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Putin Threatens Nuclear War On Ukraine

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The world is sitting on edge more so Europe, that is now threatened with extinction. It is worth noting that in the 20th century Europe has been the playground of two world wars but there were no nuclear weapons and it was a conventional fight, yet there was tremendous destruction. A point we must bear in mind is that as far as I can remember European nations have always been fighting among themselves. It has been a history of internecine warfare. We have the Napoleonic wars, the seven year war, the 100 years war, the Franco- German war of 1870 and what not. One must also keep in mind that after1945, the détente between the USSR and the Western powers which had stabilized Europe has collapsed with the demise of the USSR and so once more the European powers are at each others throat..

The background behind the present power struggle is the desire of the Anglo- Saxon powers to dominate Europe. They were pretty happy once the USSR collapsed but then they wished to ensure that Russia would never be a threat to the supremacy of the Anglo Saxons, the USA and the UK. They decided to bring Russian peripheral states that had become independent into NATO, so that Russia is always under threat. Matters came to a head when the West, led by the UK and USA engineered a breakup, between Ukraine and Russia and then decided that they would incorporate Ukraine as part of NATO. In effect this meant that Russia would forever be under threat. Unfortunately, for the Americans and the British Russia now had a leader in Vladimir Putin, and he was not going to accept the diktat of the Anglo Saxons and this is the genesis of the problem.

The impasse

The leader of the Anglo Saxons, Joe Biden and supported by Boris Johnson have rejected Russian request not to expand NATO eastward and incorporate Ukraine as part. They have refused to address Russian security fears and the net result is Russia under Putin has decided to take unilateral action. The Russians are a formidable military power matching the United states in almost all fields and more particularly in the nuclear field where they have a fascinating array of weaponry.

The Russians have now positioned more than 120,000 troops on the borders of Ukraine and surrounded it with the state of art missiles, like the S 400. As per the latest reports the most modern warships are on their way to seal the Baltic coast of Ukraine. The game of the Anglo -Saxons is clear; Egg on Ukraine into a conflict with Russia so that the Russian army is tied down. The aim is to fight a proxy war with Russia through Ukraine.

There are two powers which are part of NATO but do not see eye to eye with the Anglo Saxon powers and they are France and Germany. The French president Macron made a visit to Moscow and had talks with Putin lasting 6 hours. Though the French president was optimistic, the Russian president Putin made it clear that there would be no compromise and if need be even a nuclear war could not be ruled out. He has positioned the TU-22 Nuclear capable bombers in Belarus.


Gates of Hell

There is a total impasse as far as Ukraine is concerned. The Russian president is uncompromising. The Anglo-Saxon plan to have Ukraine fight as a proxy with Russia may not work because Putin has made it clear that the fight will not be confined to Ukraine but will encompass NATO. Worse for Biden, is the Chinese announcement that they are on the side of Russia.

Joe Biden has perhaps realized the predicament but there are people in America who are egging him on to confront Russia and oppose the so-called "murderer" Putin. His ratings also are pretty low in America and he knows that if he withdraws from the Ukraine imbroglio, which he has created, he will definitely be thrown out as a U.S. President. He is thus facing Hobson's choice and at his wits end, but all this is no excuse, because God forbid there is a nuclear exchange, then the United Kingdom and a lot of countries in Europe will just cease to exist and Europe will go back to the Stone Age.

America also will suffer loss of status and destruction and the field will be clear for China to become the de-facto power of the world. One wonders how foolish can a U.S. President get? he is aware that the Americans had been defeated in every war after 1945 be it Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, or Iraq and I see no reason how they are going to win in Ukraine where they are confronted by a power that not only matches the United states but is not afraid to use it.

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In all the wars, it is a moot point that militarily, the opponents were no match to the United states yet the United states retreated and the end result was that they were defeated.

A reading from mythology makes me think that Europe is at the gates of hell and it's about time the smaller powers like Poland, Belgium and other countries who are towing the American line realize that they will simply be wiped out from the world map. After all in 1961 that is almost six decades back Nikita Khrushchev had said that England will not survive 6H bombs and will cease to be on the world map. The Anglo Saxon powers must realize that you cannot have the cake and eat it too and it's about time that people like Joe Biden and the warmongering crowd in America realize the facts of life.

A civilization can be destroyed in no time. I wonder if Joe Biden is aware of what Zeus said? he says those who the gods wish to destroy they first make them mad. I wonder if it is applicable to Joe Biden and Boris.

The only sensible solution lies in both Russia and Ukraine recognizing that their futures are irrevocably linked by geography, power, politics, and the history that Kalb brings to life in Imperial Gamble. America needs to be shown the door

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