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Ramon Salcido: Gruesome Murders in the Wine County of Sonoma County

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My Talks with Ramon

 I was the Paralegal working inside the Sonoma County jails when Salcido committed the crimes (killing his wife and two children plus others) of April 14, 1989. Once he arrived in the jail, he had wanted access to the law library like many inmates.
It is their right.  My job was to help them with writing motions\research etc. Despite his repeated requests, Ramon was denied. The Public Defender was fearful that he might say something to me that would jepardize his case. The District Attorney thought they should only be able to talk to him. There was a jealousy issue between them because he had not been in jail that long.
There was also some political issues happening because of the international aspect, Marteen Miller, the PD, objected strongly that I meet with Ramon and applied pressure on the sheriff (my employer-I was a contract Paralegal) to prevent it. Then, when they found out some "paralegal" was allowed access to this killer because he wanted to use the law library, to them, it was insulting.

Despite their efforts, I met with Ramon many times. I was nervous at first. I found his English broken at best. He wanted to research, or for me to research, some insanity plea based upon the fact (as he told me) he had been doing coke at a bar with friends prior to coming home, he was fairly wasted. He was a jealous guy by nature- a Mexican with a beautiful white
woman is just cause. He was suspicious of any guy staring at her. Kind of like John Lennon was with his first wife, Cynthia (Lennon would confront any bloke staring at her).  He told me that when he arrived home early that morning, he walked into the bedroom and found his wife gone. He searched the rooms-not there. Just the kids. Then, she came in from the outside while he was in the kitchen. He told me he thought she had been out with another guy and left the kids alone all night. That is when he went into a rage while still under the influence of coke. Fact was, she had gone to the ATM to withdraw money because she was planning to leave him that day. In a rage, thinking of her with another man, he got a kitchen knife and
stabbed her during a scuffle. He then told me, he just went "loco". Thinking he had killed his wife, he could not stand the thought of his kids with others while he went to jail, he put them in car and went to a dump where he sliced them in the throats, then he just ran.

Only Carmina Salcido (now 23) survived.

He told me that he had no problem crossing the border into Mexico, which
surprised him. As he got close to his hometown, he got on a local bus with a gun in his pocket and blood on his coat and shirt. The gun handle hung out of his pocket. I asked him if anyone asked you questions about all this- I mean it is odd- he said no, some looked, but nobody said or asked anything. At that point, he felt he would be safe for awhile.

I asked him why he did all this? He just said, "I was angry and coked up and lost it". But when I asked about killing his kids who he loved, he just shrugged his shoulders, got a little emotional and said, "I just lost it".

I found him that way. A normal guy with real jealousy issues because of his shaky relationship with his wife, pumped up on drugs from the night before, angry about losing his job, unsure about the future income (they were quite poor) and then bad timing. Bad timing, in that, had she not gone out that early AM to the ATM or had already done it earlier in the day, he would have come home stoned and simply gone to bed and odds are it would not have happened. But, as it played out, stoned on drugs, thinking your wife is cheating, being in the kitchen when she appears from the outside early AM, having a jealousy issue- all played a role that lit the fuse. Tragic. It does not excuse what he did but the guy simply broke down. Some soldiers break under fire and just go "loco".

Ramon did not like the presiding judge, so he used one of the boilerplate forms we had for a motion to remove the judge from the case. Once filed, my job came under fire because he had got it from me and asked me how to fill it out. This was construed as giving legal advice. But, my job duties specifically said to provide inmates with legal help. My contract was not renewed a year later.

Ramon and Carmina may be more similar than she would like. They have the same cold, steel, stone face, which can hide their real feeling well. Much of the talks I had with him were done in a "manner of fact" mode. Little emotion until some remorse about slitting his kids throats slipped out. The guy had a "stiff upper lip" so to speak.

