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Reformed Taliban and Women's Rights?

Veiled Muslim Woman.


We have seen, the awful queues of people at Kabul Airport. Desperate people terrified of the restored Taliban administration and what lies in store for the Afghan people? Many Afghans, who worked with Allied forces have made it out, alongside the US, UK, and other Allied citizens. However, many Afghans will be left behind, whether they worked for the Allies or the Afghan government, under Ashraf Ghani, (who has since fled to Tajikistan, taking with him carloads of money). The Vice-President has taken shelter in the Panjshir Valley, vowing to fight on, against the Taliban. It was reported on Al-Jazeera, that government forces may have wrestled back a part of Afghanistan from the Taliban. 10,000 Americans and other Western citizens are still in the country. Biden said he will not pull US troops out until all these people are safe, out of the country. Both, Trump and Biden, have been criticized for the Afghanistan fiasco. Trump for signing a deal with the Taliban, seemingly, caving into all their demands. It seems this deal, has allowed them, to re-take the whole of Afghanistan. As soon as Biden announced, US forces would be pulling out of the country, the Taliban launched a lightning blitzkrieg. This blitzkrieg, took the Afghan government and the Allies by storm. Before anyone could really react, the Taliban captured the capital, Kabul. Leading to the chaotic scenes we have seen at Kabul airport.

The Taliban appeared on television at the Presidential Palace, in Kabul. They stood or sat around, the desk from which self-exiled President Ashraf Ghani, worked. They stood resplendent with the Taliban flag, armed to the teeth. The Taliban in a news conference said women's rights would be respected. However, women's rights would be respected as outlined by Sharia law. The Sharia definition of women's rights differs greatly, from what is the West's interpretation of women's rights. The Taliban, were vague, on what jobs, education, etc, women would be allowed to take part in. They were also vague, on other things, like how the restored Taliban administration would work and govern.

The Taliban Mk 2, appears to be a reformed organization, promising no retaliation on Afghans, who worked for the Allies and the government. How true this is, remains to be seen. Certainly, stories are coming in, that the Taliban are already going house to house, looking for those that worked for the Allies and the former, Afghan government. If true, this does not bode well for Afghanistan, under Taliban rule. Women and others are terrified of the Taliban, because they remember the first regime of the Taliban, between 1996 - 2001. Atrocities were carried out by these extreme religious fanatics on women, on people of other faith, and on ethnic minorities. Has the Taliban leopard changed its spots? Well, leopards in nature do not change their spots, and sadly, this is most probably the case, with the Taliban. Words are fine, anyone can say words, but its actions, that speak louder than words.

The Taliban have said under their restored 'Emirate of Afghanistan', the country will no longer harbor, Al-Qaeda. Also, albeit under Islamic principles, Afghanistan will be a world player, co-operating with other nations. Again, these are words, and deeds are the important thing here.

In some ways, the Taliban coming back to power, is a bit like the Nazis, retaking power in Germany, after being defeated in 1945. If the Nazis had put up resistance like the Viet Kong or the Taliban, and after 20 years, the Allies had withdrawn and the Nazis had quickly, reconquered Germany. Many will regard, the Afghanistan debacle as something like this, historically. Many have also compared the Allies pulling out of Afghanistan, as like Vietnam, leaving the people to the mercy of the forces, the Americans and others, had been fighting against.

Biden and Boris, have tried to put a brave face on proceedings, saying those that destroyed the twin towers, have been contained and removed, from Afghan soil. That may be true, but those who hosted Bin Laden and his Al-Qaeda buddies, are back in power, the Taliban. The West now, it seems has to trust the word of these Islamic warriors, that attacks on the West, will be not be launched from Afghan soil.

Certainly, some historians will see now and in the future, that the US and Allied pull out from Afghanistan, is a defeat. A bunch of rag-tag hillbillies called the Taliban, defeated the mightiest power on Earth, the United States. This may or may not be true, but certainly, Islamic admirers of the Taliban will see this as a victory. It will embolden these people, certainly Al-Qaeda. IS has its differences with the Taliban, but it might too, stiffen their resolve, to launch attacks and confront the West. China and Russia, are already stepping in to make peace with the Taliban. These countries remain enemies of the US and the West. So why wouldn't they cozy up to the bearded madmen now in power in Kabul? There are certain minerals, that the Russians and Chinese want from Afghanistan. They will strike up deals with the Taliban administration, to get at, these minerals. The Taliban in return will be sold, no doubt, the latest weapons, that Russia and China have.

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This panicked, ill-thought-out, withdrawal from Afghanistan by the US and its Allies is what it is, a humiliation. In Biden and Trump, the US had two Presidents, wholly unfit to handle the situation in Afghanistan. Is the US a declining power, in the light of a rising China and resurgent Russia? Will the US, UK, etc, ever recover as world powers after this Afghanistan disaster, which costs lives on all sides and billions of Dollars? The US may and the West, may recover and safe face, but incidents like this, show powers and empires, do not last forever.


MG Singh from UAE on August 21, 2021:

The Taliban cannot reform and I have just seen a BBC video of a woman being flogged in the Village. Afghanistan is also going to flower Al-Qaeda and ISIS again. The United States has irrevocably lost the leadership of the world with the second disastrous defeat. It just about shows that the nation no longer has the will or the stomach to lead the world. The United Kingdom in any case is nowhere in the world ranking and power structure.

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