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The Story Of Fred And Rosemary West

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The nice folks at number 25

The nice folks at number 25

Horror House

The world of brutality and degradation sank to a new low with the series of grisly discoveries at Cromwell Street, Gloucester in 1994. The occupants, Rosemary and her husband Fred West, were accused of murdering 10 women and young girls over a 16 year period ending in 1987. They had taken pleasure in luring away vulnerable runaways with offers of rides, lodging or jobs as nannies. Once in their clutches inside the House of Horrors the young women were stripped, bound with tape, abused, tortured, then killed, some were dismembered and buried.

The killer couple was arrested at their home, 25 Cromwell Street, Gloucester, in 1994. Police, armed with a search warrant, dug up the remains of the Wests' 16 year old daughter, Heather, who vanished in 1987. Further excavations under the house and in the garden produced eight more female bodies and a further body was found under the kitchen of a former home in Gloucester.

The Wests shared a fascination with BDSM. Police found pictures and tapes of Rose bound, gagged and whipped. They also found a wide variety of apparatus including gags, hoods, and huge dildos. Their victims were often abducted, then bound and gagged before being subjected to hideous torture over a period of days in their cellar.

Rosemary it seems loved to torture by the insertion of huge dildos and they both had a fascination with an exteme form of bondage and suffocation. When they went too far, as they often did, Fred would dismember and bury the bodies. Even their own children were abused, raped and tortured by this wicked couple, being used as guinea-pigs for their sexual experimentation. Rose would usually do the tying up, and the children would be tied naked and spread-eagled on a metal bedframe. One of the children said later " She had canes and whips, including a cat of nine-tails. She might use all of them or just a selection. When she had completed her experiments on us she would encourage Dad to rape us or insert objects into us herself". It was a standing joke amongst the children that one of them, Charmian, was buried in the garden under the patio that Fred had laid. This family joke eventually led police and social workers to discover the whole grisly truth.

Fred, aged 7

Fred, aged 7

Fred West

Fred was born in 1941 in the village of Much Marcle, approximately 120 miles west of London, to Walter and Daisy West. It is believed that incest was an accepted part of the West household and Fred claimed that his father had sex with his daughters, using the logic, "I made you so I'm entitled to have you."  Fred left school when he was fifteen, almost illiterate, and went to work as a farm hand.

Fred's troubles with the police began in 1961 when he was fined for minor thefts in Hereford. A few months later, he was accused of impregnating a 13-year-old girl who was a friend of the West family. Fred was uncooperative and didn't see that there was anything wrong with what he had done.

This attitude and the ensuing scandal caused a serious breach with his family. Fred was ordered to find somewhere else to live and it wasn't long before he was caught stealing from the construction sites where he worked and having sex with young girls.

When Fred was seventeen, he had been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. After his recovery from the accident, he met the pretty 16-year-old Catherine Bernadette Costello, nicknamed Rena. They were to marry 4 years later, in November 1962. By then Rena was pregnant by another man. Her daughter, Charmaine, was born in March 1963, and in July 1964 Rena bore Fred a daughter named Anne-Marie.

Even though Rena had been a prostitute at various times, she was not happy to be a prisoner to the voracious sexual appetite of Fred West. Colin Wilson in The Corpse Garden tells how Fred's interest in "normal sex" was minimal. "He wanted oral sex, bondage all hours of the day and night."

Anna McFall, first known victim

Anna McFall, first known victim

First Kill

Fred started a job driving an ice cream truck which afforded him unlimited access to many young women. For someone as highly sexed as Fred, it seemed like paradise. His politeness, apparent trustworthiness and sincerity, and his ability to spin interesting tales made him attractive to the teenagers who flocked around his ice cream truck. His continual seductions turned Rena and Charmaine into afterthoughts. One young girl he met was called Anna McFall
who, in early 1967, became pregnant with Fred's child. She was trying unsuccessfully to get Fred to divorce Rena and marry her.