Ramon remains on death row in San Quentin. Do I think he regrets his actions? Even back then, when it came to his kids, I think he did. This was a not a planned, thought out murder on his part but happened because of unrelated events that happened and his own insecurities. Totally unforeseen and the trigger was that early morning. When it comes to his wife, I think there is less regret, things had been on the rocks between them and rage plus jealousy dictated his thought process leading to his action.


pattycakes on September 23, 2015:

I seen this story three days ago on tv.I was very sadden about what happened I can't believe he did all those horrible things I just can't image the horror those children went threw I don't understand why was he so pissed to kill his motherinlaw and sister in laws I catch my self just thinking why he has not regretted what he has done its just horrible god bless Carmina and may the lord have pity on his sole .

SoOverIdiots! on September 23, 2015:

Monica! I don't care if she slept with every employee at that damn vineyard! It still does NOT in any way make it ok for him to murder! Anyone! Period! He is a SICK man.

Perrya! he snapped? it happens? Are you for real? You snap and kill don't snap and slice the throats of your children and keep going and kill your inlaws....NO SIR! NOT OK!

perrya (author) on January 07, 2015:

@monica, I agree. He snapped, people do. jealousy for numerous reasons was a factor to his emotional state.

Monica on January 07, 2015:

I don't condone what Ramon did but what I would like to point out is that the version portrayed by the media is way off. I lived in Sonoma County when this happened and heard the inside details of the case not told by the media. Angela did not deserve death but she contributed to what happened to her. He did not intend to kill anyone that day, it was not premeditated and he was not on a jealous rampage. He didn't even have a violent history and never once hit Angela. Angela lied to him and led him to believe he first was his. She didn't know who fathered Sophia, in fact she was promiscuous even in marriage. Had she been home that morning instead of at a nearby hotel with another man, she would not have been killed. Had she been honest about who fathered Sophia maybe things would have been different. It doesn't condone what he did, he snapped and will pay the price one day.

perrya (author) on November 27, 2014:

@karla, I could not find the "killing is in their blood", where? regardless, I never even insinuated that only Mexicans kill, that would be just an idiot statement and you are overly sensitive about being Mexican. There are crazy people in every race. In this case, he happened to be mexican.

Karla Trueba on November 27, 2014:

I am Mexican and my relatives and I are not killers, everywhere are bad and good people, not only in Mexico people kill each other please don't say "killing is in their blood" don't be stupid it's like I say "been a drug-addict is in the American's blood" Duh you're stupid when I arrived to the US at the age of 16 I was very surprised that EVERYBODY was on drugs and I NEVER in my life have done drugs and I am 27 years now.... This story is so sad for the girls they were the only innocents, I am sorry but the adults in this story were wrong! Of course they didn't deserve that but still their actions were very irresponsible all their actions were wrong starting with Ramon of course (he is psychopath but not only in Mexico are psychopaths) also the wife and the mother-in-law acted wrong...

mrstillman on April 17, 2014:

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I know I am late adding a comment but this story has blown me away there is no words that can describe the way my heart hurts this scum beneath my feet is a flat out piece of you know what he should be erased from existence.that's it that's all Carmina my heart goes out to you how she was able to visit him look him in his eyes I will never know he is the work of the DEVIL as for the mean hurtful comments towards the VICTIMS GO TO HE'LL WITH HIM!!

Lou on November 05, 2012:

Any man who claims to have found God yet has no remorse nor has repented for his crimes is a horrific liar.

glassvisage from Northern California on October 20, 2012:

Thank you for posting this. I am from Sonoma County, and this had happened when I was two years old, but I hadn't heard about this, so thank you for making sure this case is not forgotten.

Laura S. on October 19, 2012:

@raydot...i see where you are coming from but seriously mexicans arent he only one killing each other everyday. what about those crazy people that go on school and movie theatre shootings??? i dont believe they are mexican. so what's your excuse there? Besides the topic is about one stupid mexican that decided to slaughter his family RAMON SALCIDO not about mexicans in general. ok. so if you want to talk about that then take it somewhere else since this page is about the topic in hand!

