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Returning The Government To We The People


We The People Deserve Better Politicians

The Preamble to the United States Constitution says the following, “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

This preamble is the gateway or road map to Individual Liberty, Unity and National Prosperity but as each political generation passes the next generation's adherence to Domestic Tranquility, Justice and General Welfare are exchanged for power and wealth.

This unfortunate reality must change before Wall Street becomes the sovereign overseer of every aspect of American life but how do We The People accomplish this seemingly insurmountable task? We achieve this lofty goal by cutting Capital Hill's financial cord and reforming all three branches of Government.

Here is my plan for Reforming Government and Returning Government to We The People.

Reshaping How We The People Donate to Political Campaigns

I am not a huge supporter of mandates overall but in this area, capping how much individuals can give to political campaigns is necessary to repair the uncoupling in American Politics.

Public Campaign Restriction

Under this clause, the amount individuals can donate to campaigns and or candidates will be capped at $5,000 per political event and not more than $20,000 during a one year period. For Example: An individual may donate via Check Only $5,000 to his or her favorite Representative and Senatorial Candidate totaling $10,000 and if the General Election is occurring during the Mid-Terms, an individual may invest another $10,000 to the Presidential Campaign.

Repealing Corporate Campaign Contributions

In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled Corporations and Unions may use Treasury Money or Reserve Cash as donations to political campaigns. The Court basically said Businesses and Unions have the same Freedom of Speech rights as Human-beings. Was the Court correct? No because Corporations and Unions are entities, not living breathing people. Since this ruling major businesses have flooded the political arena with billions of dollars to encourage Congress to pass laws benefiting Wall Street while undermining the American Worker and Consumer.

In order to equalize the playing field, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruling must be overturned. Once overturned, Corporate officers may still donate to political campaigns but their donations must derive from their personal income and will be capped under the provisions outlined under the Public Campaign Restriction Clause.

Watching Where the Money Goes

Establishment of The Financial Contributions Board

To ensure the proper implementation of the financial contributions law a new department composed of both Democrats and Republicans will be established. This new department will be called the Financial Contributions Board. The main objective of this board will be to analyze all donations given to politicians, political organizations and campaigns who will be required to send monthly financial records including copies of checks received and issued to the board. Direct Failure to do so will result in a fine of $75,000 per failure plus imprisonment if the failure is deemed by the judicial process to be criminal in nature.

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The American Contributions Form

In addition to the Financial Contributions Board a new Form will be created. This form will be entitled the American Contributions Form and will be available online, at post offices and many other places. Every American citizen who donates to political organization, politicians and campaigns will be required to fill out this form disclosing how much he or she has donated and to whom....The completed form must be sent before the set election day.

United States Congressional & Presidential Financial Reform

While many Americans continue to struggle, politicians continue to exploit the free market and the Constitution for financial gain. This abuse of power and patriotism must stop.

Political Applicant Financial Transparency and Corporate Disbandment

Taxes, balance sheets, statement of cash flows, credit card receipts, bank records, and brokerage statements are mirrors into how people receive, move and spend money and other financial assets. My idea requires Congressional and Presidential candidates plus their spouses to disclose ten consecutive years of financial documents including full tax records before entering the political arena and if elected, the victor and his or her spouse must dissolve all financial, management and lobbying ties to any Small Business, Partnerships, Franchises and/or Corporation before the oath of office....This disbandment will perpetuate seven years after service ends.

Congressional Salary Cap

Most Representatives and Senators make about $174,000 but combined with their business ties, their income can and often does reach millions of dollars. The above Disbandment clause will abolish this and bring greater equality but more needs to be done thus Congressional pay needs to be lowered.

Under this Cap, all Senators and House Members will earn $100,000 net per year and not more than $225,000 when combined with a Spouse's income...If the $100,000 Congressional salary combined with a spouse is greater than $225,000 Congressional income will be lowered.

Presidential Salary Cap Freeze

The U.S. President's salary is $400,000 with benefits totaling around $170,000. Since Presidential salary falls under the Financial Transparency and Disbandment Clause, I see no need to decrease the President's salary but it will be tax free and frozen permanently.

Congressional Lobbying Elimination

Lobbyists are necessary political evils. Some members of Congress become lobbyists when they leave Capital Hill and use their experience and ties to both political parties to further the corrupt interests of Wall Street and Political Organizations. This post-congressional practice will be eliminated for Congress Members and their spouses.

Reforming The United States Supreme Court and Presidential Judicial Appointment Authority

Above, I wrote about financially reforming the first two branches of the U.S. Government but the U.S. Supreme Court and how Justices are chosen must be reformed to strengthen Domestic Tranquility, Bi-Partisanship and bring better Justice to the American people.

Renumbering the Unites States Supreme Court

Currently Nine Justices set on the United States Supreme Court. This is politically uneven. To alleviate this imbalance, my plan adds one more justice and restructures the court's partisanship by requiring the ten justices to be composed of five Republicans and five Democrats....When a Justice retires, resigns or passes away, the President must appoint a nominee of the same political party thus removing the President's partisan oversight of the court.

Supreme Court Term Limit

Supreme Court Justices are confirmed for life but this is akin to totalitarianism. Under this clause or idea, Supreme Court judges will serve no longer than twelve years.......Each judge may serve twelve consecutive years or two six year terms.

Reforming the Supreme Court's Ruling Format

Currently decisions made by the Supreme Court are by Majority Rule. My idea retains this format but all majority rulings must be a 7-3 verdict. If such a verdict can not be reached, the issue before the court will be sent back to the complainants who have forty-five days to recommit the issue to the court; if the court can not reach the set format a second time the issue will be sent back to the lower courts and/or other appropriate institutions.

This concludes my ideas to move the three branches of Government toward the American people and away from the gluttony of filthy lucre, partisanship and totalitarianism. My plan is not perfect; I am not perfect and neither are the earthly powers that be but if we look to providence and prudence we might repair the divide and despotism swelling the United States of America.

© 2022 Jamie Richard Tankersley

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