Fred's response to the stress of her demands was to kill her and their unborn child,and then to slowly and methodically dismember her corpse and bury her along with the foetus. Oddly enough, he cut off her fingers and toes, which were missing from the gravesite. It would be his ritualistic signature in future crimes.

The following year Fred met Rose Letts, on November 29th, 1968, her fifteenth birthday.

Rose as a child

Rose as a child


Rosemary Letts was born in November 1953 in Devon, England. Her father was a violent domestic tyrant who demanded unconditional obedience from his wife and children. He enjoyed disciplining them and seemed to look for any excuse to beat them.

.Rose was not a star performer in school and was known as 'Dozy Rosie'. Also, she was overweight, which made her the butt of cruel jokes by her peers. She lashed out at them and attacked anyone who teased her. Consequently, she became known as an ill tempered, aggressive loner.

As a teenager, Rose showed signs of being sexually precocious, walking around naked after her baths and climbing into bed with her younger brother and fondling him sexually. Her father's rules forbade her to date boys her own age and her heaviness and temperament kept boys from being interested in her. She focused her interest in sex on the older men of the village.

When she met Fred West there was an immediate sexual attraction but her father objected strongly to the relationship, and resorted to contacting Social Services and threatening West directly, but to no avail; she was soon pregnant with West's child and found herself looking after his two children by Rena Costello, when West was sent to prison on various petty theft and fine evasion charges. She gave birth to daughter Heather in 1970. With three children to care for, a boyfriend in jail and constant money problems, Rose's temper flared constantly. She resented having to take care of Rena's children and treated them badly.

A Young Fred and Rose

A Young Fred and Rose

Killing Together

After Heather's birth, and shortly before Fred's release, it appears that Rose killed Fred and Rena Costello's daughter, Charmaine. Since Fred was in jail when Charmaine was murdered, his involvement probably extended to burying her body under the kitchen floor of their home on Midland Road where it lay undiscovered for over 20 years. Before he buried Charmaine, he took off her fingers, toes and kneecaps.

Rena Costello was killed in August 1971 by Fred West. Fred saw that he had no choice but to kill Rena. In all likelihood, he probably got her very drunk and then strangled her at his house on Midland Road. He then dismembered her body and mutilated it in the same odd way that he had Anna McFall's body: he cut off Rena's fingers and toes. Then he put her remains into bags and buried her in the same general area as he buried Anna McFall.

On 29 January 1972, Fred and Rosemary married in Gloucester, and on 1 June that year, Rose gave birth to their daughter, Mae. Like Fred, Rose came from a family where incest was considered normal and even after the birth of her fourth child Rose's father, Bill Letts, with Fred's approval, would often visit the West's for sex with his daughter.

Charmaine (left), baby Heather and Anna Marie

Charmaine (left), baby Heather and Anna Marie

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Rose's magazine ad for prostitution

Rose's magazine ad for prostitution

Torture, Rape, Incest and Murder

The Wests were both indulging their unconventional sexual appetites by this time, with Rose matching her husband in her extreme sexual needs. She had a voracious sexual appetite and enjoyed extreme bondage and sadomasochistic sex. She was bisexual, and many of their victims were picked up for both her and her husband's sexual pleasure. West also worked as a prostitute (often while Fred watched).

Fred West himself had an almost insatiable appetite for bondage and violent sex acts on underage girls. He fitted out the cellar at No 25 as a torture chamber, and his 8-year-old daughter, Anne-Marie, became one of its first occupants, subjected to a horrifically brutal rape by her father whilst her stepmother held her down. This became a regular occurrence, and the child was threatened with beatings if she told anyone of her ordeal.

In December 1972 the Wests carried out a sexual assault on 17-year-old Caroline Owens whom they had hired as a nanny. Caroline was very attractive, so much so that Rose and Fred competed with each other to seduce her. When Caroline told them she was leaving the couple abducted, stripped and raped her. Caroline escaped and reported the couple to the police. As a result the Wests were fined for serious sexual assault in January of 1973.