Raydot on July 26, 2012:

This is very normal for mexicans to chop and mutilate their own. Fifty thousand dead mexicans in six years by the mexican drug cartels. They find it very easy to not value human life. The spaniards created these people when they got with the mayans six hundred years ago. Killing is still in their blood. The mayans sacrificed one thousand people in just one day to the gods. Mexican gangs in Los Angeles California slaughter their own by gunfire everyday. They also kill by gunfire all over the United States now, compliments from Barack Obama.

John on July 06, 2012:

Maria, your uncle is a disgusting Mexican who should be shot. He killed his own children. Only a scumbag rat would do such a thing. Why don't you think about that on your break from cleaning floors. We're wasting tax payer money keeping the loser alive. His wife sleeping around justifies killing his kids? A backward uneducated retard like you would use this sort of logic in support of family members.

perrya (author) on April 27, 2012:

I agree.

phoenix1959 on April 27, 2012:

please keep carmina in your prayers and thoughts -the focus should be on her now and her incredible story of survival...god had a plan for her and i'm sure she will fulfill it..and to defend her father for his heinous acts is outrageous...he played judge,jury and executioner and the fact is/was his wife's ALLEGED infidelity..grow up and face the truth..he was and is a monster and definitely deserve the death penalty without delay

Twocents on April 08, 2012:

I feel for Carmina. I also agree that drug use is not an excuse for bad behaviour. Drugs are only a symptom of a person's problems. Rather than get help, Ramon sought out to commit an unforgivable crime that shattered the lives of many. And from the interviews I've seen Carmina give of accounts of meeting her father in jail, it seems Ramon has not changed, is delusional, perverted and shows no remorse.

As for all the negative comments about Mexicans on here...I find those to be very ignorant. Should I say that all Americans are dirty, stupid and evil because we've had men like Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer or white women who kill their own like Susan Smith? One prolific murderer does not make an example of an entire race and comments like those only make you sound ignorant and racist. Just sayin.

perrya (author) on March 30, 2012:

the justice for this crime has not been swift. tragic.

Smiley on March 30, 2012:

This story is just so horrific. Non of this needed to happened no matter who his wife was sleeping with. We are not to judge and God obviously had a plan for Carmina. I saw this story a while back and it just sickened me. Swift Justice needs to be done.

Trixie on January 10, 2012:

@maria and @loca tambien should be rounded up as well together with ramon, i guess they have same bloodline as ramon, and from their comments i can note that they express anger and violence similar to what caused their 'idol' over the edge. These 3 people are dangerous. Come to think of it, this story is so heartwrenching, but the comments posted by aforementioned make it worse! clearly illustrates how sick and twisted people living amongst us can really be. I don't believe in heaven nor hell, but would sure wish that you'd experience the latter during your remaining living days in this life on earth at least.

Leafy Den from the heart on December 20, 2011:

I remember when this happened and I cried when I heard about how he slashed his own daughters' throats. My thought when I heard that Carmina survived was how the trauma was unimaginable and no one could blame her if she would never be able to trust anyone again. I have seen too many people who use drugs or the devil as an excuse for their extremely unpardonable, unforgivable behaviors. I don't believe that drugs can make you do something that you wouldn't already have in yourself to do. They are a magnifier, making you more of what you already are inside. Same with his professed religion. Saw too much of that in my early days as well - people who use religion as a mask to hide the horrible person dwelling within. They use their professed religion to gain others' trust and sympathy, to "prove" they have changed. But, it is only a new vocabulary to play the same game and his actions speak far louder than his new found words ever will.

Sherry Hewins from Sierra Foothills, CA on December 18, 2011:

OK, well that's good.

perrya (author) on December 18, 2011:

well, I guess it really could apply to anyone. I have talked with Carmina and find her nothing like her Dad, personality wise.

Sherry Hewins from Sierra Foothills, CA on December 18, 2011:

I appreciate this hub from a person who actually met and interacted with Ramon Salcido. I remember well when this happened. My mom was living in Sonoma County then.

