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Reporting Multiple Perpetrator Stalkers to Police

Quote by Christine Louis de Canonville, a therapist who teaches other therapists about narcissism, of The Roadshow for Therapists, and The Three Faces of Evil. Christine visited us on a regular basis on our once again hijacked, and now trashed FB.

Quote by Christine Louis de Canonville, a therapist who teaches other therapists about narcissism, of The Roadshow for Therapists, and The Three Faces of Evil. Christine visited us on a regular basis on our once again hijacked, and now trashed FB.


A few years ago, during The Year of the Police Report, 2016, I believe it was, or perhaps 2015, we inquired publicly of Kansas and Missouri law enforcement, on our higher traffic, now once again hijacked pages,* how the following people could walk into a police station and receive timely, effective protection from multiple perpetrator stalkers:

  • a toddler
  • a teenager
  • a housewife
  • an elderly person

We also asked how police misconduct or other concerns could be effectively reported to police without reprisal from stalkers. The following is certainly not comprehensive, but the answer so far!

Please note that these articulations of experiences with law enforcement during this ordeal grieve me, as some of the 55 of a potential 80 various submissions of 2016 also grieve me. In my sole discretion, law enforcement as an entity should be truly embarrassed by the following behavior, but consistently appear to be interested in little other than cover their own behinds, and actually furthering the stalker agenda, with what has been experienced as beyond blatant disregard for the victims.

Also note that nothing in this article should be deemed as legal, medical, psychological or professional advice of any kind, nor are terms to be deemed legally defined. Note some personal details about this author as they existed in 2016:

  • Lifelong resident of the Kansas City area.
  • Graduate of several local schools and universities, including The University of Kansas School of Law (2004), targeted in a workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking the following year.
  • No criminal record whatsoever at all, barring traffic violations which includes a DUI at the age of 21 in the State of Missouri after returning from an FDIC bank closing (10-16 hour work days for approximately three weeks) and attending an FDIC coworker's birthday party I was too exhausted to attend, but did after insistence, off the Plaza near or at the currently location of Eggs, Etc. Far be it from me at the age of 21 to leave a free, even pretty, alcoholic beverage on the table! I fell asleep at the wheel, spun completely around on the highway, hit a sign post, which did not budge, with the driver's side front fender, and flew off an embankment about 25 feet down on I-635, totaling the car, with no other incidents in the following years at the current age of 55. People witnessed the accident, and someone took me home to my Gladstone, Missouri apartment at Vivion Oaks. Jeff took me back to the scene, at which time I was ticketed. I may have a drink once in a while, but it has probably been five years since I have. I do not often drink.
  • I was mad as hell at God during the above period of time, and had "walked away," as if they were possible, due to dysfunctional teachings, resulting in one my biggest pet peeves in all of life being mangled Scripture being used to control, manipulate, or torment another. God was big enough to handle it, and never let go of me, thankfully.
  • Employee on a temporary or permanent basis of various local businesses and law firms, including approximately half of my life invested in the local legal community, knowing approximately 500 lawyers.
  • Mother and grandmother.
  • Online advocate raising awareness about narcissism. Having gone through the recovery process from narcissistic abuse years ago, in my sole discretion, there is needed within the niche the expert and the survivor, as long as survivors recall that they are survivors and not licensed professionals useless that be the case. Hence, we never issued such one-on-one advice although we received hundreds of requests for same. We provided links to resources by licensed professionals. There were many therapists on our pages, resulting in a win-win situation, educational for therapists unfamiliar with such matters, and enriching for survivors. Invalidation being such an enormous aspect of such abuse, survivors provide validation soaked up like water on a dry sponge by victims. Our pages also provided a then lacking, and perhaps still lacking, Christian (Protestant as opposed to Catholic although I do not particularly care for such distinction, used only for clarity. Sister Renee of Luke 17:3 Ministries and Anna Valerious of Blogger's Narcissists Suck provided excellent Catholic information. We did (and do not think the use of past tense indicates we are finished raising awareness online, this situation is bullchit and should not be allowed to stand) not always support the politically correct view on some aspects, but experts and views, in our sole discretion, that were the most credible and helpful to the reader, even if they disagreed on certain aspects in order that the reader may be presented with the information and decide. We continue to attempt to continue our online work even though online predators and thieves have robbed us of our ranking, profits, and fruits of our labor with no hint of justice on this front either. It is our right to present our Christian beliefs and biblical clarifications as well. Our books remain unwritten, at least by us, in then wide open niches, due to our lives still remaining unrestored from the destruction, including multiple physical injuries, inflicted by predators, and we place the responsibility for this squarely on the criminals and law enforcement).
  • No alcohol or drug addictions, nor have I ever even smoked pot.
  • Recovered childhood sexual abuse victim for approximately nine years of my childhood, told by my childhood sexual abuse therapist that I am one of the emotionally healthiest people she has ever known. Note it was previously stated in writing to police in 2016 that I am emotionally healthy and not afraid to prove it, but after two named perpetrators, of course, (referred to therein as "Batman and Robin," who were running loose out of the "bat (chit crazy) cave," but also by their legal names as I recall), since I am the innocent victim and they are the criminals. This will be more thoroughly addressed in future articles, God willing.
  • Some of the best women I have ever known have been therapists, including the best female friend I have ever had as an adult, Karen, a psychologist who moved from Kansas City to New York. I myself nearly became a psychologist during that time, but decided instead on law. However, I may still become a psychologist yet, if this situation is ever resolved, and I can get into a program with it being publicly known I am a Christian. Hence, it also grieves me that some of the conduct of mental health professionals will also be addressed in future articles.
  • My thinking tested out at 93% analytical and 97% when under pressure. I also tested out with a 500 question test, to be 97% what I appear to be, meaning I am not a pretender but an authentic person.
  • The last couple of decades should have been some of the best, happiest, most productive and prosperous years of my life, and the lives of my children, which includes grandchildren. Instead, due to this situation, they have been filled with unfathomable hell, grieve, loss, injury, pain, suffering, harassment, poverty, etc.
  • I was not at that time in 2016, nor am I currently, taking any prescription medication.
  • Being accustom to being listened to, I asked police to wait for the full context prior to acting on anything. However, all 55 submissions were not submitted to police due to their endless theatrics and games within police stations, and the wrestling of one police department after another began.
  • I verbally cornered a detective who was doing a monkey dance in the Downtown Kansas City, Kansas Police Department shortly following the death of my legal father, who was killed by police, Gregory NMN (no middle name) Schrader on October 20, 1990. Greg had thick, wavy (or maybe it was a cowlick at one temple or maybe "course" would be a more precise word) jet black hair that was completely grayed by the time he died. He was under six feet tall, maybe 5'10" and of a muscular but not bodybuilding build, with blue eyes, and known to be of Native American and German origin with a full blood Indian grandparent, believed to be the reason he could only grow a strawberry blonde beard that I do not think ever filled in, just like Bo. Greg is buried in the Edwardsville, Kansas Cemetery on the terrace, December 11, 1946 - October 20, 1990. He owned on gray suit purchased to walk me down the isle in 1983, which he was buried in. It was reminiscent of the gray suit in Lora's (not Armstrong Teadale's retired Lora, I don't think it is anyway, and not the targeted black female at KCI, then at Overland Park's Denny's) Lora, but perhaps another Lora) Alterations in Mission, which remained after the wedding dress was removed.
  • The psycho attorney I worked for at Stinson during the 2005 workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking that repeatedly nearly ended my life claimed to be the immediately above-mentioned police department's (in the New Unified Corruption of Wyandotte County, Kansas, home of some of the highest tax rates in the country) (See Requested Homicide Investigations) legal counsel, as well claiming Wyandotte County's The Legend's anchor (the one relied upon to draw the traffic) store, Nebraska Furniture Mart, as his biggest client, also past sponsor of Fox 4 Morning Show. Then, there were his self-proclaimed clients McCarthy Chevrolet and Splenda (a "delicious" "s" allegedly, where oh where did an "s" slip off?). Disclaimer: Splenda may or may not contain saccharin, which is alleged to cause cancer, hence, this is a generic comment, not an endorsement).

