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Who murdered Devon and Damon Routier? Unsolved murder case.


Darlie Peck and Darin Routier met in 1985 on mothers day.

Darlie was introduced to Darin by her mother when she was only 15 years old. As I have voiced in the past, I was repulsed by this. Most parents do everything in their power to stop their young daughters from dating that young. Darin may have been 17 at the time, but he was mature way beyond his years. He was the assistant manager at that restaurant at the time. I may be prejudging him, but he appeared to know how to make his way up the latter very quickly. I later learned all about his manipulative behavior and tactics.

This is Darin 22 years later completely changing his story again.

Darin screaming Devon Devon Devon.

Darin screaming Devon Devon Devon.

According to Darin they had no issues, no financial problems life was perfect before this attack.

According to Darin, they were happily married, even talking about renewing their marriage vows at their 10th anniversary.

The reason we know this for a fact is because Darin himself came forward after the trial and he admitted that they had been fighting constantly. She had been sleeping on the sofa for some time. Things got out of control on June 6th, 1996 just hours before the attack. Darlie told Darin she wanted a separation. So we know right from the get go Darin was not truthful to police.

We all have our reasons why Darin wouldn't want the police to know this, but my guess is it wasn't to protect Darlie. It was to prevent himself from becoming the main and only suspect.

We also have our ideas about why Darlie would have covered for him. Darlie didn't actually see which room Darin came from. The 911 call proves that she was not in the hallway near the stairs to have seen which room he came from.

In my opinion Darin was laying wait in that dining room until Darlie went to get the phone. At some point Darin said he yelled at her to go and get the phone. I believe this may have been true, but he was not upstairs at the time. He may have done this to get her out of the hallway and out of view when he made his appearance from the dining room.

One of the biggest issues I had with Darins story is the fact that he did not have an alibi. In order for him to have an alibi he had to change his story. Somehow he had to put Darlie in the hallway near the stairs to see him come down the stairs, in order for an alibi to work.

To this day I have never heard Darlie say she saw him come out of his room down those stairs. She only says he was upstairs because that is what Darin preached to her.

I want to explain in detail how I was able to learn the truth about when Darin actually appeared in the hall.

I spent hours on end going through the 911 call. Not just the transcribed copy but the audio as well. It was shocking to learn how misleading this 911 call really was. The transcribed copy is nothing like the original and I would like to explain why.

In order to really understand what I am getting at here you have to play the audio copy of the 911 call while having the transcribed copy along side. It is shocking how deceptive that copy really was. Lets start with the first 15 seconds.

00:00:00 911 Operator #1 ...Rowlett 911...what is your emergency..

00:01:19 Darlie Routier ...somebody came here...they broke in...

00:03:27 911 Operator #1 ...ma'am...

00:05:11 Darlie Routier ...they just stabbed me and my children...

00:07:16 911 Operator #1 ...what...

00:08:05 Darlie Routier ...they just stabbed me and my kids...my little boys... 00:09:24 911 Operator #1 ...who...who did...

00:11:12 Darlie Routier ...my little boy is dying...

00:11:25 RADIO ...(unintelligible) clear...

00:13:07 911 Operator #1 ...hang on ...hang on... hang on

00:15:03 Darlie Routier ...hurry... (unintelligible)

As you can see here, Darin is not heard on that 911 call until 15 seconds into the call. The reason this is so important is because Darin has claimed he was already with Devon doing cpr on him before she dialed 911.

Let me explain how I know this was not true. First of all Darin admitted to Greg Davis in August, Darlie was not there at the foot of the stairs when he first saw, thus destroying his alibi. He admitted she was down the hall in the kitchen proving without any doubt she could not have known if he came out of his room or not.

More importantly, I ask that you go to the 911 call, transcribed and audio together. Listen to what Darlie says at the 15 second mark.

Darlie is not talking to the operator, she is clearly speaking to Darin. she had pulled the receiver away from her mouth and is telling Darin to hurry. You can clearly hear him respond to her in the background, but all that was excluded from the transcribed copy of the 911 call.

00:15:03 Darlie Routier ...hurry... (unintelligible)...

The reason they have unintelligible after her comment is because she is speaking to Darin. By her telling him to hurry proves without any doubt he is not there with Devon doing cpr as he has claimed.

