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Repeal and Replace Donald Trump

Native Americans


Repeal and Replace Donald Trump

The Trump administration appears to be the poster child for all that is iniquitous in America. Be it the ill treatment of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe; the disenfranchisement of black voters in Texas; the blatant indifference for Syrian refugees; the disregard of health care concerns for the majority of citizens, or Trump’s own personal unhealthy obsession with losing the popular vote. His administration is cause for extreme alarm and requires microscopic inspection.

An unhinged cabinet

Euphemisms within the Trump administration come under the guise of alternative facts. Kellyanne Conway coined the phrase “alternative facts” while being grilled by Meet the Press’s moderator on Jan. 22, 2017. Conway was on the show defending the administrations contentious over inflated head count at Trump’s inauguration. Conway was recently counseled, per Press Secretary Sean Spicer, for promoting Ivanka Trump’s clothing line on national television. Consequently, the question begs to be asked, is “counseled” really a euphemism for reprimand since the House Oversight Committee might get involved in Conway’s counseling session?

Still, Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, lied to top administration officials and to Vice President Pense about telephone calls Flynn made to Russian officials regarding sanctions against Russia. Flynn initially denied the allegations, then he un-denied them, then he said that he did not recall the conversations but finally settled upon using the word “mislead” instead of “lie”. His misleading key principals in the White House resulted in his forced resignation on Feb. 13.

A downward spiral

“Off to a rocky start” is an understatement. Trump’s fourth week in office has seen him thumb his nose at the Judicial Branch, engage in national fall-outs with the President of Mexico, and Australia—both U.S. allies, as well as threatening Iran by stating that, “Iran has been put on notice”—possibly another euphemism since “being put on notice” has never been qualified by the White House. Having the commander-in-chief of America in possession of the nuclear codes is a very sobering proposition while he engages the world in war like innuendos.

North Korea launched missiles in the direction of Japan this weekend as Trump hosted Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at his Mar-a-Lago estate. Trump considers Japan an ally. Several news’ outlets suggest that North Korea is testing the Trump administration by launching the missile—this missile launch against a U. S. ally probably is a direct threat—no euphemism foreseen.

Moreover, Mexico will not pay for the wall as Trump predicted during his campaign. Such an embarrassment for our newly elected President. But the $3.8 billion Dakota Access oil pipeline that was halted by President Obama has been given full sanction by President Trump. The pipeline would traverse under land given to Native Americans. Indians have accused the government of approving the pipeline construction without consulting them, a requirement under U.S. law. Indians also maintain that the project would contaminate drinking water and damage sacred burial sites. The pipeline, according to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, is an “utter and complete disregard for not only… treaty and water rights, but the environment as a whole”. The BBC reports that environmental activists agree that the pipeline would perpetuate fossil fuel production. One protester asked if Trump wanted a Flint water crisis in the Northwest.

An elementary school site ( devoted to understanding the plight of Native Americans concisely paints this brief narrative:

The people who first discovered and lived in the Americas, [are] called American Indians. People lived in the United States long before the arrival of Christopher Columbus and the Europeans. These people and cultures are also called Native Americans. The Europeans started colonizing the Americas in order to cultivate new farmlands and create new jobs for the growing populations of Europe. To do so, they often had to fight the Native Americans for the land. Several factors gave the Europeans the advantage in these conflicts. First, they had some immunities to their own diseases. Thus they were not as devastated by them as the Indians were. Second, the Europeans had horses and guns, which overpowered the Indians' hand weapons and arrows in battle. Third, European settlements in the Americas grew at such a rate that the Europeans' descendants eventually outnumbered the Indians.

To this end, it would be safe to say that Europeans were once the aliens in America. Therefore, with the exception of African Americans, it may also be safe to say that present-day America is a land inhabited by alien descendants who migrated to the Americas for a permanent residence. In a different time and place just imagine if the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe issued the Europeans immigrant visas while placing a ban on all un-documented aliens. It might be plausible since the unimaginable is infinitely possible under the Trump administration.

Trump’s triad: Conway, Miller and Bannon

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Trump has asked Vice President Pence to oversee the voter fraud investigation that Trump attributes to him losing the popular vote. Trump indicates that he has several sources who will back up his claims of voter fraud—so far it appears Kellyanne Conway and Stephen Miller, Senior White House policy adviser, are the only high profile individuals who publicly agree with him. Members of his own party take issue with the claims of massive voter fraud; maybe they do not comprehend the need to spend hundreds of thousands of tax payers’ money to hunt down three to five million imaginary voting offenders.

Trump’s recent failed Muslin ban not only backed fired but it also demonstrated his lack of knowledge regarding constitutional law. His executive order unleashed the largest crowd of demonstrators in the history of an American presidency and called into question the competence of his legal advisors. Having his adviser, Steve Bannon assist in drafting the Muslin ban did not bode well for Trump. His order was struck down in the courts as well as in the court of public opinion.

As Trump continues to plunge America deeper into his abyss of unimaginable turbulence, let us be extremely wary of the words spoken by his Senior White House policy adviser Stephen Miller, “…our opponents, the media and the whole world will soon see as we begin to take further actions, that the powers of the president… will not be questioned”.

Final thoughts

To pledge allegiance to a country where the original inhabitants live in some of the worst conditions in America displays a moral deficiency within this nation. Their health care is poor, their unemployment rate is high, and their education is substandard. The American government appears to feel no shame having relegated the first Americans to reservations. And for Trump to approve a pipeline that will benefit big business, in spite of the Indian nation’s outcry, shows his indifference to humane causes at best and at worse it demonstrates his racial bias.

This writer contributes content to this site by commentating on news worthy events. The comments contained here are the perceptions, research gathering efforts, and concluding observations of this writer. There are many issues that are disturbing within the current administration; thereby, leaving many of us in a quandary of doubt. It is difficult to fathom the number of people demonstrating in this country and around the world in response to Trump’s policies. Because of Trump’s policies and disparaging comments about women the British Parliament has requested that Trump not address their sessions when he travels to Great Britain. He unapologetically uses hate rhetoric and scare tactics to garner support and spawn division. The news worthy events that Trump brings to the forefront by his actions has placed America in the category of a nation at risk.

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Linda Joy Johnson (author) from Detroit, MI on February 15, 2017:

we really have some difficult days ahead---both Republicans and Democrats: thank you for the comments

CJ Kelly from the PNW on February 14, 2017:

Maybe with tonight's news, the end is near? It's getting ugly. How do you survive this as a new President?

I've been a Republican for 30 years (one of those "establishment" types so scorned by Trump followers) and Trump is not a Republican. My party lost by winning. Maybe after this voters will realize that competence is what's important, not bluster and "draining the swamp." After Bush 43, I thought maybe the Party has turned a corner. We need folks who are well read and worldly. But I was wrong. Sorry.

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