What's a Monkey Dance?

....or sneaks around for the next three decades trying to "learn you a lesson" because he's too stupid to tell a believable lie in order for there to be uncomplicated grief for the deceased? No need to "learn me" a lesson 'bout dat. I already know!

....or sneaks around for the next three decades trying to "learn you a lesson" because he's too stupid to tell a believable lie in order for there to be uncomplicated grief for the deceased? No need to "learn me" a lesson 'bout dat. I already know!

*(My longtime (2009) personal Facebook page in my legal name, hijacked for 10 months in 2017, even the photos are hacked, requiring that I upload a birth certificate or driver's license, which I refused to do, being hijacked again in April 2019, when I refused to engage in a public gaslighting conversation with someone who I knew was not my child, linked to a longtime Yahoo account also hijacked, also linked to our narcissism Facebook pages, with even the email address changed again on our Facebook account. This account also included Gail's author page, the second one created due to cyberstalking hackers and trolls, and Narcissistic Personality Disorder Mother Facebook Resource Page, which was above the fold in the Google search results for its keywords, even after first being hacked and hijacked in August 2012, and repeatedly since, currently still locked out. The cyberstalking trolls could not keep up, in which case they, of course, attempt to cause it to appear to be just the opposite, and, as always, are given as much time, resources, unprosecuted criminal activity, etc., whatever is needed for their impression management).

Your experience being stalked, should you be unfortunate enough to be stalked, may differ, and may last for many years as mine has, overtly or more subtly, depending on stalker agenda and circumstances. Nothing contained herein should not be considered legal, medical, or professional advice of any kind, nor should terms be deemed legally defined, nor is it intended to discourage any stalking victim also in pursuit of protection or justice, but to raise public awareness. This is especially true since what little awareness is raised is so often lame as compared to the reality, based on personal experience. That serves the stalkers well.

Figuring out the scenarios does not stop perpetrators as one might originally think. We recognized more patterns while raising awareness on our Facebook page, Narcissistic Personality Disorder Mother, (Johnson County Sheriff's Department claimed not to have Facebook when asked to access contextual articulations during my overnight visit in 2016 (orchestrated arrest for trespassing at Mission Country Club because I was trying to warn certain Fairway residents)), which prior to being hijacked and trashed, was above the fold in the Google search results for its keywords, even in spite of the relentless manipulation, hacking, etc., as stated above.

Note when the police refuse to take responsibility or allow the filing of full police reports, the victim is then also supposed to shoulder any liability for warning the public. This is along the lines of perpetrator attempting to make the stalking victim responsible for being stalked, rather than the stalkers held accountable for stalking. Rather than upholding the law for the victims, police consistently aid the stalkers, and appear in many cases to actually be stalkers. This, like everything else, appears to be until police can get it turned around to appear they are protecting the public, doing their jobs, etc., rather than potentially preventing or aiding in the prevention of free expression online. In other words, the perpetration, no matter how serious the crime, is consistently blamed on the victim.

Narcissistic Victim Syndrome Quote by Christine Louie de Canonville of The Roadshow for Therapists and The Three Faces of Evil

Narcissistic Victim Syndrome Quote by Christine Louie de Canonville of The Roadshow for Therapists and The Three Faces of Evil

KBI and FBI Internet Submissions 2015/6/7

The first attempts were made to the Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Kansas Bureau of Investigations via their websites since I lost my automobile in the occurrence on or about May 23, 2014. These attempts were made at three Johnson County Kansas Public Libraries due to loss of the use of yet another computer due to same with hacking so intense that the hard drive was being reformatted up to five times a day. (Ubuntu). This was to report situations both online and off, primarily regarding local stalkers. However, this section is context for the reader.

Ubuntu was tracking these hackings back to New York primarily, but sometimes to Chicago, and toward the end an IP address belonging to a computer company in Massachusetts within 80 miles of where another online author had tracked the dynamic duo, (although at one point it was allegedly two females and one male) who have been documented online by multiple blogmasters for years. Ubuntu also logged our big Facebook page running through an Ireland server.

One might think law enforcement would take it upon themselves to patrol such a niche as narcissism, for the victims, all on their own, but not so by any discernible standard. Our pages and computers were first hacked, and bank card number stolen and used (also documented by another author online, but a Washington State Walmart employee stated law enforcement was unwilling to press charges due to the amount being under $50) in the third quarter of 2012, the very month a certain book was published. You can find the late Kathy Krajco's book published by Operation Doubles with an Egyptian all-seeing eye insignia, at What Makes Narcissists Tick. Find the late Joanna Ashmun's preserved page. God willing there will be a separate article on this topic, writing in the online narcissism niche, in the near future.

Note that while Google has a reputation of your account being "hacker-proof," that has certainly not been our experience. Cyberstalking hackers manipulated our Blogger blogs (one disappearing never to be seen again), YouTube, etc., as if they were their own and we were borrowing them. This includes a spreadsheet of all of the backlinks to an article that hit the top of the Google search results years ago, Tactics. At least one of the hackers is believed to be a Google expert, and perhaps even an employee.

In any case, the cyberstalking hackers were able to hack and attempt to prevent the submission of these attempts to contact the FBI and KBI. This is quite alarming since one wonders if the FBI and KBI are unable to protect their own crime tip submission pages on their own sites, would in the hell is able to?

However, I was able to submit one and one-half pages to the Federal Bureau of Investigations around the hackers with perpetrators literally swirling around me, directed conversation, being sprayed with inhalants, etc., regarding at least two of the main local stalkers via the Internet or U.S. Mail. This particular electronic submission was saved on a flash drive that was removed from my belongings shortly thereafter. This was a 4G pink flash drive with Breast Cancer Awareness insignia, disappearing while I lived in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas.

The perpetrator commentary for the following one and one-half days was that there were two words together ending in "ly." This is typical of perpetrators to completely avoid the point and focus on virtually anything to redirect focus and be critical of the victim. The Kansas Bureau of Investigations was also contacted successfully, with the "Thank You" for the submission displaying. There were also submissions via U.S. Mail from Mission, and from the main Mission, Johnson County, Kansas Post Office.

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After spending about one year looking, I moved from Westbrooke Glenn, Shawnee, Johnson County, Kansas, managed at that time by a Signature Community, Art and Linda, based out of New York City, to Mission, Johnson County, Kansas, in June 2013, but spent several months at Smithville Lake with the Mission apartment appearing to be a death trap upon moving in, but ended up returning there anyway due to lack of a better option.

(It is unfortunate because it appeared to have been a nice basement apartment in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas, at one time, as nice as an apartment can be when police fail to prevent perpetrators from entering while you sleep or are gone. However, every time it rained half of it flooded with water and muddy soot, which had to be cleaned up. I worked for two years on re-landscaping the yard and directing the water away from the house, cleaning the gutters, pulling the neighbor's bulb from five rows of the patio and pulling the weeds, working on downspouts, the property owner purchased sandbags and sealant for the cracks in the foundation.

I steam cleaned and vacuumed many, many times to remove tons, numerous canisters, of pet hair. I cleaned and scrubbed, over and over, the feline urine from the tile in the kitchen, which appeared to have actually soaked into the concrete. (Recall that perpetrator infest victims with parasites, with one of their dirty physicians allegedly believing that all disease begins with parasites, and T-gondi, a brain parasite, requires a feline for its life cycle.) The water was super toxic, and I am not a picky bottled water person, and it never was corrected having called the water company twice and them claiming water "does not stay good forever," and we did not run enough water as the issue, which I found to be ridiculous and running the water for 10-20 minutes an ineffective solution.

