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Remembering Dr. Aafia Siddique

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The author is a student of a University and also a news reporter.


In March 2003, Dr. Aafia Siddique, with her three children, Ahmad (boy) of six years old and an American citizen by birth, Maryum (girl) who was four years old and also an American citizen, and Suleman (boy), six months old, are kidnapped by unknown authorities in Karachi, Pakistan.

On March 31, 2003, this news was announced by the Pakistani media that Dr. Aafia had been arrested and handed over to agents of the United States. Toward the beginning of April, this was affirmed on NBC Nightly News, among different news sources.

There was communication to the mother of Dr. Aafia from purported "agencies" that the family members should be quiet if they want to see the Aafia returned alive.

In 2008, many believed that after five years of being kidnapped Dr. Aafia and her three children may be dead.

It was said that, in there she was raped 3/4 times daily. She was stripped naked and asked to walk on the torn pages of the Holy Quran and take her clothes. In addition, various types of physical torture were used. Prisoners released from Bagram prison in Afghanistan at the time complained that "Afiya's cries during the torture were hard for other prisoners to bear." The level of torture was so high that the prisoners in the vicinity could not bear his screams and started a hunger strike demanding an end to the torture. His remarks, intended for a judge in a US prison, touched everyone's heart.

"You gave them the authority to rape me, to search me naked. I died the day I was first raped and searched naked. Leave me alone and let me go to my country."

Using these types of words, Afiya said….

In July, British human rights reporter, Yvonne Ridley, and previous Bagram prisoner and British resident, Moazem Begg, freely talked with regards to Afia whom they named the "Grey Lady of Bagram".

An appeal for habeas corpus was documented with the Pakistan High Court in Islamabad mentioning that the court requested the Pakistani government to free Dr. Aafia or to try and concede that they were then keeping her.

Dr. Aafia, who couldn't speak any local language in Ghazni, was dressed so conspicuously in a manner to be easily identified and shot on sight as a (falsely-accused) suicide bomber as a part of someone else's plan.

The forensic and scientific evidence introduced during the preliminary in New York demonstrated that Dr. Aafia couldn't have perpetrated the crimes for which she was charged, still, the jury dismissed the evidence and decided to concur with the indictment because of dread and bias.

February 2010, Dr. Aafia was attempted and sentenced in a US Federal court on charges of endeavored murder and attacking US servicemen in Ghazni, Afghanistan. The authority charges against Dr. Aafia saw that she attacked U.S. fighters in Ghazni, Afghanistan, while he was in their authority, ready to be examined by them. No US staff were harmed except for Dr. Aafia was shot and experienced genuine wounds including cerebrum harm. Dr. Aafia completely denies these charges.

There were NO terrorism charges against Dr. Aafia.

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As per a few lawful observers, the preliminary of Dr. Aafia was covered with a huge number and imperfections, chief among them being numerous decisions by the adjudicator that unequivocally preferred the prosecution and prejudiced the body of evidence against the defense. These went from permitting a lot of noise proof and jury guidelines that inclined toward the prosecution. Furthermore, Dr. Aafia was not addressed by lawyers fitting her personal preference and confronted consistent insinuations of psychological warfare when she was not accused of any such offense.

As a result of Judge Richard Berman's framing of the case in a negative light, Dr. Aafia was convicted despite ALL physical and forensic evidence that showed that she couldn't have committed the acts she was arrested with.

On the other hand, when her son Ahmed was released from an Afghan prison at the age of 11 in 2008, Afia's sister Fauzia Siddique was given the responsibility of her upbringing. Later, US released her daughter, Maryum, but it was later debated if she was either Aafia's daughter or not, but DNA tests later proved her to be Afia's daughter.


In the prison, Aafia wrote a letter to Muslim countries. She described the torture in her letter as follows: "She was tortured, had his kidneys removed and was shot in the chest." She could not walk now!

Dr. Aafia stays detained, presently at the famous Federal Medical Center (FMC) in Carswell, Fort Worth, Texas where she is kept in the Special lodging unit (SHU) which is the most extreme imprisonment classification.

IS applied to have demanded the release of Afia Siddique in exchange for the release of American journalist James Foley, but the United States has not responded.

Aafia Siddique achieved her PhD from MIT. After receiving her education, she lived in the United States until 2002 and worked in various organizations. Colleagues described her as very polite, humble and modest.

Aafia, last, wrote a letter to her country, Pakistan's prime minister Imran Khan in which she she said-

“Surely, I do not need to remind you of how I am suffering, as the unjust captivity of the daughter of Pakistan is indeed as near and dear to your heart as mine. With due respect and a sad heart filled with new hope, I humbly request you to please help save my daughter Dr Aafia, whose name is now synonymous with the dignity and honor of Pakistan. India will rise to highest levels for a terrorist just because he is theirs, America will take back Killers like Raymond Davis, why should we not stand for our innocent daughter? Aafia killed no one. She stands for love and peace, and regards you a great hero. Please, all I ask just allow a dying mother to embrace her daughter and children reunite to pick up the pieces and have some closure. My health is ailing and I am becoming weaker as the days have turned into years, but I keep hope in Allah and the Quran, that a savior like you will rise, for Allah has bestowed on you the power to resolve this issue. Please bring back my daughter as a dying mothers mercy plea. Have the courage in your heart to take a firm stance…”


“She is a woman who has been abducted, tortured, and wrongfully imprisoned. Nothing about her prosecution makes sense, and there is no legal basis for her being held in the United States,”

Famous Islamic preacher Omar Suleiman, once told Al Jazeera.

“She deserves to be freed and returned home to live quietly in dignity with her family rather than in a dungeon in Texas.”

Afia Siddiqui's captivity was no less painful than her death. Today if she left the mortal world and go to the presence of the beloved Almighty, it will not cause his death but the real death of us, the Muslim nation; Of humanity and world conscience!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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