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Biden Wants Unity

Joe Biden and Democrats will have to do things on their own, without Republicans.


Republicans No longer Exists

President Joe Biden inherited one of the worst economies in the United States. Throughout America, thousands of Americans are suffering because of the economic and the loss of jobs because of corvid 19. Millions of Americans have applied for unemployment, 550 thousand plus people have died from the Coronavirus.

Joe Biden has been president for almost a month has done more than Trump did in a year, trying to get the vaccine out to cities across America. President Biden is working hard to get his $1.9 trillion dollar bill passed to stop the suffering of millions of Americans. Biden has done more for Americans in 2months than Trump did in four years. The former president turned his back and the coronavirus, leaving the American people to fend for themselves.

President Biden Promised to have the vaccine for a million people in three months, over a million in America have gotten the vaccine. Some Republicans are refusing to take the vaccine after Their leader Donald Trump said they should. The American people thought Mitch McConnell would be the one to persuade other Republicans to convict Trump but didn't. Will Republicans work with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris? Republicans opposed the relief bill that could help thousands of their people in their own state, of loyalty to Donald Trump.

In 2008 Republicans refused to work with the former Barack Obama, and now they are doing the same thing to president Joe Biden. The people need to speak out against the behavior of Republicans whose values have changed. The GOP no longer put the people first, Republicans have betrayed the people and their Country. The Republicans Party no longer exist, it is the party of former president Donald Trump. President Trump created a party who cares nothing about the rule of law.

Republicans will stop at nothing to discredit President Biden because Trump is controlling the Republicans from Florida.

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Since former President Trump left the White House, Republicans are going back and forward To Florida listening to Trump. They are keeping Trump's big lie about a stolen election going, knowing it's nothing but lies.


Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on March 25, 2021:

Republicans need to stop playing games and work with President Joe Biden, to restore our country getting it back to where it once was. Republicans blame yourselves for following a president who never intended to make, American great.again. We have seen the best of this country,and now the worst when your party decided to follower President Donald Trump.

Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on March 25, 2021:

President Trump is controlling The Republican from his home in Florida. Mitch McConnell is a flip-flopped, instead of blaming Trump for the mess he created he wants to blame Biden. The Border mess belongs to Trump and the Republicans, they had four years to get it right.

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