There were burn marks from the paneling in the bedroom previous catching fire, with the property owner claiming the previous elderly male tenant died of a brain tumor while living there. He had the vents taped and sealed nice with metal cutouts, which the property owner removed when I looked at the apartment. I tried to replace them, but they kept coming off. Both gas and electric smart meters were installed shortly after moving in, with a smart meter reader installed in the early morning hours by two full-sized KCPL contractor trucks. (KCPL was on the fourth floor of the Stinson Morrison Hecker (result of the then merger or takeover by Stinson of Morrison Hecker, a firm I have never heard so much as one negative word about in all of my years in this local legal community) building in 2005).

The garage door opener disappeared, which is of coursed blamed on the victim, and perpetrators raised the garage door in the middle of the night with the entrance of the apartment being a curtained (with a burn mark), windowed door, that did not lock well, through the garage. The situation included but was not limited to all of the above, with perpetrators coining it a "death house" and claiming the neighbor had the air conditioner on "remote control."

Note this property owner is in her eighties, I believe. I witnessed a white female of Samantha's likeness (believed to have actually been Samantha) at her kitchen table, where she keeps her business, at approximately 2:00 a.m., while I was stepping outside to smoke. Additionally, perpetrators in this rigged (at least at that time, as the only thing that appeared to be happening during the year of the police report, 2016, was evidence being cleaned up) neighborhood lurk around in the night, as evidence by the shoe print and broken flower outside my bedroom window, as well as seeing and hearing someone lurking back down the privacy fence into one of the double gated voodoo fence gates.

The following day his wife and apparently his grandson raked up the leaves in the area, and the neighbor installed a shed blocking some of the view). I have great concern for at least two young ladies who lived on this same street, as well as an older white female property owner who offered me a ride to the store shortly after the loss of my car by stalkers on or about May 23, 2014, which was not wrecked, who appeared to have her identity and property assumed by another - someone just stepped into her life and home it appeared, but with subtle differences in habitual behavior casually observed if you were paying attention.

This was not an exact or substantially similar facial likeness where you might notice, generally but not always slight distinctions in height or body size, and may need to particularly focus around the hairline, masquerading like some, nor someone of natural substantially similar appearance, but just another woman of similar age, stepping into her home and life.

This second woman then right to my face claimed she had lived there 50+ years and raised her son there. I witnessed this original women in distress in her home as I walked by to go to the store, and made a 911 call from Mr. Goodcents for a welfare check. The responding police and fire department appeared at that time to be subtly making a mockery of me for doing so. These are by far not my only concerns.

India is the voodoo capital of the world. NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana) is second.

Suggested Written Request for Police Interview 2016

The following police suggested police interview was regarding what turned out to be the articulatons of the year of the police report, 2016, completing 55 of a potential 80. This police interview has never taken place, at least not with me present.

Hand delivered hard copy delivered three times to the Mission Police Department due to gaslighting and other misconduct - "Please also ask the FBI to request Donald F. Martin's presence." was allegedly removed. The following was hand delivered after many attempts to first file police reports verbally, then numerous typed hard copies of submissions hand delivered to the Mission Police Department in order to get around the gaslighting, verbal gymnastics, etc. Requesting this police interview was suggested to me by a tall thin upper middle aged white male uniformed officer in my Mission, Johnson County, Kansas apartment identifying himself as Officer Martin.

March 10, 2016

I hereby request in writing in person to the Mission Police Department, as a reasonable person similarly situated would deem appropriate and necessary, that two Kansas Bureau of Investigations agents, (who I originally repeatedly attempted to contact electronically from the Cedar Roe Public Library situated in Roeland Park, Kansas), presenting official credentials along with driver's licenses, and providing me with Xerox copies of same, as well as those of an officer who provided me with a Mission Police Department business card within the police station stating he is Officer [Matthew] Bieberbach, should he be present, as well as an FBI agent, preferably Special Agent Robert Beuttenbach of Kansas City, Missouri, if possible, if not an agent of his recommendation, if possible, be present during the verbally suggested police interview, (by an Officer Martin in my home on March 8, 2016), be scheduled on or following but not prior to March 25, 2016.

Please also notify Special Agent Beuttenbach I have received death threats against his son, including similar spinal alteration threats as I suffered in a crime originating in Mission, Kansas, in May 2014. Please also notify Special Agent Beuttenbach that I was informed his son's body is under water at Shawnee Mission Park, at the northwest end, in front of the shelter west of the [inserted the word “patio”] [the word “dock” removed for clarity] deck, which a reasonable person similarly situated could construe as either a fact or criminal intent. Additionally, I have received numerous threats against Buzz** and Kristi**. Please also ask the FBI to request Donald F. Martin’s presence.

[The following was not a part of the written request: This online article regarding Warden, Triplett & Grier, [I guess Triplett went to Black & Veatch] in The Kansas City Business Journal, whose site was previously free and open, with a photo of Jim Warden overlaying the article, then you had to sign in and at some point that photo was removed, and now the article is restricted from view. The essence of the article, disparaging Mr. Martin, was Don and a couple of other lawyers being screwed out of agreed upon percentages of the case [that these boys left Blackwell Sanders Peper Martin in Corporate Woods to pursue], while Don was in the hospital [with a brain infection, in such bad shape as to be given his last rites. I called him in 2005 from my desk].

Mr. Martin has a commanding presence, which he appeared to be without when he was allegedly at Sanders Warren & Russell around the time of Griffin's monkey dance in 2011. Bar number information was provided to MPD regarding Mr. Martin, with a request to attempt to protect his bar number, in 2016. Four years and counting since reporting this situation to all levels of law enforcement. I hope Betsy is doing well, I tried to console her when she was crying at BSPM years ago, which was before marrying Tim and not practice law].

Please also have the appropriate or assigned KCMO homicide detective who has been requested, both electronically and via U.S. Mail from the Mission Post Office, to investigate my late brother's death as a homicide, present, if possible. See attached Document 103 [Request for homicide investigation].

Please also provide me with a competent officer without a dual agenda, or thinly veiled verbal gymnastic maneuvers, to document and investigate several other death threats I have been trying to report. All things considered, I would prefer escalation to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office.

Please notify me in person at **** Beverly Lane, Apt. B, Mission, Kansas, [no longer at this address] while providing proper credentials and driver's license, with Xerox copies of same (due to the MPD's name tag changing game) as I will not accept any correspondence via any other mode, as well as requesting current picture identification and up to 25 personal cards, all of which, (in addition to my original birth certificate that is missing from my Mission, Kansas home), I have reason to believe may have been criminally duplicated, employed or manipulated, (but I have received no response, nor has a police report been filed per the clerk as of March 8, 2016, from a thrice requested over several days, simple identity theft police report within the greater context of the situation, in order that I may lock down my credit reports and notify other agencies, which MPD has refused to document, including evidence in my home they have been notified is being entered.)

Kelly Ann Christensen

Enclosures: Documents 103, 201, 202

*Please note, this request is prepared and presented under exhaustion, from, among other things, having to wrestle the Mission Police Department to take a police report including several death threats against the health and life of others. Additionally, MPD knows or has reason to know I am not in a position to be able to walk to Olathe to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, nor to the KBI.

**Buzz was impersonated to me at Smithville Lake and in Mission, Kansas. ****stalker commentary also included numerous threats against his life and well being, including telling me he is at the bottom of Smithville Lake. I have received commentary on Kristi ranging from her being targeted to her being a ****stalker.