Rose and Fred

Rose and Fred

Cellar of Death

Over the next five years eight young girls were lured to a horrific death in the Wests' cellar. Lynda Gough, Lucy Partington, Juanita Mott, Therese Siegenthaler, Alison Chambers, Shirley Robinson and 15-year-old schoolgirls Carol Ann Cooper and Shirley Hubbard, all became victims of the West couple's insatiable appetite for violent sex. After brutal sexual attacks, all were murdered, dismembered and buried in the cellar under No 25, having first had their fingers and toes removed.

Bondage was becoming a major thrill for Fred and Rose. Shirley's head had been wrapped entirely with tape and a plastic tube was inserted in her nose so that she could breathe. Juanita had been subjected to even more extreme bondage and her body had been suspended from the beams of the cellar.At least one girl, Lucy Partington, was sexually abused for over a week before her death.

Rose continued to produce children at regular intervals and the birth of daughter Louise in November 1978, brought their offspring to six, although not all were fathered by West. Barry joined the brood in June 1980, with Rosemary Junior following in 1982 and Lucyanna in 1983. They were aware to some extent of the activities in the house, but West and Rose exercised strict control over them.

West's incestuous interest in his own daughters continued, and when Anne-Marie moved out to live with her boyfriend, he switched his attentions to younger siblings, Heather and Mae. Heather resisted his attentions and, in 1986, committed the cardinal sin of telling a friend about the goings on in the house. The Wests responded by murdering and dismembering her, and burying her in the back garden of No 25, where son Stephen was forced to assist with digging the hole.

Justice Finally

Given that the West's vicious sex acts did not result in murder every time, and the sheer number of attacks, it was inevitable that someone would expose their activities, which resulted in them coming to the attention of Detective Constable Hazel Savage, who led a search at Cromwell Street in August of 1992 that found pornography and clear evidence of child abuse. West was arrested for rape and sodomy of a minor, and Rose for assisting in the rape of a minor.

In the course of the investigation DC Savage uncovered the abuse of Anne-Marie, as well as the disappearances of Charmaine and Heather, that warranted further investigation, as well as rumours about what might be buried under the patio. The younger West children were taken into care, and Rose attempted suicide at this time, although she was found by her son, Stephen, and revived.

On 24th February 1994 a warrant was obtained to search the Cromwell Street house and garden, and police found the remains of two dismembered and decapitated young women, one of whom the police suspected might be Shirley Robinson. West claimed sole responsibility for the murders and, when Rose heard of the confession, she denied all knowledge of Heather's death.

As the case against them developed, Rose tried increasingly to distance herself from West, claiming that she was also a victim, but police were not convinced of her innocence, given the sheer number of murders which had occurred, and her participation in the rapes.

On 13th December 1994, West was charged on twelve counts of murder, and he was taken into custody at Winson Green Prison in Birmingham, pending trial where, on 1st January 1995, he hanged himself in his cell with knotted bed sheets.

Rose West went on trial on 3rd October 1995 in the glare of media frenzy. Witnesses including her daughter Anne Marie and Caroline Owens, one of their first victims, testified to her participation in sexual assaults on young women. Her defence counsel tried to argue that evidence of assault was not evidence of murder but, when Rose testified on her own behalf, her violent nature and dishonesty became clear to the jury, and they unanimously found her guilty on ten separate counts of murder on 22nd November 1995. She was sentenced to a minimum of 25 years in jail. Rose West's sentence was later extended to a "whole life" sentence by the Home Secretary, effectively removing any possibility of parole.

No 25 Cromwell Street, or the "House of Horrors", as it was dubbed by the media, was eventually razed to the ground in October 1996, and in its place is a pathway that leads to the town centre.

There remains a widespread belief both with the public and within the police that Fred and Rose West's victims numbered far more than the twelve with which they were charged and it is still considered highly likely that Fred West maintained another burial site yet to be discovered. And 12 women and children are definitely gone, forever, and two of their unborn babies, and we'll never know how many more, simply listed as 'missing' during the Sixties and Seventies.

