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Raab: Albania Could Be a Destination for Migrants.

Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Secretary: Dominic Raab.


When Australia had a wave of immigrants heading towards it shores, the country came up, with a radical, (some would say cruel), solution. People were escaping worn torn lands like Afghanistan, in the hope of finding a better life in Australia. In a sense, who can blame them, many were fleeing war, famine, some were were just looking for a better economic future. These people, were being exploited, by gangs extorting huge amounts of money from these feckless people, to smuggle them into Australia, often in unseaworthy vessels.

Australia, decided to use its navy and this did indeed, stop many of the migrant boats, once they realized, they would not get into Australia, so easy. Also, Australia agreed with Papua New Guinea, (PNG), so holding camps could be constructed and house migrants. Many migrants, once they had been processed, could start a new life in PNG.

So today, the UK is in a similar position to what Australia was. Hordes of migrants have been and are, coming across the Channel. They are coming to the UK, because they see the UK as a land flowing in milk and honey. As with the Australian example, the migrants are fleeing various catostrophic scenarios and others are just plain, economic migrants. The UK Coast Guard, Navy and RNLI, has rescued many of these people and brought them ashore. Others manage to reach UK soil themselves and what happens after, is anyones guess.

The idea of shipping migrants to another country, is to many, a controverisal one. The UK and in particular, Home Secretary, Priti Patel, no doubt mindful of the Australian example thought about sending migrants, to Ascension Island and St Helena, (where Napoleon, after Waterloo, spent his last days), both in the Atlantic ocean.

However, Patel, for some reason, dropped these ideas. Now, comes news according to Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Secretary, Dominic Raab, that the UK is negotiating with Albania, as a destination, for Channel crossing migrants. However, Olta Xhacka, Europe and Foreign Affairs Minister, has denied Albania is in negotiations with the UK to take x amount of migrants. The Minister has decribed such stories as "fake news".

As with the Australian scenario, criminal gangs, get these desperate people to pay extortionate amounts of money. So these migrants, can put to sea, in the Channel, in unseaworthy boats and hopefully, be rescued and taken to shore or make it, to UK shores, themselves. Mr Raab highlighted that many of the criminal gangs have successfully, been arrested and brought to book. However, this does not stop the steady stream of migrants leaving northern France and heading for the UK. The French do not seem in a mood, to co-operate with the British at the moment, over this.

Meanwhile, whether you happen to be a migrant crossing the Channel, on the border of Poland-Belarus or elsewhere, your plight goes on. If you happen to be a country on the receiving end of this tide of humanity, you will wonder what to do. You might want to be kind, taking so many in, but at the same time, you know this cannot go on forever. Hence, you will think of transporting these incomers, somewhere else.

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A solution in the end, is needed for the migrants crisis that needs to be, a solution that is win win for the migrants and for those whose lands, they come to.

Home Secretary: Priti Patel.


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