Additionally, overt attempts were made at the Mission Police Station in the evening hours of March 8, 2016, [documented fully separately] which were received as attempts to cause me to lose my temper or escalate, by a uniformed officer inside the police station, wearing a name plate stating he is Officer Adam, (a large, beefy, perhaps, steroids body type) asked three times what he could do for me and each time I answered I wanted to file a police report, who then, while looking me up and down as if I am trash, as well as other non-verbal ques, attempted to elevate administrative procedures above taking a police report [public safety], then stated, "You can file a report or you can leave." He then informed me he will give me two options, at which time I exited the police station after stating, “You do not give me my options. This is about murder.” All of this occurred immediately following directed conversations outside the station and within the context of extended, well documented, questionable behavior throughout my stay in Mission, Kansas. [Trolls have this “cute” little fake name tag game which lends itself nicely to the deniability goal of ****stalking].

This directed conversation delivering threats was reminiscent of street theater appearing to be delivered by one police department (KCKPD) and facilitated by another (MPD), as I attempted to enter the Mission Police Station to file a police report. The above paragraph is after I entered the police station, the first half of the scenario, and the scenario in full, that occurred outside the Mission Police Station on March 8, 2016, will be fully articulated in a separate posting.


Resident Review: Do not move here. The Mission Post Office is also troll infested (employees engaging in perpetration and directed conversations as well as customer trolls), as is the local HyVee (both employees and customers). The Lenexa HyVee was also involved in perpetration when my then teenage daughter was targeted unbeknownst to me (because the cops are playing ball with kids in their PR campaigns rather than raising awareness that ****stalking is not the stereotypical "gang members" and identity theft involves much more than stealing your name to get fraudulent credit cards. Instead, as MPD did to me, they gaslighted, engaged in directed conversations, and pretended not to know what directed conversations even are - among other things. Otherwise, I might have had a clue what the hell was going on years earlier saving my children (child and grandchildren) years of hell. However, I will continue to now raise public awareness if it is the last thing I do - and it won’t be. Apparently, they do not like to deal with covens, cults and secret societies, etc., but in some cases the perps are cops.


I have yet to receive any response at all, but further gaslighting and harassment during subsequent requests to file police reports and document evidence of the ongoing crimes being committed against me. Also note, they knew and had every reason to know I was unable to contact them for myself - separate hard copy document also hand delivered. Other jurisdictions told me to deal with the jurisdiction I live in.

The late Margaret Singer, author of Cults In Our Midst: The Hidden Menace In Our Everyday Lives, who died of cancer according to information years ago, (but a search just now states "pneumonia") estimated there are thousands of cults in operation in the United States. Cops with secret oaths or hidden agendas that trump the duties and responsibilities of the badge can put the innocent, the public, and other officers at great risk.

Encouragement for the Stalked

While toxins are stored in fat cells, what is the distinction between fat cells, cellulite, and the "flubber" created by electronic strikes? Besides the evidence of electronic strikes on my legs (and clothing), it was also on the backs of my then teenage child's legs two decades ago in Lenexa, Johnson County, Kansas. "Why do you think kids have so much more cellulite today?" said the perp. Because there are so many psycho cops never entered my mind at the time as being a potential answer. - KC3

Turning to Local Police

I turned to local police in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas, after enduring three or four months of threats by perpetrators in late 2015, of incarceration for a speeding ticket issued shortly after moving to Mission. This is another articulation regarding the the appearance and presence of the judge being reminiscent of David Seitter, Attorney-at-Law and Trustee of the Missouri and Kansas Bankruptcy Courts, Spencer Fane, Kay Love as legal secretary, who is not the man he used to be, as well as the directed conversation from the bench on another occasion, "Tom's baby."

Presented to me during the 2005 workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking was David appearing to be targeted, and with blonde hair plugs in his hair alleged to be of my hair. David is a great guy in my experience, covering this desk many times, going back maybe 25 years or so. I continue to have great concern for David's well being, loved ones, identity, credentials, and practice, recalling that one of the five founding members of Data Recovery Connect, founding documents which I typed and/or edited in 2005, created by the stalking attorney I was working for at that time in 2005, (one of two recalled pieces of legal work during those approximately five months from the day after Memorial Day 2005, until around Halloween, in between the five trips out of town he took (Scotland, Washington, D.C., Dallas, Las Vegas, etc., on Southwest, who he claimed to use exclusively over any other)), contained one member recognized as a Spencer Fane attorney, but it was not David Seitter. Note the stalking attorney I worked for in 2005 stated, "These are medical records we're not supposed to have, so be sure to shred them."

This grieves me greatly as Spencer Fane was my favorite law firm for many years. Also note Spencer Fane Missouri attorney Mark Thornhill threatened me in the Smithville QuikTrip in late 2013 by directed conversation, while looking me right in the face as I walked by, "It's your *ss!" Mark's secretary has been out sick quite often for as long as I can remember, and the last time I covered that desk, a sales call rang and when I answered said, "This is your captain." Additionally, Mark had a Masonic book in the middle of his desk when I laid his document on his desk, and walked by my desk with it in his hand. His secretary sat next to Linda.

Additional concerns regarding Spencer Fane include but are not limited to the late Nikki who died of cancer within one year of retirement who previous sat next to Kay and who was the legal secretary, also having covered her desk going back many years, for Elizabeth Fast, sitting over on that side close to David Seitter, Kay, Nikki, the Jewish David who I designate as such simply for clarification since I do not recall his last name, another of Kay's attorneys, etc., prior to her, Elizabeth's office moving next to Mark's office, prior to the renovation of the office or the addition of keycodes in order to enter beyond the reception area. I also have great concern for Norm, who I believe retired. My condolences to the family of the late DeeDee, who I experienced as an exceptional human being, who I understand died of cancer. May she rest in peace. I am also concerned for Kyle.

Also note an original file-stamped discharged bankruptcy filing of late 2007, filed due largely or exclusively to debt incurred or resulting from the mobbing and stalking, (having previously not been hospitalized overnight, (second degree burns on both feet treated at St. Luke's Northland at approximately 30 years of age, not an overnight stay), prior to 2005, since giving birth 21 years earlier), as well as a suspected perpetrator rewriting history maneuver, containing documentation, believed to be the aforementioned potentially required protection, as well as potential evidence, was removed from my clearly riffled through personal files in my Mission, Johnson County, Kansas home during my absence due to the crimes originating on or about May 23, 2014, during which multiple serious injuries, loss of vehicle and loss of longtime Verizon picture cell phone (at least five I believe, Verizon picture phones disappeared from my Johnson County, Kansas apartments) number 913-660-4122), etc., occurred. An "Obama" cell phone and one other Verizon picture phone also disappeared from my personal belongings in recent years while homeless due to this situation. The original file-stamped discharge was replaced with a similar set of documents in order that one not recognize they were missing until one specifically looked for the documents in the file, which I did. Note, this appears to be the habit of stalkers when removing documents from one's personal files in order to avoid recognition of same.

Additionally, "Barney" of Mission Police Department threatened me while I was waiting to see the judge in traffic court. Upon walking quietly out of the ladies' room, he asked me for my driver's license, if I was Kelly Christensen, I believe, then told me I was going to jail if I did not sit down and shut up. I was alone and not talking to anyone. This was perpetration by a uniformed officer regarding my "talking" about this situation by reporting it. Unfortunately, the behavior of uniformed police officers inside and outside of police stations, in my personal experience in recent years, since reporting multiple perpetrator stalkers, gets much worse, and in multiple jurisdictions.

The uniformed white male Gladstone police officer who manhandled me while handcuffed outside Perkin's during the Gladstone Perkin's mobbing by KCMOPD and GPD, during the winter of 2017/8, forcing me, not under arrest, but handcuffed and taken into custody, to St. Luke's Northland for high level gaslighting, introduced as Phase Four, was yelling at me regarding the way I talk, too. The Mission uniformed officer did not yell, but two uniformed officers were standing right behind me as I saw the judge, non-verbal intimidation, implying a trip to jail. The judge would not even look at the documentation regarding his staff, including City of Mission employee Ashley and I's email documentation. My emergency unemployment abruptly ended at Christmas that year, 2013.