After learning this I decided to contact some of the officers who were there on the scene. I called the Rowlett police department and to my surprise I got officer Nabors on the phone. One of the questions I had asked him was when did Darin tell him/them he first came down stairs. Darin originally told the police he came downstairs after hearing Darlie screaming on the phone with 911. This confirmed without a doubt he had no alibi and there was no possible way Darlie could have known if Darin had been in his room during the attack. This was huge in my opinion but Nabors was still convinced of her guilt.

I had a lot of questions to ask Officer Nabors but he was becoming short with me so I knew my time was running out.

I decided then I was going to stick with the questions that bothered me the most. I asked Officer Nabors if he was aware that the first description Darlie gave to detective Patterson fit her husband perfectly. This description was given by Darlie on June 6th, right after her exploratory surgery.

She told Detective Jimmy Patterson the man she saw was a white male, over 6ft tall with longer brown hair in the back. She said he had a wide build, wearing blue jeans, black cap and black t shirt.

Absolutely every detail she described fit her husband perfectly. Nabors still wasn't convinced. I asked him why Detective Patterson never disclosed this information to the authorities when they arrested her 12 days later. I told him to watch the conference they had announcing her arrest. They claimed she never gave a description of that intruder, but Det Patterson knew for a fact that was not true.

During that same conference meeting they also claimed that the reason Darin was not considered a suspect was because his story appeared to check out?

Obviously they knew right from the get go his story never checked out and he obviously lied about his alibi.

I didn't stop there. I was sent a message to dig into the court documents that took place before Doug Mulder took over the case. I read through them until I came across a hearing they had in August before the trial. Right there in black and white Darin admitted to Greg Davis the first time he saw Darlie after he came down stairs she was down the hall, by the island near the phone. Greg Davis knew without any doubt Darin did not have an alibi. There was no possible way Darlie could have known if Darin was that intruder she saw or not.

Immediately after Detective Patterson met with Darlie, Darin was right there and remained close to Darlie up until her arrest. That first description Darlie gave never came up again until Detective Jimmy Patterson testified in court. He described for the first time the description Darlie first gave of that intruder.

I could not believe they had allowed Darlie's husband to see her right after she woke. In any proper investigation Darin would have been separated from Darlie immediately and taken aside for questioning and investigation but that never happened.

Darin was free to roam that crime scene for hours, which he did according to several of the first responding officers. Even when Darin was told to leave the scene and go be with his family he hung around out front watching every move the police made.

Officer David Waddell told me one of the biggest reasons they suspected Darin at first was because he was so curious about the crime scene and didn't seem concerned in the least about his family.

I asked officer Waddell if he was aware that Darin told the police and the courts he had gone over to Damon's van to inquire about him? He told me that never happened. I told him I already knew that because every medic in that van testified Darin never once asked about his son and he never went near that van where they had Damon. In order to believe Darin's version of the story you would also have to believe every witness, medic fireman on the scene lied and Darin was telling the truth. This can all be confirmed through the court transcripts.

No dog barking. Why wasn't Darlie wondering why her dog was not heard barking sooner?

The fact that we do not hear the dog bark is crucial in this case. That dog isn't heard barking until 2:33:30am when Darin says he goes back up those stairs. So this further proves he did not come out of his room when Darlie first called 911. The dog sleeps upstairs at night, he can not make it down the stairs on his own. That dog was locked up for some reason that night.

After Darin realized this he tried to come forward and say the dog didn't bark because he must have known the intruder. Really? Several people were questioned about that dog and they all said the same thing, the dog barked constantly at everything and everyone. He barks even when family members or friends come in. For him to make that statement just rose more suspicion, but I guess the police were not paying any attention to what was really going on during that 911 call.

I contacted people close to the Routier family and I was told that Darin was the one who staged the black car.

I didn't just take the information and run with it. I do believe people have a right to know the whole truth, not just what makes one person look guilty or innocent. It is important that all the information comes out so people can make their minds up on what they feel or think.

After Jovell told me that she had staged the black car I didn't leave it at that. I went into Darin's statements and interviews and sure enough there had been several sightings of that black car, but surprisingly enough neither Barbara Jovell nor Darin ever said a word to Darlie about it. Both Darin and Jovell testified that they never told Darlie about that suspicious black car? Not one person questioned that? Here we had a mother of three at home alone all day long and there is a man in a car stalking the house and nobody bothered to say a word to Darlie?

On the fifth when Darin came home from work both him and Jovell testified that they both saw this car again speeding past the house yet again neither of them ever warned Darlie and nobody bother to question why?

Darin was broke, yet he hired his employees mother to come into the home to help Darlie with the house and kids. She was only there two days and on the second day she just happen to see not only a black car, but she also saw the man in the alley looking through the window of the Routier garage?