I didn't understand your remark "Ramon and Carmina may be more similar than she would like. They have the same cold, steel, stone face, which can hide their real feeling well." You did not say much else about her. What do you base this feeling that she is like her father on?

meleeya on November 24, 2011:

There are many cocaine addicts/alcoholics and husbands in rocky marriages - most do not resort to killing rampages that include their own children. It took thought and foresight to drive around, stalk down and murder six people - and drive to the dump to discard his daughters' bodies after slitting their throats (a symbolic venue to him obviously). At some level his was thinking quite clearly. Tried and convicted in a court of law for his crimes, he deserves no sympathy or remorse.

Jo M on November 16, 2011:

This man clearly must have had a history of extreme violence. People who have been non violent all of their lives don't just suddenly murder 7 people whether they are on coke or not.

He was seriously disturbed: he sexually assaulted an 8 year old girl - his sister - and cut his own children's throats. It is absurd to use as his defence that 'his wife pushed him over the edge'. What a misogynistic statement.

His wife was planning to leave him - they clearly had a dysfunctional relationship. Why was she leaving him -? probably because of all the beatings she had from him for years and his I would bet his sexual infidelities/ drug use and who knows what else.

He sounds like a classic psychopath.

Dumbfounded on November 06, 2011:

Jesus, what a bunch of idiots. Salcido deserves a painful. slow and demeaning death at the hands of the general population in the joint and the morons here who justify what he did deserve to live out their obviously miserable lives in the decaying fashion they have lived them so far. Unbelievable that some people can be so stupid.

Michelle on October 31, 2011:

He should be killed period...

perrya (author) on September 28, 2011:


Miles Long on September 28, 2011:

I don't care what you say Mexicans make good food, and grow good drugs you ass [bleeps!]

BOLDR 12 on September 27, 2011:

I'm supposed to be reading the book . . . I guess I spoiled the juicy parts by coming here. Oh well I'm glad somebody is taking an interest in this gruesome topic.

Moreno Brian on September 27, 2011:

I had to research this topic in school.

perrya (author) on September 26, 2011:

Not at all. Fascinated only in the sense of how he could so completely lose it and do what he did to his kids.

Randy on September 26, 2011:

The manner in which you write is often difficult to understand, but one thing that comes through clearly is that you are obviously fascinated by this monster and by his behavior. It is as though you are infatuated with him. Pretty damn sick choice of material and, somehow in a creepy way, of actually defending him.

ccbrookes on September 06, 2011:

Very interesting hub. Great insights. It's really made me think.

perrya (author) on April 03, 2011:

I hear Ramon is now a preacher....

kathy on April 02, 2011:

i read this book my self and what he done was horrific! how can anyone defend this self absorbed,deciving horible piece of crap. your uncle should die its a shame that he has lived this long and the injection is way to easy! im a catholic woman who lived with an abusive father and believe me when i say they always accuse the woman of cheating even when you know your mother didn't . its a shame. at no time was it ever verified she cheated and as for the girls,looks. my husband has dark hair and brown eyes and an olive complection and my children wound up with blond hair although darken as adults and blue eyes. that is absurd to even sugest they arent his! look at them they all share his features and her smile! he is where he belongs and my only hope is that some other scumbag in there gets to him and makes him suffer long before the needle. good for carmina that she chose to write about her story i pray that she finds peace and security and most of all a loving man to help her progress. she is a surviver and a brave lady . god bless her and keep her safe.

angry mother on March 17, 2011:

i can not believe the heartless things im reading on here said to or about carmina....i lived this as it played out in our community. carmina done nothing to have done to her what ramon done. she was a child, i have read her facebook...never have i seen her ask 4 money, that's not true to my knowledge. if it were true what its to u ne way.....sounds like jelious crap to me, carmina is a bueatiful young woman and sing bueatiful as well. STOP THE DAM HATIN. what ever her grandmother or mother done does not give him the right to kill and yet to kill innocent babys...u r one sick asshole, as a matter a fact im on her friends on fb. i wopuld see her asking for money. i just finished reading her book it was very well written. GROW UP HATER.