"Fun Fact:" The last four digits of a certain Sprint cell phone number, 913-**0-7079, were also the last four digits of my Capital One card in late 2005. Doi!

I am concerned that was Bill Sanders, Jr. at The Cashew, sitting in a booth by the window, looking straight ahead, when psycho MO atty took me to lunch in 2005, and I'm scared half to death that was his daughter at SMH w/red eyes looking dissociated

I am concerned that was Bill Sanders, Jr. at The Cashew, sitting in a booth by the window, looking straight ahead, when psycho MO atty took me to lunch in 2005, and I'm scared half to death that was his daughter at SMH w/red eyes looking dissociated

Blackwell Sanders Peper Martin is now Husch Blackwell (pronounced "Hush"). - KC3

Potential Framework Submitted to Police 2016

Gangstalking Slow Kill Murder Scheme Framework
Posted to KANSAS CITY _ _ _ _ STALKING·MONDAY, MAY 2, 2016
March 1, 2016

Think upper-middle class white male psychopath with huge entitlement issues resulting in no respect for anyone else’s boundaries or rights. Think further out on the spectrum of what a pedophile does to a child, an attorney and psychiatrist doing to full grown women. Think orchestrated trauma bonding, forced isolation, forced poverty and dependency, forced prostitution, forced marriages, etc., intentional imbalance of power, inflicting or searching for “Daddy issues,” and parasitic relationships as they attach themselves to your life, but with additional motives of facilitating the access to your children for abusive men and your grandchildren for pedophiles in order to conceal their criminal medical experimentation (including psychological) procedures and experimentation with fraudulent class action claims (asbestos-infecting, POA, followed by fraudulent claim unknown to target; criminally installed medical devices, fraudulently or criminally administered pharmaceuticals, egg and/or embryo harvesting (while being impregnated unknowingly while drugged in your own bed or otherwise)), etc., while ultimately cleaning up and profiting even more financially with auto, health and life insurance fraud, incriminating with impersonations (note ****stalking commentary that he “invested in convincing masks,” which I have personally witnessed) then even going as far as assuming identities, credentials, reputations, property, etc., with impersonations and/or after an unannounced death or human trafficking. (This is based what I have witnessed, experienced or have reason to suspect. I have also witnessed men being targeted by female “Don Juan” perpetrators, too).

Think of an intelligent man who idolizes Bill Clinton surveying the political landscape. Bill Clinton was ridiculed for the quote, “That depends on what the meaning of is is.” Then, consider ISIS. Think Jennifer Flowers. Think of the longstanding political maneuver of creating a distraction while passing something with which the public does not agree. Consider the allegations that Clinton was rewriting the history books a couple of decades ago, just as the relevant perpetrators seek to rewrite personal and family histories. Consider the erosion of our Constitutional rights in the name of the drug war while Clinton was allegedly having drugs flown into this country, and the story of two 10 year old little boys being killed in Arkansas who witnessed a drug drop. Consider Waco, how the local Sheriff tried to take up for them but was outranked in a public spectacle marking the first time in the history of this country tanks were used against United States citizens on America soil. Now consider how guns are being targeted in the name of terrorism, when most Americans believe our own government was responsible for 9/11. Then consider whomever said the only way a society willingly gives up personal rights is out of fear.

Now, take this down to the level of, predominately in my current and past experience to primarily Kansas City, New Orleans and New York City (however, Armstrong Teasdale is based out of St. Louis with a Kansas City office).

Now, look at the article entitled, Warden Grier faces suit from ex-partner over 9/11 settlement fees. (Kansas City Business Journal) I worked for Donald F. Martin at BSPM immediately prior to law school in the Corporate Woods office. I even stayed in touch with him during law school. Actually, I called him from my desk at Stinson Morrison Hecker in 2005 while working for *** ***** [in 2005 during the merger or takeover with Mark Foster as the new managing partner]. Don Martin’s secretary told me he was deathly ill from a brain infection (brain theme). (Please check on Mike Grier because he is a great guy and I am concerned about him, too.)

The Babyboomers (those born from approximately 1946-1964) retiring and dying is the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of this country. This is largely due to the 401(k), profit sharing.

Missouri Law

Both Kansas City Missouri Police Department and Gladstone Police Department have mobbed me, forcing me to St. Luke's Northland for phase four gaslighting, after mobbing me - once at the Gladstone's Perkins and once on an old, dark country road. The details of such incidents occurring during the winter months of late 2017 and early 2018, will be published as articles progress - as time allows.

One might expect a President to have a double for security reasons, and actors may have body doubles for dangerous or sexual scenes. However, one does not expect common people to be impersonated in their everyday lives. - KC3

I attempted to report many concerns to law enforcement, including having worked on assignment for Randy Hendricks, legal counsel on American Century Investors (KC) v. J. P. Morgan (NYC), first training his legal secretary, then being retained to do document review on this case. This generally means my time was billed to the client while doing document review, by name, rate, and number of hours. Coming in at $373M, ACI v. JPM is the largest judgment in Missouri history. This was immediately prior to the firm's move into the Stinson Building, site of the 2005 Stinson workplace mobbing, a move within the "Revitalized" Downtown Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri.

While on this assignment, the self-identified Missouri attorney I was working for during the 2005 workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking at Stinson, came into Rouse Hendricks German May snarling at me. He first called, with the call being transferred to Randy's secretary, then transferred to Kirk May, who had his door closed, but said loudly upon answering the call, "***ewski! [Pause] Everyone wants to f**k that!" Hence, for that and other reasons, I attempted to report concerns about her safety, with her coloring and general appearance (very long, straight, dark hair) being similar to Robin (half sibling, approximately six months younger than myself, with different mothers, who Dale said in early 2006 had died "the same way you [I] just almost died." I am uncertain this is true, and do not know this to be true or verified by any other source, as I have generally heard such big news through now late extended family of origin members, and I have never found an obituary) who I only met once more than three decades ago in Grain Valley or Blue Springs, Missouri, and the secretary being impersonated to me in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas. This secretary purchased a home in Prairie Village, Kansas, then presumably selling it to become an airline stewardess a few years ago now. I continue to have grave concerns for her, another female employee, Mr. Hendricks, and second chair, Hoades.

Four days after he showed up at this firm snarling at me, my child and grandchildren were in a near fatal alleged car accident in NOLA, breaking every bone in my child's face, breaking one grandchild's leg, and a goose egg on the other grandchild's head. When I arrived at what was alleged to be Charity Hospital in NOLA, my child had allegedly just came out of a 16 hour facial reconstructive surgery. I found her in need of pain medication, and realized in retrospect she had no bandages, stitches, or other markings on her face. She nearly lost her left eye. At this time Otis was impersonated to me while walking into the building, believed to actually be "Mr. Smiley."

"Mr. Smiley" is believed to have presented repeatedly in police uniform and is believed to be the male child conceived after a divorce, with the wife and another male, but adopted by the first husband, which I was informed on in junior high or high school, with his signature arrow straight posture, also believed to have impersonated Mark Seibold, my child's Godfather, in Mission, Johnson County, Kansas, as well as other incidents, including the crimes originating on or about May 23, 2014, in police uniform.

The late Dr. M. Scott Peck wrote People of the Lie, not well received by his profession, after about 30 years as a psychiatrist. He wrote it after The Road Less Traveled, and before Glimpses of the Devil. He died of a rare disease or cancer, I believe, but much more recent online information now says Parkinson's Disease. Note that it was alleged in the early 1990's that Bill Clinton was rewriting the history books.