The House of Horrors was completely destroyed

The House of Horrors was completely destroyed

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kirsten on December 01, 2013:

its insulting calling them animals. No animal is WORSE then THEM.

There vile, beyond human, beyond animal, Evil, sick. There monsters, that's what they are. All monsters are human but not all humans are monsters.

martellawintek on December 04, 2012:

hello there beverlay i got it from a friend so i think this is there contact

and some info ,check out there great prices, mention I give you there number

downtomars on April 11, 2012:

ure right Matt, the judicial system permits crimes as gruesome...

alex james on April 08, 2012:

oops i mean the loved ones

alex james southall on April 08, 2012:

my god what they done is absoluty disgusting wrong filthy and bad all them people they killed it has a movie losley based on this called "mum and dad" also another called "the lovely ones"

Jose on April 05, 2012:

Mary I couldn't agree more

Mary on March 15, 2012:

Well fred took the easy way out the cowardly fuck, theses monsters are sick that it's just beyond the imagination, but what goes around comes around and what you don't get you this life will get you in the next and fred is rotting in the pits of hell now and rose will be joining him soon enough and when she does shes going to experience pain like she never imagined, it's a pity she to is not dead she should be on death row for what shes done, or maby death is to good for SCUM like her maby faith has something better in store for her, I HOPE SO.

D-Rock192- on December 29, 2011:

Who would actually be dumb enough to ask or say something this horrible that is well documented for anyone to find!? Seriously, you make a joke out of it? Wake up knuckle heads! Pull your heads out of your arses and read a book! I think it's a very informative and unfortunately very true article, I also now feel like I need a shower! Try watching Appropriate Adult, it's the true story w/out as much background but it's still very good. I'm gonna go puke now

Matt on October 06, 2011:

What is infuriating is that, according to a recent Daily Mail article, Rosemary West has it pretty good in prison (a lot better than many of us regular working folks)! She has a private cell with a tv/satellite, a CD player and radio, and is allowed to work out in a gym and cook meals.

For those of you from Europe who constantly say the US system of justice (i.e. death penalty) is barbaric, remember this case. I can tell you one thing, if she had done this, she would either be on death row or rotting in a cell 23 hours a day, not "chilling out" in the equivalent of a 2 star hotel room.

Ed on September 20, 2011:

As someone who was involved with the case, the greatest mistake was the negigence which allowed Fred West to take his life at Winson Green Prison. Many of those involved in the enquiry felt that the time span of the bodies found was narrow and did not reflect the true numbers this couple murdered.

Had West remained alive there is always the chance that he may have identified the locations more bodies. People who have had loved ones missing since that time may never know the reality, they can only hope and speculate. Many young women simply fell off the map, they were recorded as missing and nothing else is known.

As a society we say people are sick, because we do not understand their motivation, these two were not sick. They wielded the ultimate power over their victims, they could rape and did, they could torture and did, they could give or take life and they did!

Our system of justice dictates that we do not take life, it may not be perfect but it is how we live.

sick on September 17, 2011:

who ever thought this was funny has a screw loose

markinnewport on September 11, 2011:

Why the hell cant they torture the truth out of rose west, and allow the other victims and their familys be put to rest, she doesn't deserve for our taxes to feed her and keep a roof over her head.... hang the bitch, do the world a favour.

Sir John on September 06, 2011:

I too saw the 1st part drama on iplayer, These are the worse kind of predators and it's sad but true that animals like them are still living among us and prey on our children. I think that these kind of people should be sent to the zoo as live animal feed.

Louise on September 05, 2011:

Watched the programme about it last night and was the first i'd heard of the story.