Mother to three on March 05, 2011:

Just watched the show on computer and it saddens me that it all happen sounds as though he planned it and that there was much more to the whole story than just a jealous fit. It is so wonderful that there is the survivor but to hear her and to know that she remembers such vivid details of when she was three well I hope that she is in some sort of threophy I worry about her. Seeing her poise in a picture with him in jail wow I can't help but wonder exactly what is ticking inside of her..and will daddy be put to death or are the fine people of that state going to have to pay his way till he dies. on March 05, 2011:

he is loathsome and he should have been executed many many years ago... killing his tiny little innocent daughters? Hello he is a dirtbag

perrya (author) on March 05, 2011:

I can agree with Jay and MW, but Taco, u for real? There are many great people from Mexico. every society has bad elements.

Taco on March 04, 2011:

Mexicans are dirty, stupid and evil.

Jay on March 04, 2011:

violence and the macho culture is deep in mexican heart. just look at all the mass killings in mexico. one year's narco related killing in mexico is equal to the U.S. deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan in 7 yrs!

mexican culture is very violent and animal like.

MW on March 03, 2011:

We all read/heard stories of those who, after an alcoholic bender/binge (conscious, or uncontrolled, psychotic episode), was astonished to find out they did something(promiscuous or even heinous)that would be unthinkable, while sober.

All have free will to "choose" to drink or do drugs. Actions/behavior (good or bad), have always produced consequences.

Salcido has a prison life devoid of companionship (for his own safety) in the general population, memories and dreams of what he did. His execution date is always on his mind. Death is his companion and waits patiently for him.

Whether a heartless, freak, monster/demon from the bowels of hell itself, who knew exactly what he was doing, or whether in a psychotic state in which he was unconscious (probably not), He must suffer the consequences of his actions (choices)

Learn from this story and apply its' lessons to your life and those around you.

Carmina, blessings to you dear one!

Geena on February 22, 2011:

To Loca tambien.... really??? I mean... REALLY!?!?!? No matter how bad a marriage is, NOTHING justifies murdering your entire family, including your children. In a vicious and gruesome way. You'd probably defend men who beat their wives as well? Because the wives 'were just asking for it'?!?!? You're sick. And how dare you come down so hard on Carmina... the girl WITNESSED her two sisters having their throats slit right in front of her, by her own father. Then she had her own throat slit by this same man. The man that you are defending because 'my my, look what she caused...'. Carmina was left with no family, and left with a father who stated no remorse when questioned by her. Nothing at all justifies his actions. 'Losing it' is not a defense.

Terry on January 22, 2011:

To Loca Tambien. You are F@#@ Crazy!!! How could you even defend this piece of scum!!! you must of lived with the B@#@#@@ and spread your legs for him, Because there is NO logical reason to defend this pig!!!!Let him have a horific death and may you go with him. you deserve each other. And as for Carmina. God Bless you! Every human being is behind you! Good luck!!!

perrya (author) on January 21, 2011:

Playing devils advocate here, what the innocents caught in war? I mean, just collateral damage, right?

Linda on January 21, 2011:

NOTHING ....I repeat NOTHING justifies killing 7 people.

loca tambien on January 12, 2011:

carmina can't sing, she thinks she is an opera singer, but please. And as far as Angela? she was in a hotel room that morning with the owner of the modeling school Ramon was working 2 jobs to put her thru studies. As well? Her Mother is the one who found out Angela was pregnant after a one night stand at a Mexican dance in Sebastapol, and her own Mother sent her back to that same dance hall a moth later and told her to find another, have sex with him and then keep contact, tell him she is pregnant with his baby. Ramon was lied to from the beginning, Sophia? First born? Dark hair, dark skin. Teresita and Carmina both blonde. His Mother in law planned it all just for her daughter to keep face. My my, look what she caused. by the way? Melvin Belli sued the Sonoma Mission Inn for Ramon because they refused him a room. Angela got caught in the hot tub with the owner of her modeling school by Ramon, and she shouted at him Sophia was not his to begin with because her Mother planned her to make it look like he was Sophia's that is why she was at the ATM cause she knew she had to get out of town after her "bearing all" at the Inn. He will bring the real truth out. Carmina? She begs people for money on her facebook page. Guess her book was a flop.

perrya (author) on January 05, 2011:

In any case, glad he is in jail and on death row. His daughter, carmina, survived and is on Americna Idol this year.

matt on January 05, 2011:

Perrya: I hear where you are coming from, but I think you are being a bit too easy on the guy. He was asked specifically if he had any remorse for what he did as he was being extradited to the US, and he laughed and said 'no not really." You will probably say this is a "defense of a man who knows he committed horrific acts," but I don't think it's that easy.