Kansas Law

Do not think that Kansas law enforcement is any better because it is not. This multiple incidents will also be documented as these articles progress.

Lenexa, Johnson County, Kansas

Immediately prior to the 2005 workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking, I was on assignment at Evans & Mullinix, Lenexa, Johnson County, Kansas, a firm I had gone to for many years. I did something I do not often do, which was to ask for another assignment. Brianne offered me a $500 bonus if I would work for the attorney at Stinson for one month, because "he yells." Well, he does a hell of a lot more than yell.

In any case, I was working in "Big" JoAnn's collection practice, which at the time felt like working in a sweat shop, even being told I was urinating too much during the day.This is a comment I have received three times during my professional life, and is generally indicative of an environment that is not for me. Sonnenschein, where I knew even as they were creating my employee ID it was not the place for me, and Lab One where it felt like I was on a prison work release program. As I recall, I was instructed to stop ingesting fluids lest I need to urinate prior to or after my morning or afternoon breaks. I do not recall any issue being raised regarding needing to supply my own tissue lest there remain dew upon my lily, however. These are not comments I am accustom to receiving on assignments, and are the rare exception over a lifetime, not the rule.

During the Year of the Police Report I articulated concerns regarding Evans & Mullinix, including, but not limited to concern for Mr. Mullinix, and Lucia. The last assignment I took at Evans & Mullinix I was told I could not smoke on my own break even. I have smoked since the very first assignment at Evans & Mullinix maybe a couple of decades ago.

My late Grandmother's youngest child has been friends with Merle and Debbie for many years, and Merle Parks of Evans & Mullinix is the one who did my late Grandmother's end of life documents. Grandmother was giving me the details when I was in law school, with elder law being my area of interest, even though I told her that I could not issue her legal advise. Her youngest child stepped into the situation shortly, if not immediately thereafter, for example, auditing her checkbook even though Grandmother was very sharp mentally. I am uncertain whether that from prior to or after Grandmother fell at JoAnn's Lenexa home, turning her entire leg black and blue all the way around from the knee down. Although, I believe it was after Grandmother stated JoAnn can "make a copy." I fear my late Grandmother was afraid of her own children in her late golden years.

During the 2005 workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking JoAnn, while sitting in Grandfather's chair at Grandmother's home in Bonner Springs, Wyandotte County, Kansas, stated by directed conversation, "You'll get shot down on Prospect," complete with the telltale perpetrator glance at me in the front bedroom to see my reaction, immediately prior to Gloria coming up to accuse me, someone who has never even smoked pot, of being on drugs, looking like Kenny did when he [allegedly] did meth, and kicking me out of my late Grandmother's house in that condition, after I called 911, answered, "Overland Park Police Department," and was gaslighted while trying to report being drugged and raped.

Note I continue to receive threats regarding being allowed to practice law due to reporting this publicly since the police completely and utterly refused to allow me to report it to them.

Lenexa - 2007/8

We owned this movie for years when we were younger. Perpetrators claimed I looked more like the blonde character, but acted more like Jennifer Grey's character.

"You're a butterfly flitting around sampling the nectar." Manny Arora of Olathe, Johnson County, Kansas, Lirpaloof on AOL, here from India with his RN wife Jay, a very nice and hard working woman, and their child. Manny is signified by perpetrators with a van with a cover on top, just starting his business during that time a couple of decades ago, which he expressed was a gift from our government.

Lenexa 2007/8: "You're a butterfly, and butterflies are free to fly." Perpetrators attempted to get me to drive to the airport.

Midnight Train to Georgia, trying to get me to go see Buzz, with "Thomas the Train," (2005) a child's toy, the term used sexually to mean one sexual partner after another in succession, by the perverts, followed up by, "It's hard to stop a train. REALLY HARD." (Note this is not intended as a reflection on this company).

"You're coming with me, the state [or city or whatever it says], police."

"I'll be watching you." by the Police

"Every little thing she does is magic."

2013: Mint condition black El Camino parked at Kelli's Korner in Smithville, where I ate breakfast while car camping. See Smithville, MO articulation upon publication or re-publication.

These are just a few scenarios which where in a bigger context with commentary and other behavior and occurrences.

Frank Sinatra - My Way

The original pastor who offered me an RV to stay in at the North Oak (MO) library during the winter of 2017/8, was reminiscent of Julia Roberts' boyfriend in this movie, Erin Brockovich, a toxic, poisoned actually, water case. The one who showed up when I accepted the offer was a different man, with a "hoarder" stuffed of the same color (black) with the same electrician insignia on it, strongly resembled Jeff of Lenexa, Johnson County, Kansas. Profanity warning, and, no, I did not dress this way at work. Coming soon, God willing, Were the Rat Pack Pack Rats? [Hoarders]

Corporate Woods, Overland Park, Johnson County, Kansas Quiz

For each question, choose the best answer. The answer key is below.

  1. Which entity did NOT have the same Corporate Woods address as the others, but just a different suite number since 2005?
    • Stinson Morrison Hecker, home of the 2005 workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking in KCMO.
    • Lansing Grain, Executive Vice President, the Stinson attorney I worked for during in the 2005 mobbing and stalking.
    • HCA, with Jon Foster being over several states, including Missouri and Kansas.
    • QuikTrip (QT)

Answer Key

  1. QuikTrip (QT)

Interpreting Your Score

If you got 0 correct answers: Guess again!

If you got 1 correct answer: Bingo!

I wonder why Mr. Krueger, a sharp, classy, natural born alpha, perpetrators coined "the Italian Stallion," (imagine how jealous you-know-who, who can't keep up and he knows it, must be or have been! Can we say power issues! (I have no idea if Bill is indeed even Italian, by the way) I guess his wife has ways of convincing herself she married better than she did. "He's mine! All mine!"), CEO of Lansing Grain was so infuriated at Stinson in 2005. He decided not to hire psycho attorney in 2005 or 2006, but allegedly mysteriously decided to in 2009, not appearing to be an indecisive man either. I do not recall whether he is third, fourth, or fifth generation CEO according to their website in 2005. Now this is the kind of man who looks good in a nice car, standing in direct opposition to someone like "underwriter" (not precisely spelled) (insurance, reported to the Insurance Commissioner of Kansas) (perpetrators claim his name is the same as Toni's first husband in Sedalia, MO, Chris(echo)), driving a "penis" (red Mazda Miata, not unlike the one Kristi drove years ago, Buzz's first girlfriend before me, and Victoria is photographed in on her FB page, GracieSlik, previously of Lenexa, GraceeSlik on AOL Over 40 Chat, prior to her mother dying, marrying a doctor, and moving to Washington State) car at 100, to which you want to respond something like, "Dude, the "hot chicks" KNOW you are going to have to get out of that car sometime." His poor wife. Her appearance is reminiscent of Mona Haney (military wife, LKW (last known whereabouts) Corpus Christi, TX), except until Mona, her body language says it all. I think she would stab him if she got the opportunity.

(Note: Vehicles are used exceedingly by multiple perpetrator stalkers, often used to signify certain people, thus they are often included in articulations whether they be found in every instance to actually be relevant or not).

Mona lived in Homestead in Piper, Kansas City, Kansas when I was growing up, with her husband Jim, and their three children: Phil, Scott and Keli. Mona confronted my late mother regarding her late husband's inappropriate behavior toward her daughter, Keli, who is approximately my age. This was shortly prior to the military family moving to Corpus Christi, Texas.

