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Republicans Are out of Control

Republicans are no longer respected, their dignity and pride left, when Donald Trump became the President of the United States.

Republicans have lost Their way


A Party of the Insane

Republicans are no longer politicians, they are a group of uncaring people who are out of control. The party has become vindictive, obstructionist, outrageous, and dangerous.They are no longer hiding their feeling, it's out in the open.

After Trump left office, he left behind a party of hateful vicious piranha. Republicans have done nothing to restore the country. They want President Joe Biden's Presidency to fail.

Republicans never held President Trump accountable for his erratic behavior. Trump was the first president in history impeached twice, Republicans voted against his impeachment. President Trump lost the 2020 election and refused to concede to Joe Biden. Republicans went along with the big lie.

In December, he invited his supporters to come to DC in January for a wild rally. After the election Trump neglected his presidential duties, to play golf.

Trump told one of the biggest lies in history, voter fraud. Republicans went along with the big lie President Trump promoted.

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In December, Trump told his supporters to come to DC on January 6, there would be a wild rally. On Wednesday, the same day as the counting of electoral votes certifying Joe Biden as the next President.

President Trump spoke outside the White House to supporters to march down to the Capitol and take by their country. Thousands of Trump supporters marched to the Capitol, chanting we will fight forTrump. Thousands of his supporters broke into the capitol, looking for members of Congress.

The mob was a few feet from Vice President Pence and other members of congress to another part of the Capitol.

President Trump watched the Capitol under attack from the White House, with members of Congress running for their lives. He watched the mob searching for the vice President to hang him because he had betrayed Donald Trump. More than a hundred police officers were hurt, they were traumatized.

The President of the United States brought an act of terrorism onto the soil of the United States and did nothing to stop it. He could have called this act of violence off but didn't. He didn't call the National Guard. Some of the Republicans are no better than Donald Trump. Republicans knew Trump was behind the January 6, insurrection for not winning the 2020 election.

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