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Republican Presidential Candidates for 2024

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Speak out against Trump by calling out his lies and deceptions on reality like GOP leader Liz Cheney has done, you are voted out and removed. About 100 Republicans in the party side with Cheney's point of view and threaten to form a third political party before 2024. The remaining members, like the Brown Shirts devout followers of Hitler that spewed out his lies and half-truths, continue to support their leader, Trump, at his behest.

Here we go again.

Already, the GOP are fully on bash-Biden mode. Whatever he does, it is wrong or bad. Whatever Trump or the GOP does, is sanctioned by God. Already, Trump is eyeing a rerun for POTUS in 2024. Already, he is positioning himself for this by eyeing some GOP figures as running mates BUT NOT his former VP, Pence. Talk about loyalty? (sarcasm). I guess Pence is no longer a friend to Trump because he refused to bow to Trump's desires about the 2020 election. Pence knew better and knew nothing more could be done.

Potential 2024 GOP candidates are:

  • Senator Liz Cheney
  • Governor DeSantis of Florida (even Trump alluded to him as a VP choice)
  • Senator Marco Rubio
  • Senator Lindsay Graham
  • Senator Ted Cruz
  • Senator Mitt Romney

Those are just a few possibilities, but DeSantis is really hinting that he may run for POTUS by aligning himself with the Trumpisms and Trump Republican Party, as ALL of them do (except Romney and Cheney) supporting the alternate realities the GOP is in. Both Graham and Cruz back in 2016 called Trump a liar of truth, despicable personality, and so on. After they lost to him, they kissed his ass. No wonder the GOP is in its own cesspool of sewage swirling into a toilet. Trump is the new Republican Party.

It would be just like Trump to run for POTUS in 2024, the sore loser that he is. God help America should he win. He would purge the democracy much like Hitler did when he won. It would Trump's vengeance.

Of course, all this presumes the GOP wins back the Senate in 2022 and Trump survives the several federal investigations about shady business dealings and misrepresentations in obtaining bank loans. Should he dodge all these bullets and still at 78 yr. old in 2024 is healthy enough, the temptation to run again will be too great for his ego. He will have to do it. Of course, should he return to the WH in 2024, he may be a divorced man.

It is truly amazing how the GOP has become the Trump party. America is heading into dangerous waters.


Ara Vahanian from LOS ANGELES on May 18, 2021:

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Ron Desantis has to somehow first win reelection as governor in Florida in 2022 before he can even think of running in 2024. Given all the controversy that's surrounding him, there's no telling how he will survive politically. But Perrya is correct when he says that political winds can change. All we have to do is remember how the party system evolved throughout US history.

perrya (author) on May 18, 2021:

Political winds can change rapidly, so it is too early for sure, but for now it's Trump party and Cheney and a few others are the only one with guts to dismiss Trump publicly. DeSantis would be a joke and never win in a national election. Tim Scott is a better option as is Rubio. Will any of them actually have guts to run against Trump, should he run again?

Readmikenow on May 18, 2021:

Your article shows how little you know about the Republican party. If Liz Cheney or Mitt Romney get a party's nomination for president, it won't be the Republican party. Romney regularly gets booed at Republican events and most of Cheney's continuants have nothing good to say about her. Neither one is going to win reelection. At this point the only realistic options you mentioned are Ted Cruise and DeSantis. I guess you aren't aware of the talks going on about getting Senator Tim Scott interested in running in 2024.

Ara Vahanian from LOS ANGELES on May 17, 2021:

Another thing I forgot to mention is that Trump isn't a healthy man either but the media doesn't report this. Why? Because it is not newsworthy. What sources are you reading that say that he will win the nomination in 2024 and win that election? He couldn't do it in 2020. It depends if his health will allow him to make another run. I still wouldn't totally bet on another Trump run for president.

MG Singh emge from Singapore on May 17, 2021:

Everything doesn't take place with clockwork mechanism and the fond hope of many that Trump will go to jail may not happen and I have reports from my relations in America who tell me that Trump has tremendous support still Republican party in a majority vote him and there is every chance he will stand in 2024 and win. It's best to be aware of the gathering storm then be the ostrich.

Ara Vahanian from LOS ANGELES on May 16, 2021:

I wouldn't worry about Trump if I were you. He will more than likely be in prison by 2024. The media tried to push the narrative that he is planning on running for president again in 2024, all because of the potential of higher ratings. I'm not falling for that nonsense. Liz Cheney is a Representative not a senator. Maybe Rand Paul might run in 2024? Just a thought. The GOP has to change its strategy if they want to expand their base of support but I don't think they will do it.

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