Next door in Mission were the Wolfs. The late Ann (referred to by perpetrators with "sweetpea") and her husband, who resembles Jeff, (of Lenexa, Kansas, who did drive by my Mission apartment on his motorcycle prior to me informing anyone I lived there) but maybe with the small of his back missing, (like mine since May 2014) both drove little red pickups, one with a camper shell. I believe these were Ford Rangers maybe, rather than the little red Chevy pickup my late Grandfather, Tom Mize died in, in a head on fiery crash with another little (red, I believe) Chevy pickup, way up past the airport in the early morning hours of July 1, 2001. Jim Coleman had let him go prior to his death, I believe. There was a closed casket funeral at Herrington's in Bonner Springs, Wyandotte County, Kansas. Perpetrator signify Grandfather with John Deere (tagline: "John Deere: Nothing runs like a deer," (but remember the "bucks" (males) are the "stars" or the show is to star da bucks, according to the fruitloops' greatest desires, Bambi (Mom died), Do a deer, a female deer, ray a drop of golden son, etc.) tractors, hats, sitting in his chair, likenesses.

The online article disappeared upon my beginning to report this situation to police. When the Wolfs went down South for the winter, a uniformed Mission police officer, in a Mission Police cruiser, who park in front of our house, but then get out and walk around their house frequently. "Undertaker" (not precisely spelled like the vanity plate, one of their children as I recall, in a Ford Mustang (what Bob and Jaime both drove and/or drive), in navy blue, I believe, would often stop by to hand Mrs. Wolf paperwork, which appeared to stop for an extended period of time upon me beginning to report the situation to police, 2016. My current "roommate's" son, Richard, also drives a Mustang, I believe in blue, who she claims is a Shriner working for Sprint. (There is a Sprint articulation, which will, God willing, be published as a review].

Overland Park's Shriner's Temple is right off the highway, I-635/Metcalf, then around to Johnson Drive, I believe it is, then onto Foster, up and around. It has a nice walking path next to it for a walk in the woods, when it is not washed out, I guess. I shared the photo of the Shriner cops from the lobby gallery of the Shriner's Temple a few years ago. In 2000 in Lenexa, Larry, a self-proclaimed 32 or 33 degree Shriner and Mason (signified by Ford Taurus, RedFiat on AOL, also referenced as "Murphy" and "Murray") told me when he bought his Claycomo, Missouri house, the one Roberto and Alfi rented, that he went into the Claycomo Police Department to ask what the various degrees a 32nd or 33rd degree Mason and Shriner can "get away with" in Claycomo. So, I asked the boys here in Overland Park if they could whip up a little spreadsheet so we could all see what the various degrees of Masons and Shriners can "get away with" in Overland Park, Johnson County, Kansas. "Toodles."

[Isn't it up to the 9th they must keep their brotherhood's secrets excluding murder and treason, but after that it includes murder and treason? You know, while performing their benevolence and other work, the Shriners' Hospitals, at church, dressed as clowns in their little cars in parades, on the job, or whatever the case may be, of course. Then, I wanted to clarify when it is they must cast their intestines over their shoulders into the sea? Then, the Shriners' fez, or hat, is crimson to signify being dipped in the blood of the Christian martyrs, a quote previously posted in our Google community years ago by a now unknown author. Then, of course, I must dissent regarding the alleged idea that Satan won and he is Jesus' scapegoat. Not being a cult and all, (COUGH) excuse me, they undoubtedly welcome dissent and open discussion, here in America, founded by our Christian forefathers with certain inalienable rights.] May God, Creator of heaven and earth, being so much more than a mere architect, bless these fine United States of America.

There are Masonic and DoES (Daughters of the Eastern Star) insignia on my great-grandparents' graves, Clarence and Ruth Mize, in Bonner Springs, Wyandotte County, Kansas, but I think that is mirrored over from another, who the hell in knows. Clarence, past Mayor of Bonner Springs, Wyandotte County, Kansas, whose brother was a lawyer, allegedly told his youngest of three children, and only son, Tom, when asked about the Masons, "Hell Tommy, you don't want anything to do with that." Their oldest child, Helen (and I do not even know the name of the other female child) did not follow their wishes when Great-Grandmother died about one year after Great-Grandfather did, regarding division of property. I was young, but I recall.

In any case, I think I looked at the Lansing Grain website from my Stinson desk in 2005 after psycho attorney asked me if I had ever heard of or read any of Tom Carew's poetry. I peeked at a poem or two at that time, dark "love" poetry. I did not realize at that time that psycho attorney might think that was him in a past life, or be bragging about anything or anything, and stuff. I guess the Tom Carew article online for years now, explaining how he tried to be a high level law enforcement agent in the United Kingdom three times, but failed, and may or may not actually be deceased, since the body was so decomposed in the garage that no one could be certain, according to the article. His book was exposed as fantasy regarding his alleged jihad adventures.

In any case, Spike Lynch, medical malpractice attorney at Blackwell Sanders, currently Husch Blackwell, also appeared infuriated in 2005 on the sidewalk outside Stinson, while psycho attorney was taking me across the street for lunch to fire me, which he did not even have the authority to do. "I don't have an answer for that." He muddled. One of the past chief's of Mission Police Department, prior to them removing all of the photos from the walls was just a striking resemblance of Spike, quite tan, in fact, reminiscent of a perpetrator's comment outside Roeland Park Johnson County Public Library shortly after the crimes originating on or about May 23, 2014, regarding "getting a suntan in the shade."

I'm uncertain whether that was before or after Professor Davis stepped off the elevator opposite of the one I was exiting at Stinson in 2005. Ponder. Ponder.

"They call it radar love."


"Children" includes grandchildren.


Note that much of the style and associations made in this article are based on the recognized patterns of perpetrators, and not on the usual thinking patterns of the author. This article is a work in progress, but due to the current situation is being published while in progress. The above is the preface, regarding who I am, followed by submission number one of 55 of a potential 80, submitted to Mission Police Department in early 2016, The Year of the Police Report.

There were about seven recognized typos contained in these articulations, created while being drugged, gassed, sprayed in the library, hacked, directed conversation, threatened, having loved ones and others threatened, etc. This was my attempt to report the situation, as well as any other potentially relevant information, to police in order for them to do their jobs, an occurrence that is still lacking any discernible results. There was also a nine page articulation of the crimes occurring on or about May 23, 2014, which disappeared from my belongings immediately upon completion. Individual conduct both while trying to report stalkers and while in their jurisdictions, by various police departments, will continue to be added.

For more on this situation, see Reporting Multiple Stalkers to Police and Requested Homicide Investigations 2015/6, as well as the other articles on my profile, as Reporting Multiple Stalkers to Police continues to be separated into more manageable size separate articles, as time allows, as I have been coerced or manipulated into being an exhausted and abused slave this winter, trying not to freeze to death in the elements, but currently attempting to relocate to a better living arrangement and perhaps even a warmer climate prior to next winter.

