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Republican Presidential Candidate Joe Walsh Is a Reflection of Donald Trump

All Politicians embellish, but those that flat out lie to deceive can never truly be trusted.

Joe Walsh, actor- politician, 2020 Republican Presidential Candidate

Joe Walsh, actor- politician, 2020 Republican Presidential Candidate

Who is Joe Walsh?

William Joseph Walsh is a native of Barrington, Illinois. He was born there in 1961 and has been married twice.

Like Donald Trump, he never served in the military and he wanted to be an actor. His education included Grinnell College, University of Iowa and the University of Chicago. He later went to acting school, but that career never took off.

Joe Walsh worked with programs like Jobs for Youth and worked for a time as a community college teacher. He even helped raise money for several organizations.

  • Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund
  • American Education Reform Council
  • Fabretto Children's Foundation
  • Milton and Rose D. Friedman Foundation

Joe Walsh also helped with state and local policy making for right leaning organizations.

  • Heartland Institute (Libertarian)
  • Legislative Education Action Drive
  • Americans for Limited Government
  • United Republican Fund

Joe Walsh thinks he's the one guy that can save the Republican Party, only his history makes him no better than what's in the White House now.

Joe Walsh, critic of Trump has many similarities

Joe Walsh, critic of Trump has many similarities

Joe Walsh like Trump feels laws are for everyone but them

Joe Walsh wants to hold the highest office in our country and like the current President, finds that he doesn't like to follow the laws set forth for all of us as citizens for these United States.

In 2005, a court order stated that Joe Walsh would pay his ex-wife $2,134 in child support monthly. Joe Walsh made partial payments until March of 2008 and then stopped making payments altogether until 2010 where he was now $117,437.25 in debt for child support.

  • Tax liens for not paying his taxes
  • His condo was foreclosed
  • Lawsuits for not paying his debts
  • Continued lies on financial disclosure forms when running for office
  • Lying to about his income so that he doesn't have to pay additional child support
  • Drivers license suspended twice
  • 1989-2009 17 driving violations
  • Ordered by law to maintain high-risk drivers insurance, he did not obtain the insurance
  • Failed to appear in court for driving violations.

Short tempered and rude, where have we seen this before?

Joe Walsh's politics

In 1996, early on in his political aspirations, he was a self-claimed Moderate Republican, running in a highly liberal district and was even Pro-Choice.

Joe Walsh ran for office in the 9th Congressional District. His campaign was a full of political stunts. He went bike riding through his districts and he even threw a party for in honor of his 87 year old opponent Sidney Yates; complete with cake and 87 candles to set the tone that his opponent was to old. Walsh lost the election.

In 1998, having lost in the 9th Congressional District, he ran for a seat in the Illinois House of Representatives in the 58th District. He was still Pro-Choice, he drove around in a yellow school bus campaigning. New gimmicks, same outcome. Walsh lost the election.

In 2010, Joe Walsh ran again, now in the 8th District in Illinois; with very little GOP support. He switched his views from moderate to Tea Party and began picking up endorsements. This would be the turning point for Joe Walsh and the type of politician that he would be. His acting lessons paid off. He squeaked by with a win. Walsh served office from 2011-2013.

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Times Picayune, IL- reported in an article about political officials lack of bipartisanship being that they no longer lived in Washington, most commuted and no longer had dinners together, spent time discussing the issues. Joe Walsh said to that; "I think it's important to show we don't live here, we are not creatures of this town. I don't want to live in this town, I want to be home all the time."

In 2012, Joe Walsh set his sights to run in the newly redistricted and largely Republican 14th District. When news of his failing to pay child support and breaking the law by driving without a license, he withdrew from from the 14th District election and registered to run in the 8th District against Lt. Col. Duckworth. She served in combat and was a double amputee.

Walsh attacked Lt. Col Duckworth saying "true heroes" wouldn't be talking about their disabilities. "My God, that's all she talks about."

And while he was running as a Tea Party Republican, he was taking in large sums of money from Super Pacs and was able to outspend his opponent by $3 million.

All that money couldn't help Joe Walsh and Lt. Col Duckworth beat him; cutting his time in office to a single term. He got his wish, now he could be home all the time.

Joe Walsh playing to the racist right?

Joe Walsh attacks against President Obama.

Joe Walsh attacks against President Obama.

Like Donald Trump, Joe Walsh has made it clear that he will lie about Obama because it works with party politics or maybe its his racism.

He had no issue lying and saying that Barack Obama was bankrupting our country. He also challenged President Obama to secure the border with moats and alligators if necessary.

On July 7, 2016, Joe Walsh now a syndicated conservative radio host used his media outlet to threaten the President of the United States.

As the police officers were shot in Dallas, Walsh's short temper got him riled up and he tweeted, "This is now war. Watch out Obama. Watch out black lives matter punks. Real America is coming after you."

No sure who Joe Walsh considers, "Real America", but it's obvious that he has no respect for blacks.

He also went on to say that President Obama was elected because of the "magic button", articulate black man, liberal, the whole white guilt thing.

In a 2016 tweet, Joe Walsh said, "On November 8th, I'm voting for Trump. On November 9th, if Trump loses, I'm grabbing my musket, you in?"

Joe Walsh, like the Trump playbook, pushes hate and divisiveness.

Joe Walsh tweets

Joe Walsh tweets

Suspended for a day, his racism and hate shines through the years

Joe Walsh was suspended for one day, on June 19, 2014 for using racial slurs during his talk show. Like Trump, he has used his show to push Birtherism and Anti-Muslim rhetoric as well as his twitter account.

  • Aug 2015- Obama never let a voter feel his birth certificate
  • Aug 2016- Once again, blacks in America try to burn their own neighborhoods down.
  • Dec 31, 2016- Obama is a Muslim. Happy New Year!
  • April 2017- to Gov. Howard Dean; You are wrong, In America, I have the right to say Black people are lazy and the Irish are drunks. Hateful speech is protected.

Joe Walsh calls out Trump

Joe Walsh calls Trump shameful, a bully and a coward. The only way to beat him is to expose him as the conman he is.

Joe Walsh is not the candidate the Republicans need, they already have the same immoral, racist behavior coming from the highest office in our country.

Americans deserve better and if this is the only candidate that has chosen to run against Donald Trump, its a sad state of affairs for the Republican Party.

© 2019 Lady Liberty


Lady Liberty (author) from These United States, Texas on August 29, 2019:

Brad, Awe touched a nerve did we. The first thing you do is go to the Dems. Well, let's see, not a single one of these Dems you mentioned have demeaned a member of our military or disparage them for personal gain or gratification like Trump and Joe Walsh.

Brad on August 28, 2019:

"Like Donald Trump, he never served in the military a"

Like Obama

Like Biden

Like Bill Clinton

Like Bernie Sanders

Jack Lee from Yorktown NY on August 26, 2019:

Excellent article exposing a fraud politician who gives conservatives a bad name. There is one difference between Trump and Walsh. Trump has actually delivered on policies that are supported by conservatives.

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