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Radical Feminists Never Understand Men

Mamerto Adan is a feature writer who is back in college once again. Science is one of his favorite topics.


I thought my post about FEMEN will be the last one about radical feminism, but a friend egged me to create another. She is in fact a lady who brood a strong dislike on radical feminism. Thanks to them she wasted a good relationship, and a picture of a naked protester being smirked at by Putin is a lovely sight for her.

I don’t want to be the biggest sexist here and feel free to bash me. Again as what I mentioned in my first post about FEMEN, I have no problems with empowered women. I once worked for a female boss, and I understand how girls could be great in certain field; even better than most men. I love to see empowered women. Women with strength that match their male counterparts are objects of admirations.

I’ll give my open-arm support to movements aiming to improve the lives of women, but you will receive a middle finger if you treat us men like subhumans. The problem is in their quest to end patriarchy, some feminist ended up hating men. In the process their understanding on men blurs to a point that we are now a different species for them. I mean radical feminist staged naked protests, angry speeches, everything that made them no different than the sexist men they swore to fight. And thanks to their lack of proper understanding, their vain efforts begin to fail. It is clear that these people have no idea how men function. And hopefully what are written below may help them understand.

Firstly, Radical Feminists Treat Men Like Women

I’m not sure if this is the result of their isolation from the opposite gender, or their rejection of anything male. But radical feminists thought that men are just muscular inferior women with short hair. They expect us guys to behave like them, to think like them, only on lower level. And their alienation from the opposite gender made them do things that shouldn’t be done.

Now men and women are the same species, but they tend to be different from each other. Psychologically and physically they are not the same, and their approach to life could be different. The problem with radical feminists is that they tend to ignore these differences among genders. They ended up without an idea what they are up against which yielded some shocking, but underwhelming results.

How Men’s Psyche Ticks

I once said in my previous post about FEMEN that men are genetically attached to a woman’s figure. I will say this once more to reiterate this mostly ignored fact.

As much as we hate it, men have a natural tendency to be attracted to shapely ladies. Some of the key features that turn us on are wide waist to hip ratio and large breasts size. It is buried in our consciousness, as if dictated by instinct. When a nice looking girl approaches, we involuntary glance at her figure, particularly the breast and waist. This is the unfortunate result of men’s evolution, where guys tend to judge a woman’s health based on her shape. The curvier, the healthier and healthier mates mean healthier offspring. Hence the survival of one’s genes in the succeeding generation is guaranteed.

When left uncontrolled, this leads to unfortunate acts like sexual abuses. Thankfully education, discipline and morals played a role in controlling this primal urge. It works---most of the time. And honestly what the radical feminists are pushing is not helping either.

Again from my earlier article, I argued how this male psyche reduces the significance of naked protests. We will have more of that later on but it also dealt a significant blow on some stuff the radicals are trying to impose

Dress Free, But With Caution

I agree that women had all the right to dress-up without the threat of sexual assaults. But this might not work in some cases. Remember that even educated men have to exert a certain level of restrain to resist the urge to stare at a woman’s body. Education will help but only on a certain level. And we might find certain psychos who could not even resist at all.

Yes, women should wear what she should wear, but please do exercise cautions. By digging deep into a man’s psyche, we might realized that making men not to touch you is not that easy, considering that guys are in a constant battle with their primal attraction. But there is a proven and effective way to ward off perverts which unfortunately drove radical feminist nuts.

How Ignorance is Turning Feminist into Victims

For radical feminist, this is offensive...

For radical feminist, this is offensive...

When you want to go skimpy, expect perverts coming for you. Yet that won’t be a problem if a woman is empowered. There are self defense schools and martial arts dojos that teach woman to ward off potential threats. Some girls even carry a concealed licensed pistol, while others are contended with pepper spray and knives; whatever one carries, if it works for them then it works.

But radical feminists disagree.

Remember the hate they sowed on Miss USA Nia Sanchez? She said women should learn to defend themselves but the radicals are up in arms. Firstly a bloke forced this notion to Ms Nia that her martial arts won’t work on bigger and stronger men. Do note that most of her critics had no fight experiences and probably had no idea how some martial arts could work on bigger assailant. They also suggested that it is better to just tell men not to rape, self defense is ineffective and she was just victim blaming.

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Again this skewed notion on reality was the result of their lack of understanding on men’s psyche. Not raping women isn’t just what we are taught. All of our lives we knew that murder and robbery are serious offenses. Men are told not to commit crimes, but we are still prepared for the worse. We knew that education could only help but not a complete cure. And since men are more sexually minded, women are facing a threat based on primal weakness. They are exceptionally vulnerable when a bloke cannot control the urge. And boys will be boys. Nothing could scare them than the threat of pain.

Naked Protests Have Different Effects on Men

Putin's reaction should be a wake-up call for them...

Putin's reaction should be a wake-up call for them...

Vladimir Putin’s face says it all. Naked protest won’t always work. Going back on men’s primal attachment on women’s figure, the messages of topless protest could be mistranslated amid the sea of naked bodies. The point of going topless was to show how a nude body is not dirty and shameful. Naked torsos are not objects of fantasies. They also want to make it clear that it is their body and their choice. And how come men are allowed to go topless why they are not?

As a special mention, men aren’t always allowed to go topless and in some places going half naked will earn you the ire of fellow men. In fact when a man goes topless, he will either brawl, going to a gym, to a beach or doing hard labor. Simply we take our shirts off to go dirty; hence a topless dude in the street will appear as a slob.

Going back to naked protests, girls going topless will just trigger the guys’ primal sexual urges. In this case they just made themselves objects of fantasies for the boys.


Eleanore Ferranti Whitaker from Old Bridge, New Jersey on August 31, 2019:

When you men prove your can stop your for profit wars that kill women's sons, let me know. I'm at an age now where I do not obey man nor beast.

I know who I am and no man tells me what I can and cannot do. I already know that.

Some very grossly insecure men always assume women have to be "told." NO we DO NOT.

Men like this are proof that since they left the Neanderthal caves all men care about is power. Power over women, children, animals and the entire planet.

Get over it already. There are two genders. God is not a gender. God is not a man. God is a force for good. When you men learn to leave your evils behind, maybe you will wake up and realize that women never need any man.

We can earn our own living while we take care of our children, educate them, financially support them and all without some guy acting like Rambo.

Mamerto Adan (author) from Cabuyao on May 24, 2018:

Thanks Todd! And for me, radical feminist will later evolve into a hate group if gone unchecked.

Wesman Todd Shaw from Kaufman, Texas on May 23, 2018:

3rd wave feminism is a social cancer, and there's little doubt about that. 'The Patriarchy' is the dumbest conspiracy theory I've ever heard of. I mean, it's pathetically stupid.

Holy smoke, I think I will have to follow your work. Feminism is just another petite Marxist trash movement. I hate it.

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