Note, these articles are being pieces together in small sessions as time allows with the hopes of soon being able to proofread the entire thing for organization purposes. Also note I have no preexisting negative biases against police, but actually grew up around cops, and have been friends with a few cops in my adult life. The following will become live links as they are published:

Kansas Jurisdictions

In my sole discretion, and personal experience, unacceptable behavior has been endured by uniformed police officers in the following jurisdictions:

  • Fairway Police Department and City Hall
  • Johnson County Kansas Sheriff's Office
  • Kansas City Kansas Police Department/Wyandotte County Sheriff's Office
  • Lenexa (Johnson County, Kansas) Police Department
  • Merriam Police Department
  • Mission Police Department and Member of the Judiciary on the Bench (While it is understood that he is the judge and I am not, it remains unacceptable to engage in directed conversation perpetration from the bench, "Tom's baby." Additionally see previously documented articulation, which will, God willing, be published once more, regarding threats from the bailiff immediately prior to speaking to the judge, previously coined "Barney," with "Barney" and another uniformed officer moving up in the courtroom to stand immediately behind me while I addressed the judge, which was clear non-verbal intimidation, coupled with the verbal threat of incarceration, the judge being reminiscent in appearance of David Seitter, SFBB (Spencer Fane, legal secretary Kay Love), Trustee of the Kansas and Missouri Bankruptcy Courts, who is not the man he used to be, as well as the process of suspension of driving privileges for a speeding citation, which is also a theme, to suspend the driver's licenses of victims. Also note, within the established patterns of perpetators, that I went out with a Sedalia police officer, as well as a judge, (see Shook Hardy & Bacon, Secretary-at-Law, and the Judge previously articulation, which may be published once more), who was filling in in Kansas City, Missouri, but who was also from Sedalia, a number of years ago).
  • Overland Park (Johnson County, Kansas) Police Department
  • Prairie Village Police Department
  • Roeland Park Police Department
  • Shawnee (Johnson County, Kansas) Police Department

Missouri Jurisdictions

  • Gladstone Police Department
  • Kansas City International Airport Police (KCMO)
  • Kansas City Missouri Police Department and Questionable Behavior by a Member of the Judiciary on the Bench
  • Claycomo Police Department (Questionable, during law school)

Hospital Reviews

Having not been admitted to the hospital inpatience since giving birth 21 years prior to the 2005 workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking, the following hospital reviews will be articulated, both positive as well as negative, based on personal experience or by witness of the treatment of a loved one:

  • Freedom Behavioral, Topeka, Kansas, a facility it is my opinion should be shut down, as well as various licenses lost, at a minimum, most especially all but perhaps one of the predominately white female "treatment team," including the psychiatrist/s, Dr. Sharma, who is a middle aged male appearing to be from India, and perhaps the other psychiatrist. However, same was not experienced at the hands of the medical doctor who did not appear to have specialized in psychiatry. (2019)
  • Liberty Medical Center: Admitted twice for pneumonia and/or dehydration immediately following the workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking that took place during my time at Stinson, from the day after Memorial Day 2005, until approximately Halloween of that year. This was considered a record length of time to work for this attorney. Attempted to warn that psycho attorney had entered my hospital room immediately following the 2005 workplace mobbing, at approximately 2 a.m. to attempt to bully me into signing an authorization for an unneeded gastrointestinal operation, and to inquire as to whether I was sexually abuse as a child. I was actually "editing the contract" (consent form), which I did not sign. Both my upper and lower GI have been criminally manipulated by these predators, creating issues that were not previously experienced. (2005)
  • North Kansas City Hospital: Performed a chest x-ray during the 2005 workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking. The first reported result was that there was a lump on my lung, but then returned to report it was actually that my "esophagus was moved over." This was while my late mother was dying of small cell lung cancer. (2005)
  • Olathe Medical Center: When Psycho Attorney impersonated a police office on or about May 23, 2014, I was taken to Olathe Medical Center even though paperwork for Overland Park Regional Medical Center was returned to me. The articulation of these crimes were 8.5 pages of typed text on 9 sheets of paper, which disappeared from my belongings the minute I finished it last winter while at 1020. It was previously in a shorter state, not fully articulated. (2014)
  • Osawatomie, Kansas, concern that paperwork was slipped into this facility, as the campus layout in no instance matched that of the actual campus. Psycho attorney appears to have had a little "show" there while falsely detaining. Note articulated concern for the physician in this facility, with concern that it may have been Dr. Patel, long time physician used for workers' comp cases here in and around Kansas City. Paperwork submitted to OPPD, giving every benefit of the doubt, with this document actually containing orders presented as examples of things the victim said which the victim did not say. (2014)
  • Overland Park Regional Medical Center: Attempted to contact asking them to secure the medical records regarding me and mine.
  • Shawnee Mission Medical Center: Even with their new cancer and birthing wing, I do not care to ever be treated at this hospital again. Details to follow. (2019)
  • St. Luke's Northland, Missouri: This medical system is of great concern to me as an entity. (2017/8). Both KCMOPD and Gladstone PD, the winter of 2017/8 mobbed me, and with no legitimate reason forcied me to this hospital, where I immediately refused medical treatment. One of these was in the Gladstone Perkins, who had just invited me the previous evening to plan on being there every Monday night, but police lied regarding same during the mobbing by four KCMOPD uniformed officers, zooming into the parking lot right in front of me, one "shorter beefcake" white male officer among the four white male uniformed officers, engaging in provoking directed conversation, "You f*cked him." (Reference to perps attempting to get me to agree to say there was consentual sexual contact between myself and Thomas Edward Carew, when there was not - I sent him home to his wife), followed by GPD. Then, the incident on the old, cold, dark, country road with multiple uniformed officers and an EMT. Some details have been previously publishe, and God willing, will be again. Also note the couple coming into Stinson during what appeared to be an adoption, unknown at that time, the baby/ies appear to have been mine. This appears to have been an adoption by my then new bestest buddy little Tommy Carewski, to help the pool little drug addict hussy by performing an adoption, which was NOT the case.
  • Truman Medical Center, Missouri: Misdiagnosis, willingly or unwillingly, very strongly suspected. I had bloody eyes and the worst headache I had ever had in my life during this 2005 workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking. However, I have not yet been able to inquire of a trustworthy medical professional regarding potential distinctions between the suspected and the diagnosed. While it is understood by this author, who has no medical training, that such things as severe druggings, which occurred, as well as depletion of vitamin B, which resulted, may result in such condition, this is believed to fall within the context of other conditions, in their instance being of considerably higher incident among children of narcissistic families of origin, and appearing to be resulting from perpetration, but diagnosed as "deficiencies" of the person, hence, orchestrated or inflicted, but diagnosed in a "victim-blaming manner" if you will. Innocence is not presumbed in this instance. The very name Truman itself is within a series in context. For non-compehensive example: The Truman section of the library on the ground floor of the Blackwell Sanders building, The Truman Show, commentary at the time that I was "the last man standing," determination coupled with later threats of involuntary sex change, that I was a "true man" (had more "balls" than the others in his "show," when I had no idea about any of this at that time), President Truman was from Independence, known for meth, etc. This is articulation of their way. It is believe that ethyl alcohol or ethanol, which is understood to essentially be dirty grain alcohol, was injected into my brain during the 2005 workplace mobbing and multiple perpetrator stalking, and diagnosed as a deficiency of mine which did not occur. Recall also multiple occasions while living in Shawnee, Johnson County, Kansas of smelling alcohol seeping through my pores when I had not been drinking. Recalling also that the intranet (internal internet) displayed my photo with a short, bowl cut, blood shot eyes, looking as if I had just rolled off of a three day drunk, when, in fact, my hair was grown out, as evidenced by the five generation (missing one generation in the photo) photo taken during that time. Recall this activity was so severe at one point that I could form a sentence in my brain, but was unable to verbalize it then nearly unable to verbalize it, with much effort. It took everything I had just to get up and keep eating. No prior history, having been in my early forties. (2005)
  • University of Kansas Medical Center: While I owe my life to The University of Kansas Medical Center for the historic operation replacing my esophagus as a baby after ingesting Drain-o (lye), followed by approximately 15 years of follow up appointments regarding same, a then new (to the position), middle aged female physician appearing to be from India, at KU Medwest did gaslight me regarding the diagnosis or lack thereof of my then toddler grandson during the 2005 workplace mobbing and multiple perpeptrator stalking. While I would never have dreamed of such a thing at the time, it appears in retrospect that both his food and milk was methed in our refrigerator. I threw a plate of his food way, and returned two gallons of mile to QT during this time thinking it was spoiled. (2005)
Jurisdiction Jumping

Jurisdiction Jumping

"There's no such word as "codependency!" (on Planet Neuro Nutcase, NY, doi! How's the stomach cancer?) - KC3, still with uncrossed sexual wires, 2020. Praise God! Amen and Hallelujah!

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