We can not forget to mention the fact that while Darlie and Damon were still in the vans waiting to be taken to hospital Darin was calling up his sister in law asking her to call Barbara Jovell to have her come to the home to give that false statement about the black car that was seen stalking the home? Sure enough when I checked into it there she was at the Routier home speaking to Detective Jimmy Patterson.

I will never forget watching that last defense program where Darin is telling the reporter how he drove around town with loaded gun by his side for two weeks looking for that black car? That statement alone should have sent huge red flags warranting a full investigation into Darin but some how some way Darin was able to go undetected once again.

Nobody bothered to question Barbara Jovell how she learned about the murders before any of the family members. She told me right after the murders, Darin phoned his sister in law Dana and asked her get to his house right away and give the police the statement about the black car.

I went right to Detective Patterson's testimony and sure enough he testified Barbara Jovell was there less than an hour after the murders giving him a statement about the black car. How was it possible for the police to have missed this?

Darin signed an affidavit admitting to the deal he made with Doug Mulder not to implicate him in the crime.

When the last defense did that documentary, Darin was there big as life. Darin actually retracted that affidavit claiming that Darlie's lawyers were so desperate to get her off they forced him to sign that affidavit?

The problem is everything in that affidavit was true. He did make that deal with Mulder and the court transcripts proved that. He also admitted to his insurance fraud scams and that was also true. He admitted that him and Darlie fought before the murders and she asked for a separation. So why was he claiming 22 years later he was forced to sign the affidavit when everything in it was true?

This is information that was included in the article regarding Brian Pardo and his investigation.

The prosecution told the court that if Darlie had been cut on her neck while she was sleeping, as she'd claimed, a gold necklace she was wearing would have had nicks in it from the knife. During the trial, Assistant DA Greg Davis claimed there were no nicks in the chain, and the defense never challenged this. Brown, however, took a picture of the chain and magnified it about 800 percent.Barb Davis says she can clearly see two nicks in the chain.

I have no idea why the jury missed the damages that were clearly shown on that necklace they had in evidence? There was no doubt that the chain was damaged. Darin later claimed that the necklace was damaged when he purchased it? Now why on earth would anyone buy a solid gold link necklace with that type of damage to it?

I want to also point out that the necklace she wore that night was 20" long. The only way it could have been damaged was if Darlie had been laying down while her throat was slit. If she had been standing as the prosecution claimed, the necklace would not have come into contact with the knife.

The Mock trial

She was also shocked when Brown showed her the focus notes--the hour-by-hour record kept by nurses during Darlie's hospital stay. They show that Darlie was distraught over her children's deaths and not aloof and unemotional as the nurses testified under oath. "I now believe perjury was committed, that these witnesses were coached," Davis says.

There is no doubt between Detective Jimmy Patterson going to the hospital and planting the idea in the staff's head that the injuries on Darlie may have been self inflicted and Greg Davis having that mock trial, Darlie never had a chance at fair trial.

I believe once Darlie decided to defend Darin and stand by him that changed the course of the entire investigation for her. It is no secret that the officers on the scene were convinced at first that both Darlie and Darin were involved in the crime. If Darlie was now offering up and alibi for Darin, that only left Darlie to take the fall.

Christopher Brown and his theory and evidence.

Christopher Brown found the picture that was missing. It shows the part of the den where an evidence bag is lying on the floor in a pool of blood, which means that anything put in the bag may have been contaminated by the blood.

In addition to the possibly identifiable bloody fingerprint on the utility-room door, there was a bloody mark on the bottom of the door that was never entered into evidence during the trial. Brown claims it could have come from the bloody pant leg or shoe of an intruder who ran into the door as he was fleeing.

To my understanding there were two pairs of bloody jeans belonging to Darin. One pair that was found in the utility room and another pair that were taken from him by Detective Patterson and officer Frosch at the hospital. To my understanding both jeans were taken into evidence but only one pair was tested. The rumor is one pair of Darin's jeans were lost?

Christopher Brown also found the police chain of custody on the evidence bag that contained the unidentified fingerprints taken from the crime scene. Officers can check out evidence as long as they sign for it and pass it along to other officers or investigators, who must also sign for it. But on one particular evidence bag, one officer's name, which is practically illegible, does not correspond to any officers in any of the departments that worked on the case. And between June and August, the officer's badge number mysteriously changes. What all of this means, if anything, isn't clear.

