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Putin Is Playing With Hitler's Playbook

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No one wants the flames of all out war, but Putin is already toying with coming as close as he thinks he can get away with.

No one wants the flames of all out war, but Putin is already toying with coming as close as he thinks he can get away with.

Putin has taken a lesson from Hitler and human nature...

Let's all recognize the obvious. Putin wants to reconstruct the Soviet Union,

He is following Hitler's early Nazi strategy to do it.

(1) Take a little something you want (Crimea) and see how the world reacts.

(2) If no one steps up to clearly challenge you, plan how you will take as much as you can before they do.

(3) Silence all domestic opposition. (His perceived "enemies have been poisoned, shot, arrested, and jailed.)

(4) Use your growing power and domestic popularity to set up other foreign partners using their greed and offers of money and power to tie them to your cause. (Use cyber hacks and operatives to promote the chosen partners and reduce their opponents.)

(5) Continue building your military so no other nation will feel safe challenging you. (Hypersonic missiles, and modernization for cyber warfare.)

(6) Stage false incidents to appear to justify moving militarily when you are ready. (Already detected by western intelligence.)

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(5) Convince the world you are satisfied with what you have gained, and hope they go back to ignoring your real intentions for more and more.

Those are the lessons history would teach us.

We paid a terrible price to learn them once.

We will continue to pay such prices, until we learn to stand up to bullies, tyrants, and dictators. Clinton didn't. Obama didn't. Trump didn't, and Biden appears reluctant to do so.

Putin has gained sycophants in former Soviet-aligned areas such as Belarus, He just sent Russian troops to complete domestic control for his puppet in Kazakhstan. He is using his old KGB tactics to promote formerly chosen Soviet partners who are not limited to Eastern Europe (Hungary, Romania, Albania, Bulgaria, etc.)

Recognize what moves Russia has already made in Georgia. He is manipulating with oil to Moldova, and has started familiar Cold War tactics in Africa, South America, and in Cuba, while concerning himself and all his objectives with weakening Poland and the Baltic States.

All of this is not just a bad dream the West can wake up from, but it is definitely time to wake up and read again what history has already taught us...or has it?

An earlier article Putin's Jinni May Not Want To Go Back In Its Bottle! | HubPages spoke about all this. Also see the Wikipedia article "Soviet Empire" if you are not familiar with what Putin is trying to reconstruct. Do so now that you have a better idea of the tactics he has learned and is applying from Russia's arch enemy Adolf Hitler.


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