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Rainbow Warriors of Living Light

Life study of awareness and non-linear patterns of perceptions. Life is what You perceive it to be ...

Calling All Rainbows ...

... Come to the Gathering!

... Come to the Gathering!

Rainbow Gathering July 4 2019

The gathering will be held in Wisconson this summer, beginning now and running through the week after July 4th. For directions click on the link Current Location of Gathering on July 4th, at the bottom of this page. Have fun and be safe. Peace.

... Come to the Gathering 2019

Welcome Home

Welcome Home

Rainbow Gathering 2011

Rainbow Family

This is what happened to the Hippies!

They didn't sell out or lose their vision of peace. They have been here the whole time.

They've been busy creating a new vision for mankind.

A Rainbow in your Heart

Children of Mother Earth. Children of the Light. Children of God. Children of Nature.

The Rainbow Family began in the US in the early '70s and is now all around the world.

There is probably a Rainbow Family group near your hometown.

The invisible many who have had it with Corporate America and their monuments to greed.

Refusing to participate in the financial enslavement of the human race and the slaughter of mother nature.

The Rainbow Family takes breaks from our "Babylon" society to return to balance with Nature.

The land holds magic.

Can you hear her call? Can you feel her pain?

If you love nature, animals, and people you share this rainbow heart.

A tribe of people dedicated to peace, love and a cooperative lifestyle that is in balance with nature.

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Rainbows don't care who you are or what religion you may believe? You are family because we are all children of the Creator.

The Rainbow Family does not want your money.

Rainbows only want to share a vision of light and love with you.

Honor the law of love and balance. Harmony with all is the Rainbow way.

There is no membership or money involved.

The Rainbow Family is a group of people who follow no leaders.

They follow their hearts.

Rainbow Family is a social experiment in alternate lifestyles that are in balance with nature.

If you would like to help with this vision please find a Rainbow group near you.


Native American Prophecy

Of the coming of a group of Rainbow Warriors from all races and beliefs banding together to heal mother earth and bring peace.

Rainbow Warriors of Peace.

Rainbow Prophecies

Many Native American nations have a prophecy of a coming imbalance in nature. Caused by the greed of the Europeans who were invading their homeland.

The Indians saw how the Europeans lived out of balance with nature. Taking more of the precious resources then they needed to survive.

Honoring profit over nature and ignoring the responsibility to future generations of children. Like a disease slowly ravaging all in its path.

Back when Indian Nations were still free to roam the land as their fathers before them. Eyes of Fire, a Cree Wise Woman had a vision.

A prophecy was born telling of Warriors of the Rainbow. Who will arrive at a time when the earth becomes ill. Peaceful warriors of all races, creeds, and cultures will band together as one to help mankind restore nature.

The Rainbow Warriors will help people to learn the ways of the Great Spirit. To live in harmony with nature and with each other. They will help to expose the hidden agenda of those in power who use divisions in peoples to conquer and enslave them. We are all part of the universe. We must learn to live from the heart. Value love and joy above all.

The Rainbow Warrior prophecy of the Bird Clan of East Central Alabama.

The Mayan has a similar prophecy. The ancient Mayan calendar is about to end age and begin a new one. Everyone is talking about it and wondering what it means.

The Hopi have a Rainbow prophecy. The Hopi influenced and advised in the creation of the Rainbow Family. Hopi are the garden keepers of our planet. They have a beautiful religion.

Rainbow Family

These Indian prophecies inspired a group of hippies to create the Rainbow Family.

In the early '70s, the Rainbows began as a small group of people living an alternate cooperative lifestyle. They decided to have a gathering in the summer of 1972. A one time festival based on their experiences at Woodstock. They held the Rainbow Gathering in July with the focus being on the 4th to celebrate life and pray for peace.

Everyone enjoyed it so much that there has been an annual gathering every year since and always at a different location. This small group of hippies grew into many thousands from all walks of life around the world. There is no one counting or keeping records of how many Rainbow people there are and it continues to grow.

As more people become more disillusioned with society the Rainbow Family grows. Because the Rainbow Family is about harmony with nature and neutral to all belief systems, people of every religion are part of the Rainbow Family.

There is no one who can sign a land permit for a gathering.

Rainbows use their right to peaceful assembly and do not sign the permit or pay the fee. As you can imagine this causes some problems. The officials cannot seem to comprehend that there is no Rainbow organization on paper, it's a spirit and it doesn't physically exist. The gathering is many different people from all around the country and the world coming together to camp in the forest.

They are breaking no laws by gathering in a public National Forest. Gatherings are held deep in the forest miles from the nearest dirt road, far from any town. People park their cars in the woods and hike a few miles into the forest to attend and camp out for a few weeks. It may be 20,000 people or more camping together, creating a temporary village.

The local police have been known to make an appearance at gatherings.