How is this even possible? Who was the officer who had that evidence and why so much corruption surrounding that evidence? I do not believe Doug Mulder did any investigation into Darlie's case. How could he even think of going to trial in less than three months without any sort of investigation of his own?

Brown also had a theory that the sock may have been placed on the hood of a car and the driver sped off leaving the sock to just fall randomly off the hood. I did not find this theory very credible due to the fact that the sock just happen to be right close to the Blakeney home and this just happen to be one of the names Darin brought up later as a possible suspect. Not to mention the fact that there just happen to be a garbage can and a drain close to where the sock was found. To this day there has been no evidence what so ever to ever indicate an intruder ever entered that home.

More details about the hidden bloody jeans.

Those hidden bloody jeans had very telling blood stains on them. The jeans had both boys blood on them on the exact same spot as the underpants Darin was wearing when they took his clothing at 6am at the hospital proving without a doubt Darin had changed out his jeans at some point.

I believe Greg Davis knew during the trial that Darin was that intruder. During the trial Greg Davis asked Darlie if it were possible for someone to get from the garage to the stairs without her seeing. Darlie said "I don't know?" Darlie knew for a fact it was possible. Had Darlie known about the bloody hidden jeans found in the utility room before or during the trial she would have known without any doubt her husband Darin was that intruder she saw.

Years later after being on death row Brian Pardo decided to help Darlie's case. He began to investigate the case along with some detectives. In no time at all he came to the conclusion Darin was involved in the crime.

Darlie was told about the hidden bloody jeans only years after her conviction. According to the investigators, friends and family, Darlie became so upset after learning about those jeans she had to be medicated. She cursed Darin out and the meeting ended.

Once Pardo realized the truth about Darin he demanded a poly test before he would continue to help Darlie. Darin failed all three poly tests. He then dismissed Pardo and would not allow him to continue working on Darlie's case. This appeared to happen with many other supporters as well.

How was it possible for Darin to manipulate this entire case? He manipulated every person involved in this case, including Darlie's own family.

There was damage to that necklace Darlie had on.

The necklace.

As anyone can see this necklace Darlie wore was not a choker. It hung down low on her neck. The only way that chain could have a cut link in it is if she were laying down when the knife struck her throat. In my opinion that should have been an eye opener to the jury. I am not sure what evidence they were looking at, but it wasn't the same evidence I was looking at.

Darlie Kee and Darin did an interview with Leeza that practically destroyed any credibility Darlie may have had.

Darlie Kee was asked several questions during that interview with Leeza, but when she asked specifically about Darlie's state of mind that night Darlie Kee appeared to have doubts about Darlie true state of mind. She was defending the fact that if Darlie Lynn had snapped that night, she should not be on death row. She stated she should be in a hospital? Darlie Kee didn't just stop there. She went on further to back up Darin's lies about an intruder running out the front door just as officer Waddell pulled up. I could hardly believe my ears when I heard Darlie Kee making these statements in that Leeza interview. Darlie Kee has been defending Darin right up to this day?

There was no doubt it was Darin who fled that house when Officer Waddell arrived.

I will never understand how it was possible for Detective Jimmy Patterson to have full control over the investigation and arrest on Darlie? He was a narcotics officer, not homicide detective. He had a direct conflict of interest in the fact that his criminal son knew Darin and was known to visit the home on a number of occasions.

Detective Patterson did not even take any personal notes himself during the entire 12 day investigation and he didn't even bother to read the notes that officer Frosch had taken for him? So how was he able to determine if she was guilty with in 12 days? It turns out that the black car that had been stalking the home came back to being a relation to the Patterson family. His son Chad was caught contacting Doug Mulders secretary looking for information on Darlie's case? How was it possible for all of this information to go unnoticed by the everyone involved in this case?

There was no doubt Darlie's husband knew she was about to be arrested on June 18th. While leaving the station Darin made a point of flashing a bible to the rep

Darin knew Darlie was about to be arrested

Darin knew Darlie was about to be arrested

There was overwhelming evidence in Darlie's case to prove more than reasonable doubt.

When I look at this case in its entirety it amazes me how much corruption took place right from the get go.

How can anyone believe that Darlie had a fair trial after knowing everything we know today?

There were mistakes made right from the get go that were exposed at trial, yet it all fell on deaf ears. I get that officer Waddell kept Darin there, but he should have separated him from Darlie immediately.

