state's human rights commission as well. He also filed a RTI (Right To Information) application for the CCTV footage of the 23rd March. Later, he received a reply saying that he had not clearly mentioned the reason for the filed request. The lawyer told him that the CCTV footage might be deleted already. From that day, the police have been pressuring him to withdraw his complaint. He was being told by the top police officials to withdraw the complaint. The police officials told Deepak to withdraw the complaint if he and his brother wants to practice peacefully as a lawyer.

When almost two months were passed

On May 17th few police officer came to his house and told him that it is a case of mistaken identity, the police thought he is a Muslim guy because he was having a long beard and that's why he was brutally beaten up by the police. The police guards kept convincing him for almost 3 hours to withdraw the complaint.

An Audio clip has been released about the conversation of lawyer and police

An audio recording between the police and the lawyer has come into light in which police is clearly stating that police always support Hindu goons during the communal riots. In the audio clip it can be clearly heard, “they are ashamed for doing something with a Hindu brother as they were unaware of your true identity.” We are not your enemy. Police always supports HINDUS whenever there is a Hindu-Muslim riot, even the Muslims are aware of this fact. The police told, “you were having a long beard and the police whom you were beaten by was a KATTAR HINDU.” Deepak said, “even If I suppose to be a Muslim guy, who gives them the right to beat a Muslim for no reason.”

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He was assaulted because he looks like a MUSLIM

The senior police officials forced him to withdraw the complaint. This the rise of Islamophobia in India. Hindus are not responsible for this, kattar Hindus and Sanghis are responsible for this. If a police is doing his duty while keeping this kind of perception in his mind for the Muslims. This is the perception of the ministers for the Muslims whom the police are controlled by.

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