Raping your in-law and killing your kids puts you on a different level than just being in a rage and killing your wife due to jealousy. He then fled the country, and even his own daughter says his emotions years later were "terrifying." I hate to say it, but you appear to have been somewhat manipulated by him, or perhaps you just don't want to admit that someone is capable of this kind of cruelty without being on drugs and in a rage.

perrya (author) on November 18, 2010:

He is an asshole, granted, he does deserve to die, but unlike a Manson-type, this guy knows he is guilty. He knows he lost it and his rage ended his life.

blackpono on November 18, 2010:

I was not aware of Ramon Salcido and the murders he committed until I watched a show last night. It gave me nightmares especially what he did to the girls. It never fails to amaze me how murderers can justify their actions by claiming alchohol, drugs, insanity, jealousy, etc. He is definitely headed for hell and hope it's soon so California taxpayers don't have to foot his prison bill for another year. I admire his daughter Carmina for her courage in confronting the asshole.

Perrya, I think you are still defending this asshole and making excuses for him.

Maria, you need to get your head out of your ass!

Erik on November 17, 2010:

If this thug would have been placed in general population, I guarantee you he would have been dead a long time ago.

angel on November 08, 2010:

I think ramon is a piece of crap i don't care what his wife did he head no reason to take her life or the innocent children. He is the devil hisself and he deserves to burn in hell for eternity so do the people that think his actions was justify he is a sick demon and he needs to be totured every day for the rest of his life the prison needs to put his dead children and his his sister inlaw and wife picture in his cell and remind him everyday what he did while he is hanging from the ceiling by his hands make him die a slow and painful death that's what he deserves and when the sorry excuse of a person dies he needs to burn in hell

Laura S on October 24, 2010:

@ MARIA...i just finished reading the book "Not Lost Forver" by Carmina Salcido and Steven Jackson. For those who don't know it is the story of survival of the only daughter of Ramon Salcido that survived "the tragedy"(how he Ramon Salcido recalls). Strongly recommend it to you, since you are only willing to hear your familys side of the story or for what you recall yourself. No on on this earth is allowed to take anyones elses life but there are cowards like ur UNCLE who take it upon themselves to make such a decision. Because that is wat it was HIS DECISION TO MASSACRE HIS FAMILY AND HIS BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTERS.He is by the far and will always be an emberassment to the Mexican Society. I say this and i have a right to because i am Mexican MYSELF!!! If i wore you i would dig a whole to far deep into this earth and fall in it. You should be emberassed of yourself for what you posted. Specially because you are a women or so we think.You need help! instead of trying to defend ur uncles name you should be trying to help one of your family members, the most important person that survived that massacre!

perrya (author) on October 22, 2010:

Sure, there are more white than brown skinned hispanics, duh! yet, fact is, he was a mexican guy who married an american. Nothing wrong until he felt insecure about himself, his marriage, about how to raise the kids. Yes, the US census classifies hispanics as white, which is weird and made an accurate census very problematic.

Tesansa on October 21, 2010:

Apples with apples perraya. Quoting you, "He was a jealous guy by nature- a Mexican with a beautiful white woman..." "Mexican" implies nationality while "white" implies race. For your information Ramon and his wife are both white in race, hence their children are white; while Ramon is Mexican by nationality and his wife American. Have you; heard of people being non-Hispanic whites? What does that mean, perrya? You are not politically correct, as many white and black uneducated Amemricans.

Tesansa on October 21, 2010:

Interesting article

perrya (author) on October 12, 2010:

Ramon is not mentally ill, he tried that defense and was looking into it when I saw him in jail, I told him then it would never work because you knew what you were doing and could have stopped if you had the self control. Ramon even two days before any of the this occurred, was a normal dude working at a winery.