Officer Waddell admitted himself once they got into the home Darin ran right over to Devon starting cpr. Waddell had no way of knowing that Darin had already done cpr on Devon at least 3 minutes earlier and pronounced him dead.

The second Waddell turned his back Darin disappeared through the sliding doors. Waddell said he believed Darin went to Karens at that time, but when he returned he was alone? Darin was not confronted as to where he went. Again Darin was permitted to go right back to Darlie. Officer Waddell instructed Darin to help Damon, but he never did.

Darin and Darlie were told to sit by the sliding doors and then they were left alone. Officer Waddell said he heard them whispering to each other? So why weren't they separated when this rose suspicion with the first responding officer?

Officer Walling was the next officer to arrive and he described Darin as being out of breath and red faced, yet he was just standing next Devon while his son was gasping for breath trying to crawl on the floor? Still there were no red flags regarding Darin?

Then after the medics came in Officer Waddell told Darin to go some where else to be with friends and not to come come back into the house.

Darin didn't run over to Karens because he needed help, he ran over there because he was told to leave the house and not come back in. So what does Darin do? He tells Karen he needed help for his family and he used her as way of getting back into that house.

The life insurance on Darlie was a huge red flag in this case for so many reasons.

Darlie started out with a simple 50 thousand dollar life insurance policy. By June 6th she had two separate policies worth 250 thousand dollars?

Darlie was a stay home mom. So why the huge life insurance policies on her? Not only that, there was a clause added to her policy (accidental clause). This meant if Darlie had died that night Darin would have gotten double (500,000).

Every time Darlie Kee and Darin were confronted about the policies, they never spoke about Darlie's policy. They just kept referring to the boys policy.

During the trial Darlie was questioned about her life insurance and during her testimony we learned that Darin had gone behind her back to make changes to her life insurance policies. He made himself sole beneficiary of her life insurance? Darlie was not happy about that. She learned of those changes through her lawyer.

I never understood why Darlie's mother continued to defend Darin after learning this?

The explanation Darin gave for parking on the street on June 5th as apposed to parking in the driveway of his home.

During his testimony in court Darin was asked why he parked his car on the street around that bend. Darin told the jury that he parked his car there to make the street safer for his kids?

I was shocked to read this because I knew Darin had been confronted by neighbors many times asking him not to park on that corner because it was blocking the view of drivers coming around that bend making it unsafe for the kids playing outside. The lies with Darin just never seem to stop. Some were just little lies and other ones were just cruel and obvious.

This is what we know happened during those cpr attempts Darin loves to brag about.

I am going to get ahead of myself here and ask if you would search out some of the interviews Darin did and watch his expression when he talks or brags about this cpr he did on Devon. This was the one detail that convinced me without any doubt I was 100 percent correct in my opinion and findings on this case.

When I first started looking at this case there were a few of us who realized that there was something seriously wrong with Darin's stories. Nothing he said seemed to match any witness testimony or evidence. I found this very disturbing. The lies he was telling were not being told to cover or protect Darlie, they were being told to mislead people with the evidence and I am going to explain how he was able to do this.

I am going to briefly explain what Darin told the police. This can all be confirmed through the court records and witness testimony.

Darin claimed he was asleep upstairs when he heard Darlie screaming. He says he ran down the stairs, pushed past his wife and ran right over to Devon. Depending on which interview or statement your reading some of the details do change.

Darin claimed he was woken by light glass breaking, but this detail did not come out until years later. The details as to what Darlie was screaming when he first heard her also changed over the years. First he said she was screaming on phone with the 911, then he claimed she was screaming Darin Devon Darin, the last interview Darin is very specific and he throws himself into this crazy state and claims she was screaming Devon Devon Devon. He is all red faced, eyes popping out screaming as loud as he could in that last interview. I imagine that is what those victims saw just before the attack.

Darin claims he never saw Damon as he was running over to Devon, but we know that was also a lie because he couldn't have gotten to Devon without tripping or jumping over his son Damon.

He then claims the reason he ran over to Devon and not Damon first was because he looked over and saw the glass table tipped over on top of him. We know for a fact through the investigation that was an out right lie. The table never tipped over and it never fell on top of Devon even though Darin claims in his police statement on June 8th, he picked the table up off of Devon.

We know by both Darin and Darlie's testimony Devon was already gone when Darin got to him. In fact, he was gone before Darlie ever called 911. She said she walked towards Devon, saw him laying motionless on his back, eyes wide open and she called out to him and he never responded.