Reading the full facts makes me sick to my stomach, ill never understand what makes people do these sick, twisted things, in my opinion Fred West got off lightly and Rose West should be made to suffer

lesley on September 05, 2011:

i saw the 1st part of the drama last night about the west murders,not sure it should have been made,but at least they did the right thing not to show the actual murders,it is hard how those people did the things they did,and i don't supose we will ever realy know what turned them like that

Sandy Clarke on September 05, 2011:



Louise Cosgrove on September 05, 2011:

i watched this last night horrific story it is first iv heard this as im only early 20's but i hope rose west rots in hell disgusting

Georgia nelson on September 05, 2011:

makes me feel sick, i've been watching appropriate adult and they are both disgusting people.

Eve on September 04, 2011:

Watching the programme tonight based around Fred and Rose West. I find it sickening to see how long those murders carried on for, i was only 9 at the time and never realised how calculated Fred and Rose were. I just hope nothing like this ever happens again :(

joe on July 05, 2011:

I feel really bad for the victims, they died of a horrible and death and they didn't deserve that.I hope rose gets an unpleasant time In prison and I hope all these innocent victims rest in peace I'm only fourteen and my mom told me about this story when I was about ten but never come to terms with it,when I was thirteen I got rhaped by a paedophile and I know how it feels like exept that I never died but I hope rose gets what she deserved R.I.P all the victims of rose and fred west

Aneesa birmingham on June 05, 2011:

I h8 it when it all seam,s like a nightmare but it,s reality it,s just hard 2 get over this story .

Aneesa birmingham on May 29, 2011:

Its really hard having 2 hear this story over and over again.

Aneesa birmingham on May 22, 2011:

Thanks jenster 4 your coment i really appreciate you its just that i,m only 10 yrs now but my parents don't know i watch all of these horrific crime stories and read them and hear all about them but i,ve gone through alot of pain and my parents that's why i always pray 2 get my life back and my mums even thoe we can never recover from my dads death .

Aneesa birmingham on May 22, 2011:

I also feel disgusted of this sittuation it just make,s me wanna cry 4 the victims that they murdered it,s just 2 evil how could 2 people go and kill 1 victim after another they don't think B4 they kill oh how devastated will the victims parents feel it just makes me wanna throw up i just feel like collapsing

amy on April 11, 2011:

Sick ppl

Amanda on March 30, 2011:

How can they call themselves human

BOB on February 24, 2011:


anonymous 5 days ago

that is the most disgusting thing ever,ugh its make me feel sick.

BTW i hope nothing like this ever happens again!

anonymous on February 19, 2011:

that is the most disgusting thing ever,ugh its make me feel sick.

BTW i hope nothing like this ever happens again!

Cilla. Mullion. on February 13, 2011:

What a shame that both fred and rose seem to have both inherited bad lustful genes from their respective parents. They may have had a chance of being normal if they had not have met and paired up and encouraged and supported each other. Most other serial killers have suffered bad head injuries that seemed to turn them into killers. Too much to be simply a coincidence,i think. All horribly,horribly sad for every one touched by this awful tragedy

jenster on January 19, 2011:

an e-mail address is somewhere where you receive you mail Thur internet like what sites u av joined like yahoo n hotmail... example u can make one hotmail or yahoo possibly everywhere now... i cant believe what these people did dirrty sumbags!! Yack..

Aneesabirmingham on January 18, 2011:

Can some 1 please tell me what an email adress is and a reenter email adress means cuz my sister created me 1 by she don't wanna tell me what it is

Aneesabirmingham on January 05, 2011:

Candice u shud indeed pas your exam,s and Kay just try your best 2 forget this story the more u think about it you,ll end up having bad dream,s but i,m glad you now know the truth and Kristin im glad that it was helpful .

