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Religions Are No Problem

writing this article as a spiritual seeker and follower of Hindu Religion and Hindu Religious belief and Vedic Philosophy

Religious suffering is, at the same time, the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.

— Karl Marx

What Do You Mean By Religion ?

Word "Religion" has descended from Latin word -" religio "- which means to respect for what is sacred, reverence for the gods, sense of right, moral obligation, sanctity",obligation, the bond between man and the gods. 1

The etymologically "religio" was understood as an individual virtue of worship.In mundane contexts "religio" never means as doctrine, practice, or actual source of knowledge.

In general, "religio" referred to broad social obligations towards anything including family, neighbors, rulers, and even towards God.2 Word -"religio"- was most often used by the ancient Romans not in the context of a relation towards gods, but as a range of general emotions such as hesitation, caution, anxiety, fear; feelings of being bound, restricted, inhibited; which arose from heightened attention in any mundane context.3 The term -"religio"-was also closely related to other terms like scrupulus which meant "very precisely" and term superstitio, which meant too much fear or anxiety or shame.2 When "religio" came into English around the 12th century, as -Religion- it took the meaning of "life bound by monastic vows" or "monastic orders".2 The compartmentalized concept of religion, where religious things were separated from worldly things, was in use before 15th Century.The concept of religion was first used in the 15th century by Church Dominion to set up separation between "Sanctity of Church" and "The domain of civil authorities".2

In short, meaning of "Religio" can be seen as - a idea or circumstances which are constraining , limiting , making a person anxious ,fearful , bondage and later it was sabotage by "Religious Principalities " to control and limit the masses, to ensure power and more than thou life status.2,3

Now in today's time ,word- Religion means a practice of teachings of well accepted -Holy Books from any religion. But covertly "word Religion" is still carrying undercover idea of "religio" where societies were duped to surrender their freewill to Religious Dominions

Religions Come To Existence To Grab The Power And Not To Seek Betterment Of Societies In Medieval Times

Religions are need of "powerful" and not of "powerless" starving on streets

Religions are need of "powerful" and not of "powerless" starving on streets

Why Religion Are Not A Problem ?

All Prophets and Avatar understood the God and tried to let it be understood by others Messengers , Avatars , Enlighten Beings are used to do so ,as due to their in born love and concerns for humankind through their holy teachings.

But after their departure from mortal world, degradation of their preaching and teachings is done only to enslave the masses in the name of "New Religious Order". People used to demean preaching of holy books , to prove "self-righteous-ness" rather than to choose "the right path to sustain their lives".

No known Prophet or Avatar, Incarnation wrote any book or religious scripture by own-self. Holy Kuran come to existence after 400 years ,after departure of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), Bhagwat Gita was preached to Arjuna from Krishna in private in middle of the battlefield and no body is knowing what was true words conveyed by Lord Krishna to Arjun. Neither Arjuna nor Lord Krishna hold its public discourse before or after the Kurukshetra war. Even Bhagwat Gita is not for everyone who cant understand its purpose. Bhagwat Gita is for those who have a dilemma to convey dharma (higher duty) or karma (day to day life duties). Even after following teachings from Gita Arjuna was not allowed to enter heaven as per story of Mahabharata. This shows Bhagwat Gita is not guarantee for complete redemption of fallen souls. But today idiot people used to claim to turn, Bhagwat Gita, into the only way for full-time attainment and redemption of the souls. Which is nonsense and not expected from Avatar Krishna while preaching Bhagwat Gita to Arjun.

Gautama Budhha preached the only way to get rid of miseries & sufferings and never told any Religion of Buddhism. But by the time preaching of Lord Buddha has turned up a new type of Religion by whom or how only followers of Buddhism can tell the entire inside story. Buddha never preached to build huge and huge monasteries.

But in the name of Buddha, today there are 1000 & 1000 monasteries ,which having a annual turnover of millions & millions of crore dollars , raised by self-declared followers of Buddhism all over the world.

Today Makka, Madina are source of "Profit Making" for Saudi Arebia like countries ,rather than being the source of peace and serenity for middle east countries. If Islam is the other name of "peace" then why there is no peace "peace" existing in middle east countries , which are used boast oneself as "Pious Islamic Countries".
Today Churches can be seen running Banks and Hindu Temples can be seen running -black money depositories in Indian subcontinent.