So Darin goes over to Devon and he says he immediately starts cpr. He goes into every gory detail of how he blew into his chest and mouth and never got a response.

During the 911 call Darin says something to Darlie and she screams out Devon oh God, Devon no, Devon is dead. Darin clearly announced Devon dead within 40 seconds of that 911 call. Darlie said Darin told her there was nothing he could do for Devon.

Here is where things get very interesting. Darin claimed he never ran out side to meet officer Waddell, even though Darlie, Waddell and the neighbor knew and saw Darin run over the front lawn towards officer Waddell.

Darin told Greg Davis in August he never stopped doing cpr on Devon for the entire 4 minutes until Darlie opened the door and let officer Waddell in the house.

If you check out Waddells testimony and Darlie's testimony they are identical. She was at the end of the hall when Waddell entered the house.

At 2:30:40 Darin knew for a fact Devon was dead.

Two minutes into the 911 call Darlie is heard screaming out Karen? But when you listen to the audio of that call, she is clearly calling out for Darin. The reason I know Darin was outside of that house at this time is because he admitted this to Greg Davis in August.

Greg Davis specifically asked Darin if he heard Darlie open the front door and scream out, and Darin said NO, I wasn't there when it happened. So this is the first time police knew Darin had the opportunity to plant or lose the sock in the alley.

According to officer Waddell, he says Darin met him outside, he was already wearing his jeans even though Darin claimed he wasn't wearing them when he first came down. Darlie's version of the story matched Waddell's.

Waddell said Darin immediately entered the house and he ran over to Devon, not Damon the son who was alive and gasping for air, but the son who Darin had announced dead over 4 minutes earlier.

I spoke with officer Waddell in detail about this and he had no idea Darin did cpr on Devon before he got there. He had no idea Darin had lied about meeting him outside. He had no idea Darin claimed to have gone back upstairs after they came into the house.

I told him to go to the court transcripts and read the hearings because Darin admitted to so many things that proved his guilt.

What shocked me and repulsed me the most was when Darin told Greg Davis that Damon had no pulse even before the police arrived and that was the reason he never helped him.

Officer Waddell described Damon in detail He was alive, breathing, gasping for air looking up at him and Darlie. Darin knew for a fact that Damon was bleeding out.

Then he told Davis he didn't even know his son was injured?

Waddell described Damon laying in a huge puddle of his own blood. The lies and excuses were just getting more bizarre the by minute. It was clear to me Darin went out of his way to avoid giving Damon any assistance at all.

As I read on further into the hearing the confessions from Darin were absolutely shocking to me.

Darin admitted to Davis he had left that house right after Waddell came in. He is absent from the 911 call at that time.

This is when I believe Darin went over the fence and that is how he ripped the jeans he was wearing when he went to the hospital. They claimed to have checked the fence, but clearly they did not.

Davis asked Darin how he ripped his pants and he said he ripped them the night before while fixing the fence. Darin may have been outside by the fence the night before, but the investigation proved he never fixed that gate as he had claimed.

This is what really caught my attention. Darin told Davis when he left that house at that time, he had gone over to Karen Neals. We know for a fact that was an out right lie. Darin did not go over to Karens until after the police firemen and medics came into the house and they all testified to that, and in his own statement he wrote on June 8th, he says he was there when they came in and removed Damon.

I told Officer Waddell Darin knew for a fact Devon was dead when he took his body and did that cpr on him right in front of him. He agreed. He had no idea the details of this case because he was transferred out right after the murders.

Next to the bloody jeans, the cpr Darin did on Devon was the next smoking gun in this case.

I can go into detail about Darlie's injuries and how it could have been debunked had she brought in experts.

Darlie's lawyer claimed the reason he never called in the experts was because there were no funds for that. This was an out right lie. Those experts were already paid before he took the case. The reason he didn't call them was because the evidence against Darin was so over whelming and they wouldn't be able to debunk most of the evidence without implicating Darin in the crime.

Doug Mulder knew if he implicated Darin in the crime he would be facing not only criminal charges but he could have lost his license as well.

I feel that I have to throw this out there as well. The lead detectives son Chad Patterson's girlfriend was found dead in Lake Ray Hubbard where Darin stored h

Her death was ruled accidental even though she was fully clothed wearing her jewelery.

Her death was ruled accidental even though she was fully clothed wearing her jewelery.

The lead detectives son also crushed his little black car 3 days after the murders.

His son was facing serious criminal charges at the time. One of the charges was a drive by shooting so I don't believe the car was destroyed due to this case.