Kristin on January 02, 2011:

Oh i wish i picked someone else for my forensics report i feel uncomfortable with this choice they're sick =( at least this was helpful

kay on December 29, 2010:

I was 11 when they caught fred and rose - i remember everyone talking about it in the playground, but only today -16 years later have i read the truth about what happened - i had no idea they abused their own children. I am so sickened by this. Absolutely sickened.

candice on December 19, 2010:

thanks for the info. i too was not aware of these horrific crimes i just happened upon theie names while researching for my criminology exams. i'm saddened for their victims and wish fred and rosemary could have been made to regret their acts.I hope their children can atleast get past their legacy. Atleast we know what happened it's better than them getting to die free of blame and the family of the victims forever wondering

Aneesa Birmingham on December 10, 2010:

Are how sweet of you to go and say that .

chicago chick on December 07, 2010:

hey iam a student in chicago,and my report is on rose for my law class:I apreciate how enternate and people like you work hard to show and share time to the people who read these sources.

Willow on December 07, 2010:

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel sick 2 my stomach I can honestly not believe the pain and suffering those poor people went through I was sexually abused and although it was far from being that bad I can kind of understand what the victims went through it is absolutely disgusting I think that any1 out there who does things like that should slowly be tortured and and lose their what's its and then have to live like that while being locked up and gettibg their faces smashed in by the other people locked up with them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aneesa khulsoom birmingham on December 03, 2010:

That,s the thing we cant bring any one back to life allah has got them it,s all their fault they are gonna be badly punished .

Ally on November 30, 2010:

Bring back the death penalty

Aneesa khulsoom birmingham on November 27, 2010:

Thank,s anyway for this evil story

ladyvamperi from texas on November 16, 2010:

so sad and it makes me sick to think about but thankyou for sharing

Aneesa Khulsoom birmingham on October 20, 2010:

I,m heart broken i,m only 9 in November 7 th because when i was a baby i was fostered then my beautiful dad took his own life away just for me to come back but guy,s don't worry to much they will eventually go to hell allah wont be happy with them he,ll be angry and sad he sent us down to be the perfecy 1 ,s but they were very bad but i,m stil sad when i hear a sad story i,m a twin but to mins younger i,m the youngest out of my family but i,m sad and heart broken .

sammi on October 19, 2010:

sick sick sick people i feel so sorry for the people who went through these discusting and evil things!! they need worse than hanging

Suzanne on October 12, 2010:

Bring back hanging!!!!!

EstrangedDaughter on October 09, 2010:

That portrait of them at the top of the article is really creepy. The expression on Fred's face is manic, and the way he's leaning over Rosemary with his hands on her looks very possessive. I would hate to see a face like that on my last day. So sorry for the victims.

michelle on October 08, 2010:

Absolutely sickening..I don't think the way they were brought up should excuse what they did to the innocent victims..I think they were PURE EVIL

Anne on September 30, 2010:

I've heard of sick people but they are absolutely deranged ....I hope the Law is hard on them that they never see the light of day ever again, but i have a feeling that they don't feel any guilt or feel for the families that they have hurt.

Paul on September 22, 2010:

The best accounts when taken together are Inside 25 Cromwell Street which is Stephen and Maes account - then read the Detectives account by Set.Supt John Bennett - fascinating!

prue on September 07, 2010:

This is indeed horrible! It's sickening.:(

wow on August 21, 2010:

sick hope the kids can recover from the pain

whoopi on August 10, 2010:

I think they were both trying to make themselves feel better, at the same time enjoying themselves as they had been taught to by their parents. "I want revenge, I know this is wrong, but it is what I know and it feels good". So sad.

Kevin Butler-Key on August 01, 2010:

If I had the chance I would have killed them myself. And no, that's not a death threat, just a statement.

shuppershupper on July 24, 2010:

i read the book by caroline its horrific.

Paige on July 08, 2010:

I don't understand how they got away with it for so long? How can a child this case 2, and no one bothers to look for them? And it may seem that Frank took the easy way out...but he met his maker and is suffering now in a way that no one on Earth could have made him. Hopefully Rose will join him soon! I pray that the children left behind somehow were able to salvage their lives and live a good and happy life.

