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Putin Negotiates for US in Iran Nuclear Deal

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So many things have gone to worse.

So many things have gone to worse.

Truly a WTF Foreign Policy Conundrum

When I first heard this, like many Americans, I thought, WTF. I mean, here we have President Biden finally calling Putin a war criminal for his invasion of Ukraine, Hitler-like rhetoric about cleansing the Russian race, ordering the criminal actions of his military to demolish Ukrainian cities, and yet, and yet... still approves of Putin to act in America's behalf and interest, to negotiate with Russia's own ally, Iran, to stall them in obtaining a nuclear bomb! I still cannot wrap my head around this. It makes no sense in any way.

Sure, the President's people spin as it is better than nothing deal because Trump had pulled the US out of the Iran nuclear talks and that left Russia as our proxy since the US did not rejoin. The other reason is that Iran is near already of having enough material for a few bombs. This has been confirmed by a variety of sources, so this deal is for what? Maybe to control how many bombs it can have? Maybe just a deal for Iran and Russia to have sanctions lifted imposed by the Trump and Biden administrations?

This is the ultimate insanity and a deal with two devils! It is bound to fail and bound to be meaningless over time. Already, because of the Ukraine war, Putin is playing Biden on this by linking his help to getting Biden to lift the sanctions crippling Putin. Putin has the ace in the hole because Biden so desperately wants this nuclear deal for political purposes even though it will not prevent Iran in getting the bomb one way or the other. Russia has been allied with Iran for years and has agreed to take the nuclear waste from their reactors. Iran has bought many weapon systems from them. This nuclear negotiation is like two friends pretending to negotiate. Russia is rather oblivious to Iran having a bomb and probably has helped them in the past in developing it. Having Putin act in America's best interest is laughable and if Biden truly thinks it is, he is a big old fool. Putin also wants trade sanctions lifted between Russia and Iran.

Of course, Putin does need to return to Biden with some evidence of success that Biden would need to agree with, but since Biden is so desperate in wanting a new nuclear deal, he might just accept terms that are just mediocre at best for the USA and Middle East.

Joe Biden screwed things up in Afghanistan, he is screwing up in the handling of Ukraine by being too little and too late allowing Putin to set the narrative and fear of WW3. Putin is not afraid of Biden, but the reverse is not true. This is the latest thing Biden is phucking up. The winner going to be Iran and Russia if the deal goes through. It will only give some token assurances to the West.

Robert Gates famously said, that Biden has been “wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.” Even ex-President Obama tended to agree.

This proves it.

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