Is This A Religion Or Simple -Zero Investment -Bussiness Gimmick of Champions Of Religions?

Is this a religion? Or Is it another way to run a business ,corporate houses, full time money & power making industry to earn free profit and then to control masses?

If, Father of Scientific Socialism - Karl Marx, be seen claiming that ", religion is a tool used by the ruling classes whereby the masses can shortly relieve their suffering via the act of experiencing religious emotions. It is in the interest of the ruling classes to instill in the masses the religious conviction that their current suffering will lead to eventual happiness. Therefore, as long as the public/masses believes in religion, they will not attempt to make any genuine effort to understand and overcome the real source of their suffering."4

People who follow a religion blindly and self righteously forgetting those "philosophies of life " preached in respective holy books ,are a true problem. And those one who want to use their mind ,they even cant do better with these Holy books ,as nearly all Holy books are manipulated.


What Is Sanctity Of Any Divine Book , To Be Called As Truly Divine ?

When Earth is not flat as claimed in any religious book ,or When Universe is not used to behave as mentioned in any religious book or When Earth is used to move around sun or When no one is able to identify "Hell" & Heaven" as next world for dead person ,-- Then how much one is expected to believe that -any Religious book is authored by some manipulator and deceiver after departure of "True Messenger or True Avatar or True Holy figure , sitting under some tree ?

Samely ,When Christ told Vatican city church to run banks and corporations ???? Has anybody seen that, Jesus Christ printing or writing the bible himself beside serving humanity and correcting paths of misguided souls.

When it is beyond doubt that nearly every religious scripture have interpolations and extrapolations to hide truth from masses. All this has done after departure of prime holy figure to ensure selfish gains and monetary benefits. As no Religious scriptures as like Holy Kuran, Holy Bhagwat Gita Holy Bible and so and so on written by any Prophet or Avatar by themselves . God never sends any message nor he needs any messenger to print and publish any holy book in his name . As religion is issue of practicing and not printing and preaching. God all mighty can take care of humanity even without any religion.

There are tribes living in Andaman Nicobar island sustaining well without any labels of religions on their foreheads. But when in the year 2004, tsunami came in Indian ocean,those tribals left untouched mysteriously and So called pious and religious people in mainland India died in thousands & thousands numbers . No religious book or temple could save them from rath of nature .

Hence , If it is found in research that "Religion is ambivalent vis-à-vis development: although religious ideas can foster certain forms of human capital acquisition and labor market participation, scholars have found a negative relationship between religious dimensions and both income and gender equality as well as innovation activities".5

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When Religious Book Carrying Manipulated Ideas, Then How Can Its Follower Seek Right Path For OneSelf?

Not Religion But "Self Righteous Followers" Are True Problem ?

Issues is , Religion is used as a blanket to hide grown tentacles of greed and self-righteousness & selfishness. People are true problem, not Religions . It is not religion which represent people.

Those are people who represent their own style religion with own style of identifying and defining of god. God is open to all ,god has nothing to do with any religion . And If god is such a malevolent entity who is used to favour only one religion as true religion , then that God is no God at all,it is as simple as that.

Let there be any religion -Hindu ,Muslim,Christian ,Buddhist,Judaism -every religion starts from surrendering oneself to highest principles & principalities . But rather than surrendering oneself to those "height-est principles" ,so called stunched follower of any religion can be seen surrendering core idea of their own religion to greed ,self righteousness & hate by running "cherry picking" of their own religious teachings. There so called stunched ,headless follower are used to sacrifice other innocent souls in the name of surrender-ship of religion to fulfill one's greed and wrongdoings.

Basically, People fond of committing crimes and atrocities in the name of religion, to hide and to deny their own heinous sins. They colour it as divine ordeal from Almighty God by twisting and demeaning the words of Messengers and Avatars from time to time. Hence Religions are no problem, but the "Self Righteous Followers " of Religion are true problems.

Blind Followers Of Any Religions Are True Problem

Blind Followers are not just blind for themselves but also blind for all basic teachings of their own religion ,too

Blind Followers are not just blind for themselves but also blind for all basic teachings of their own religion ,too

I don't believe in Religion; Is Religion important?

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© 2020 Dr Nilesh Jaybhaye

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