Justice on June 12, 2010:

I don't care what their reason was for murdering and rapeing those women and children. They deserve to burn for eternity in the pits of hell where they belong.

denikataylor on May 27, 2010:

i dontunderstand these people i mean why wud u do these horrific things its really bad

p .m on May 19, 2010:

they should be made to rot in hell no t given the confort of a cosy cell .tv and other stuff like mira hindley had

and what as become of the kids they had they must live with this for the rest of their lives who will trust them there lives are not worth living . they should be meant to eat dry bread and wter

this country is far to soft it is time they woke up no wonder everyone to wants to come to uk they know it is run by a lod of odd balls

AJ on May 11, 2010:

This case was very well documented and publicised. I have family in Glouscester and some who knew the family. This still destresses me to this day and he took the easy way out by hanging himself in prison. Shows what a coward he was.

Dahlia on April 20, 2010:

This is so awful, there are no words to explain the sickening feeling. How can there be such monsters? I don't recall seeing this on TV! What happened to Rena, his first wife? Where are the ugly grandparents who led an incestuous lifestyle? They should be jailed too.

lee c on April 19, 2010:

they should not b on protection in jail to let all the over prisoners get hold ov them and let them av a little peace ov what there victims went through by letting the other prisoners tourtcher them then stop JUST before they die then just reapeat it all again same gose for that sick ian huntley bloke let them suffer in stead ov sitting in a cozzy cell the government is all WRONG !

fatboyslim on April 07, 2010:

What planet have u come from Tom B.?

gunsock (author) from South Coast of England on March 18, 2010:

Tom, this case is well documented and its all true.

Tom B. on March 17, 2010:

Who make this stuff up? Somebody's got a vivid imagination.

Cris on January 14, 2010:

I am extremely horrified of the actions of these psychopaths. I agree to an extent about the environment in which a child is raised may have an affect on their mental development. However, many people were raised in extremely violent and deviant environments, they do not all turn out to be sadistic serial killers. It sounds as if these two "people" have proven the theory of "original sin".

gunsock (author) from South Coast of England on January 11, 2010:

Thanks for the comment, Lady Rogue. It does seem that Fred somehow got off lightly by hanging himself. I don't think there was any 'vigilante' justice in this case, but he probably realised that if he'd stayed alive in prison, his fellow prisoners would have made his life unbearable.

Lady Rogue from Cleveland Heights, Ohio on January 09, 2010:

Thanks for that horrific story! I couldn't stop reading and now need a shower - but, thank you. I wish more justice could be done and I agree with Nikki in that I wish Fred suffered more. I wonder if he actually killed himself or if some outraged guards metted out their own justice.

Nikki on November 10, 2009:

I think that she should be put on death row if she doesn't admit to any other deaths.

In Japan they tie people to the floor and make bamboo grow through them which is a slow painful death. This is what should happen to her!!! Fred shouldn't have been able to kill himslef they should have kept an eye on him so he could rot in prison.

rickshadrick on August 30, 2009:

However unfortunate, it seems these two were "made" for each other by means of their upbringings. It goes to show that the tendencies to become deviant and have violent outbreaks can spawn from how parents choose to raise their children. Whether by a psychological, biological or chemical change, these two almost seemed destend to do what they did. If we look at many serial killers from the past, we find some type of psycholigical breakdown of the mind that began from childhood. I'm glad you researched their histories and brought them to life for the reader to grasp a better understanding of how a psychopath, or psychopaths in this particular case, are relegated to their actions by past experiences.


Christine Mulberry on August 19, 2009:

I hadn't heard of this case before, what a bunch of twisted people. The grandparents and extended family were obviously no better.

Michelle on February 07, 2009:

Those dirty bastards! I hope they rot in hell to, all those innocent little children and innocent women. How could they do such a thing? It makes me sick to my stomach!

Alexandra Loughlin on November 01, 2008:

My mums friend was killed by them so i hope they rot in HELL for the rest of eternity.

lisa on October 14, 2008:

how some1 could do that i don't they are sick and disgusting

Melissa on June 26, 2008:

Ugh, I feel disgusted about what they did, ewww.

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