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An American President Stood Behind Podium & Condemned U.S. Citizens as Extremists & the Biggest Threat to Their Country

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!


In the Midst...

As my husband and I move closer toward retirement, we have downsized our lives immensely, we are no longer putting in the long hours.

We are finally taking time to enjoy life; getting away from what can often be a demanding business, a little more often.

Currently, celebrating our wedding anniversary with a trip to one of our favorite places...attempting to tune out reality for a while, we unintentionally came across Joe Biden's Sept. 1, 2022 speech. We heard it over the car radio.

We thought about tuning him out, because it didn't take very long for that man to change the mood and my demeanor - and not for the better!

We decided to leave it on and see where he was going with it...progressing with it, one might say and where he went {in a sane world} he cannot return from!

He went there, full throttle.

He had already labeled half the country, {the half that is not on board with the places progressives seek to take us} fascists, and he didn't stop there.....

Guess he figured he had his work cut out for him to outdo Barack Obama (D), in the insults department!

I remember very well when Barack Obama (D) told us, that if we had built a business; put in the time, invested blood, sweat & tears equity, sacrificed...we really didn't build anything. We didn't accomplish a darn thing, not on our, it took a village!

Or was that Hillary Clinton (D) who credited the village?

That's right, Obama said, "you didn't build that" and Clinton gave credit "to a village"

She also referred to half of this Country, {guess which} as "deplorables".

Dems are so uplifting and encouraging, aren't they?

God forbid they say anything positive about the United States of America or about her many exceptional people!

Joe really had his work cut out for him, topping those two American cheerleaders...but, nevertheless, with the help of his speech writers, he managed to pull it off, in fine dictator style!

Keep in mind, I thought this well before I had even seen his backdrop, the following morning, when watching parts of the speech.

What was that all about? Creepy.

"There's a hole in this Country where its heart used to be."

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Whose Who

The American Heritage dictionary has provided the above definition of "fascism".

Funny thing is, it starts out describing "a system of government.....under a dictator", and, currently and unfortunately for all of us...the Democratic Party is in control of the White House, the Senate, the House of Representatives...

you know, our entire government!

Controlled by Democrats, with Joe Biden at the helm; they own our current "system of government"

Yet, there is no question that he was and has endlessly been, calling out Donald Trump and calling out supporters of the former President, referring to us as fascists, semi-fascists, threats, extremists.....

Not that long ago, Biden & Co. were referring to Parents as "domestic terrorists"; they probably still do, because most Parents care and are invested in their children and have every right to know what is being taught to them!

Long before that candidate Joe referred to anyone who wasn't for him as, "the dregs of society".

Forget about all of his name-calling for a moment!.

Does Joe Biden believe that President Trump is still the President, calling the shots, "a dictator in this system of Government"?

He sure is stuck in his head!

He is gravely concerned that Donald Trump and his supporters "have assaulted democracy" and are "extremists" and as if that's not enough, he has also described us as "a threat to this Country".

Did he forget all about the election that I wish we could all forget?

Very strange behavior.


What Now?

I have heard that since that speech, Biden has walked it back a bit.

It must not have had the effect, that he and his team had hoped it would!

Citizens across the Nation must not have warmed up to his personal attacks on them, their friends, their family, their neighbors - no matter what their personal politics might be.

There comes a time when the President of the United States of America must begin to lead...must do the work of the American people and not be the reason, that the American people must work more!

The President must not cost the people everywhere they turn!

Whether it be in fueling their cars, keeping up with the ever-rising expense of heating/cooling their homes, being able to provide plenty for their families and not just enough to get by.

They should not be put in the position...for no good reason, to dip into their savings, long before planned!

They should feel safe at all times in their Country and not frantic over cartels, crime and drugs, in particular, fentanyl, {which has cost so many American lives} all currently making their way across our suddenly unsecure southern border.

A wide open border which this current President ignores and intentionally avoids, for political reasons alone, what else could it be?

Again, for no good reason, all of this is about undoing the work of the previous Administration and everyone knows it, whether they admit to it or not!

It sure as heck shouldn't cost Americans their reputations, because a failed administration chooses to always take the low road and go on the attack, against them!

What has this man/this Party accomplished?

What has this man/this Party accomplished - in comparison to President Trump?

Oh that's right, he has accomplished out-insulting Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton.

He has zero accomplishments; he only knows to undo it if Trump did it, he only knows how to burn bridges...all while attempting to find his way!

How do we look forward to our retirement and know that we will be okay, not just financially, if this "current system of government" which has nothing to offer us but excuses and insults and one failure after another, continues to dominate and domineer?

We can't! Not now.

Joe must go!

© 2022 A B Williams

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