They seem to enjoy writing minor offense tickets to as many people as possible. The annual events give a boost to the economy and the stores of local towns near the Rainbow Gatherings.

After the gathering disperses a clean up crew is left behind.

They restore the forest to its original state or better. The Rainbow people have letters posted online from the Park Service complimenting them on their restoration efforts.

The Rainbow Family welcomes everyone like family.

Anyone can become part of the Rainbow Family. The Rainbow Family has no leader or official organization. There is no official website.

But there are many unofficial Rainbow sites online published by family members who do it on their own. Its all self appointed volunteers doing things they want to do. People come together and help each other for no reason other than that all of us are children of nature.

There are Rainbow farms and Rainbow houses scattered around the country and around the world. They are cooperatives donated and run by volunteers, where Rainbow people can stay and live for free. Rainbow people live together as a family and share most everything.

Religious people talk about it every Sunday for an hour or two. Rainbow people live it every day of every week of every year.

The Rainbow Family has groups in many cities across the US, Canada and around the world. They get together for local events throughout the year. Find the Rainbow people near your town.

Rainbow Gathering Rap

Sign posted at a Rainbow Gaathering.

Sign posted at a Rainbow Gaathering.

Rainbow Gathering Map

Map located near Welcome Home entrance at one of the gatherings.

Map located near Welcome Home entrance at one of the gatherings.

Gathering 2014

Gathering 2011

The Hippies Were Right.

Rainbow Vision

The Rainbow vision consists of people living in harmony with each other and with nature. At the annual Rainbow Gatherings, they set aside a week or so to do just this. They set up the Main Camp arranged around a huge community bonfire. Where people can enjoy the festivities, eat, dance and socialize. People play drums and music around the fire. They may dance and sing, pray, or just share the experience with everyone there. Main Camp consists of a first aid center called C.A.L.M offering help and medicine to the injured or sick. With smaller first aid stations spread out in strategic points around the gathering. There are many types of kitchens serving a variety of free foods and teas. This is where the storage tents are for food and supplies.

Rainbow Gathering offers the following and much more.

C.A.L.M. - Center of Alternative Living Medicine and consists of volunteer doctors and registered nurses who offer conventional and alternative medical attention. Alternative medicine may include Naturopathic, holistic and massage therapy. They offer aid to the sick and work closely with the Rainbow security (Shanti Sena) in a crisis.

Shanti Sena - Peace Keepers are the Rainbow security who help in a moment of crisis to nonviolently keep the peace at the gathering. They do not make an arrest, they simply find peaceful solutions to a bad situation before it runs out of control. They also ask that participants do not imbibe in excessive alcohol use and if they must go to A-Camp on the outskirts of the main gathering, where drinking is allowed.

Kitchens and Camps - There are many types of kitchens and camps in Main Camp and around the gathering. Kitchens that serve many varieties of food and teas. Turtle Soup Kitchen and Tea Time, specializing in herbal teas. There is also Lovin' Oven with mud ovens to bake pizza, both vegan or meat. There are spiritual themed kitchens and camps for Krishna people, Christian's, Wiccan, etc. Serving food for the body and the soul. There is Kid's Camp for families and offering daycare. Not all the camping areas have kitchens, but many do.

At Main Camp, they set up tents and areas to offer seminars and training for many different subjects. Such as alternate energy sources, meditations, metaphysical subjects, healing, herbs, gemology, yoga, Tai chi, and many other classes. They also conduct a discussion to address suggestions and complaints that they call Center Circle at Main Camp. They also set up a few portable renewable energy sources to operate the festival. There is no outside electricity or gas-powered, noisy generators at a gathering. All sources of energy are solar and wind-powered.

All of this is free, as there is no charge to enter the gathering or for anything while at the gathering. The Rainbow Family does accept donations of food, supplies, money or bitcoins to help fund the gathering. But all are welcome free of charge.

If you would like to experience an annual Rainbow Gathering, The Rainbows have a Webpage set up to give the current location of the gathering on July 4th every year. Check the website every year to get the current location. They sometimes post several locals on the site that they are considering until they make a final decision on the exact location. The final choice will be decided upon sometime in the spring of every year and posted.

Trader Circle at a Gathering

Hippies trade goods at a Rainbow gathering. Tobacco and Weed are best for trading.

Hippies trade goods at a Rainbow gathering. Tobacco and Weed are best for trading.

Rainbow Vision

Difference between true Rainbow vision and society's misconceptions.

Hippy VisionMisconceptions of HippiesRainbow Gathering

Environment issues


Promote environmental issues

Living in balance with nature

Dirty and smelly

Communal experiement

Love and understanding

Lazy and unproductive

All is free

No war / no violence


Promote peace


Spaced out

All are welcome

Spiritual growth

Drug crazed

Spiritual training

Shaman and Wiccan


Natural healing

Rainbow gathering

Friends and Family

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