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Reuters Caught on Hot Mic Apparently Ordering TV Blackout as Trump is Received Warmly by Black Congregation


Unaware that his voice could be heard on live national television, a Reuters cameraman says "shut it down" as Donald Trump receives a prayer shawl from his African-American hosts at Great Faith Ministries Church in Detroit. Trump received the shawl and a Bible on Saturday, amid cheers and clapping from a predominantly Black audience. It was an extraordinary moment for a candidate branded by many as a "racist."

"Hot microphone" or "hot mic" incidents take place when a broadcast microphone is turned on without people nearby knowing it.

Just as Trump received the prayer shawl from Bishop Wayne T. Jackson, a cameraman's voice is captured saying incredulously:

"He's getting a shawl!"

Then moments later:

"I'm shooting this, I don't care what. I'll take a demotion for it, you?"

The camera crew is then heard asking "Well should we shut this down?" which is answered by "Yea, shut it down." Seconds later, the live feed goes black. Because Reuters was the sole provider of the feed to other news stations, any other station carrying the event lost the picture also.

Outside the church, protesters criticized the visit.

Apparent Hot Mic Captures Reuters Cameramen Saying "Shut it Down"

The moment took place after Trump delivered a written speech to the congregation, and received a standing ovation.

Sounding uncharacteristically humbled and saying a number of times that he was "here to learn," Trump was greeted with clapping and cheering as he delivered his remarks lasting about fifteen minutes (full speech below.)

Trump said to a hushed room:

“I fully understand that the African-American community has suffered from discrimination. And that there are many wrongs that must still be made right. They will be made right.”

Throughout his campaign Trump has continually charged that his words have been deliberately twisted and taken out of context by the media, and that the media has provided a free pass to the candidate it is committed to helping get elected, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Trump supporters point out events that the broadcast media ignores which would cast a different light on Trump, such as his lawsuit in the 90s against Palm Beach, which he asserted was harassing his resort and club because it did not exclude Blacks and Jews as many clubs there did. In doing so, they maintain, he changed the character of Palm Beach society.


Ken Burgess from Florida on September 05, 2016:

The media is part of the establishment, same as the politicians, Rep or Dem, are part of the establishment.

Trump represents the pro-voter, pro-American, and anti-establishment side of things.

I know many people don't see this, they get tied up in party politics, or they have heard the lies repeated to them for hundreds of days now, that Trump is Hitler, that he is everything evil under the sun.

Many don't grasp that when Trump ran against open borders, when he ran against the trade agreements that help lower all our wages and lower the jobs available in this country, when he exposed the corruption in the election process, when he tells it the way it is... he has made enemies of EVERYONE who controls Washington, and wants to keep on controlling Washington.

You think the lifer politicians (IE - the Clintons) want to stop getting their millions a year for doing a few speeches and writing a book?

You think politicians like being exposed, that they like it that Trump can go into a state like SC and spend 3 million, and Bush can spend 120 million, and yet Trump cleans his clock... you don't think they see that as a threat to THEIR way of life?

You think Trump is targeting blacks? You think he is anti-American?

Anything but... egotistical sure, silver spoon in mouth background definitely, non-PC and unprepared for the position, yep.

But he is more anti-corruption, anti-globalism, anti-terrorism, and pro-American than Clinton in her wildest dreams could ever, on her best day, even hope to be.

There is a reason why the 'establishment' from the bulk of the media to the bulk of lifer politicians are against Trump... and it has nothing to do with his being evil, and everything to do with his being an outsider that the people they answer to cannot control.

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