Karen on October 12, 2010:

Well "Maria f. Ramirez" if u don't think ur "wonderful" uncle did anything wrong and had the right to kill 7 people including 3 little innocent little girls that Happen to have your blood then you need some help I mean since u are related to him you might go all crazy on your family too and kill them, that is if anyone would even get near you knowing who ur uncle is and that u justify why he did what he did ur whole family probably needs mental health ;-)

Martha on October 11, 2010:

Ramon, is a piece of crap, and don't know why he's been kept alive for so long after what he did, and as for Maria I wish nobody do to you or anyone in your family what your uncle did to his wife, children and sister-in-law, how about that, he's just evil, sucker should be dead by now.

perrya (author) on October 10, 2010:

Yes, he is on death row WAY too long, granted, so he will die. His cavalier look is a defense or reaction to something that he knows was horrific. He was like that on the plane from mexico with the police-it is a macho facade-he is mexican and many are like that.

jackson on October 09, 2010:

Just saw this case on TV, what a effin piece of crap.

Maria, your uncle sodomized and cut the throat of an 8 year old girl because his wife was maybe sleeping around, and you justify that?

Look how he laughs and says not really, when asked by a reporter if he was sorry for his crimes.

Your uncle is a monster, a sub human fecal matter.

I am so damn angry, even though it wasnt my family members butchered, I would love to torture this reject, in my mind killing him is way too humane.

When the state executes him he will get off easy, until he sees what's waiting for him on the other side.

That will wipe that stupid cavalier attitude off his demonic face.

perrya (author) on October 07, 2010:

Animals operate on instinct built into their DNA, they have no choice. Ramon was fine until a combination of events and in the end, drugs, heavily influenced how he thought and acted-years in the making probably. Yes, for awhile he was an animal.

His daughter, Carmina, will be appearing on American Idol this season, she is said to have a good voice.

Jane on October 07, 2010:

He sodomized, sexually assualted and killed his 8 year old sister in law. He is a disgusting monster. He didn't just kill his "tramp of a wife", but six other people as well. Are you people crazy? He didn't just lose it, he is an animal.

mike on October 06, 2010:

What winery did it happen at?

perrya (author) on August 17, 2010:

Both maria and bella are correct. what he did was horrific and he knows it, push over the edge or not. Like he told way back then "I just lost it".

Bella on August 17, 2010:

@ Maria, You're saying that because "she was a tramp" it was okay for him to kill her, her mother, her sibling and THEIR children?? I think not. He should have throat slit and be left in a dump to bleed to death. He has no excuses. NONE. I dont care what "drug" he was "on", if he knew he wasn't sober he shouldn't have come home. He's lucky I wasn't his wife...I would have stabbed his sorry ass first.

maria f. ramirez on August 10, 2010:

ramon is my uncle and i can remember the days that follewed up to that tragic day that6 seemed to go on for almost a week. He was never a maniac he was just pushed over the edge by that tramp of a wife. She sl;e-pt around and embarrassed him in front of alll the family ..

perrya (author) on December 15, 2009:

I agree.

D'Angel on December 15, 2009:

This "man" forfeited any basic human rights when he carried out the heinous acts that he alone (not any drug) was and is responsoble for. The smugness and self-satisfaction that "he" displayed when "he" was arrested say so much more than any defence lawyer possibly could. The trembling cowardice "he" now displays in attempting to defend "his" actions only serve to confirm the failure that "he" is and always has been. Many people have taken drugs, felt irrational jealousy and doubted themselves. Only the most loathesome and pathetic and cowardly take the path that this "man" has taken. "He" is, as "he" and the whole world ("his" mother and father included) know, a disgraceful waste of space and an embarrassment to our species.

In my heart of hearts I am a moral opponent of the death penalty. But I would have no qualms in personally ending this particular life myself. It is, after all, something that should have occurred over 20 years ago; perhaps on April 13, 1989.

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