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Remembering President Biden's First Few Days as President, and Now

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Go figure!

More sense than in the Oval Office?

More sense than in the Oval Office?

The bold but blind rush to "straighten things out"...

Have you ever seen a chicken running with its head cut off? Farmers have seen it, and in his first few days in office this is what "not so Sleepy Joe" had already done in his apparently "blind running" now one year ago as a new President of these poorly United States of America.

By the way, none of this was debated or voted on in Congress--- A loss of 57,000 jobs in oil.

He had ended energy independence for the United States, for which Canada and Texas were suing him.

Antifa (just an idea, right?) was continuing to riot and burn down Portland and Seattle.

As our Newly inaugurated Commander In Chief,Biden had sent our troops that were in DC to sleep on the floor of a parking garage, in freezing temps, with cars parked there, and only one bathroom, admittedly having cooks at the White House make them cookies.

He had created a new glass ceiling for girls to hurdle, ruining so many chances for scholarships with his "progressive" transgender programs allowing boys to compete against girls, and allowing them into their bathrooms.

Biden had created a new federal property mask mandate, which he himself had publicly broken countless times already.

Biden had decided to allow illegal immigrants to be counted for representation in Congress.

He had managed a complete halt of the student loan forgiveness that he had promised to protect, as well as a complete halt on the $2000 stimulus program he had promised.

He had shot down a Trump administration order to lower the cost of insulin and the outrageous cost of epinephrine.

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Biden had also rescinded PresidentTrump's order barring Chinese Communist involvement in our sensitive U. S. power grid.

Biden had caused $1.6 billion in gross wages to be lost.

And on this date one year ago 8 Chinese bombers, 4 fighters, and 1 sub-hunter breached Taiwan's Air Defense Identification Zone by crossing the Taiwan Strait.

Everything Biden had done in the three days leading up to this date a year ago had benefited other countries and hurt Americans.

Gas prices had begun their climbing and rattled markets were going down.

As the Carpenters used to sing, Biden had "... only just begun" the decline in his approval ratings.

How is Biden doing one year later?

In the latest Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll prepared for Congress, Biden's approval rating fell to 39 percent with only 18 percent of registered voters saying they strongly approve of the job he's doing. More than half America's registered voters (53 percent) now strongly disapprove of his job performance, while another 21 percent say they somewhat approve of what he has done.

Meanwhile, "not so Sleepy Joe" faces serious inflation problems, a looming crisis with Russia's "RassPutin", North Korea's "child god Kim", and Communist China's "Emperor for Life Xi" while doing little that seems to be fulfilling his campaign promise to unite the American people.

And what about Hunter Biden? You might as well ask "What about Hillary Clinton?"


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