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Was Trump Replaced With a Crisis Actor?

Has the real president Trump been replaced by an imposter in these past few months?

Has the real president Trump been replaced by an imposter in these past few months?

Who is Hiding the Truth From Us?

I usually write articles about things like BBQ pits, home improvement, or outdoor sports, and generally stick to much lighter subjects than politics. In light of the recent assault on our capitol, I decided to write another type of article to try and prove a point.

There comes a point in every lie, sham, confidence game or illusion where the audience quits believing the fiction and begins to see that they've been duped. We've all had a sports hero, spouse, lover, etc., who let us down when we realized that their whole public image was a complete game of smoke and mirrors.

Of course there is no fake president being presented instead of the real one, although the jury is still out on the whole "Melania body double" controversy.

I predict that in the coming weeks, as more and more people distance themselves from President Trump, we could see the following scenario unfold. I can't guarantee it, but if it happens, it'll look something like this:

Sources from deep inside of some underground "movement" will begin to suggest that the Trump that we've seen in the past few months was not actually the president. At some point our president was kidnapped by the "deep state". Possibly this happened when he was taken to Walter Reed Hospital, where he was replaced by a body double. The real President Trump may not even still be alive, in which case he died a martyr.

This body double has been controlled by the deep state so that it can thwart the real president's efforts in fighting a secret cabal of child molesters and deep state enemies of freedom. This fake president that they put in actually incited a riot, in which the deep state's own crisis actors and Antifa participated! Of course there were none of the real president's supporters there, and if they were, they were being used as well.

And, although "it's clear that there was widespread fraud" the crisis actor version of the president botched the last election on purpose. The real president, the one who has been kept prisoner on his own golf course the past few months, never got a chance because the crisis actor made him "look so bad". You know what I'm talking about, right? You saw the pathetic size of the crowds that "fake Trump" drew, right?

At what point do people begin to realize that much of what they've been believing has really been a fictional tale, not unlike the one that I made up? At what point do they realize that the person they thought was a patriotic leader, was actually a narcissistic bully who cares about nothing but his own ego, and will see the country literally burn before he gives up power?

When Telling Lies Becomes Very Profitable

My satirical conspiracy theory unfortunately is not an original creation. Right now, a major news network is helping to spread the story that it was really "Antifa" that attacked our capitol, not rabid supporters of the president. This tactic is actually working on some people, believe it or not!

The term "crisis actor" came into widespread use when controversial talk show host Alex Jones suggested that the massacre of 20 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut never happened, and that it had all been staged by "crisis actors", paid by people who were trying to take away the right to own guns.

All of this is nonsense, but with the way that information is shared among people now, by social media, "echo chamber" news networks, and even chain emails (they still exist, I get them), our nation is no longer on the same page. We now live in a time when millions of people will choose to believe in a deep state conspiracy of adrenal gland draining vampires, (Q-Anon), before they believe that a deadly new respiratory virus even exists, much less is killing as many people as "fake news" are claiming.

We can no longer solely rely on our "gut" feelings about anything, because our "gut feelings" have been hacked by garbage that's being spread through the technology that we now carry with us everywhere. Much of that garbage, including the ridiculous Q-Anon conspiracy, was created solely to drive traffic to sites and make money.

Also, while not as outlandish sounding, some of that same garbage also comes to us in the form of news and information and can sound exactly like what we believe the truth should be. For many of us out there, our very own "lie detectors circuits" in our brains have been "hacked" by people who are experts at using just enough common sense and facts along with their lies that they automatically bypass our lie detector circuit.

Whether you're a liberal, a conservative, or independent, we're all susceptible to falling for cults of personality and for lies told by politicians, we're all just human after all.

This is especially true if we're getting our news from "echo chambers" and listening only to points of view that we agree with. Polarization is extremely profitable. Why watch three networks when you can just watch ours? We'll only show you news that you agree with, and we have attractive news anchors too! Social media companies, which are now among our largest publicly traded corporations, have made much of their profits by using one simple formula and that is: Controversy = Clicks = Money.

We Beat the Soviets With a Lie

When I was just heading off to college, the USSR was collapsing and walls were literally being torn down. President Reagan had actually caused the Soviet empire to go bankrupt, after convincing them to believe wholeheartedly in an American lie. The Strategic Defense Initiative, SDI, or "Star Wars Program" was, in large part, a counterintelligence operation, not a working missile defense program.

Our CIA planted information that showed in great detail how successful the SDI system was at shooting down an enemy's intercontinental ballistic missiles. Lockheed Martin, Boeing and others helped our government create space-movie style videos showing how accurately the SDI system could lock on target and destroy ICBM's. The whole thing was, they were all fake videos showing a "proof of concept" type view of a system that did not yet exist, and still doesn't to this day.

The Soviets finally caught on, but not until it was too late and they'd spent all of their nation's treasure trying to catch up with a lie.

If an entire nation can fall for such a big lie as the one created around SDI, so can many people in our own country believe intricate lies that were created to further a certain agenda.

Lies are Fun, Up Until a Certain Point

Like professional wrestling, lies are fun up until a certain point. It's fun to talk about "why the flag was waving in that shot of US astronauts on the moon", or how "aliens may walk among us". Yet when someone believing in "Lizard People" parks his camper van on a crowded city street.., sadly you know the rest of that story.

Lies can be useful to keep us motivated and can even be useful in helping us do great things. When those lies go too far however, that's an entirely different thing. History is filled with far too many examples of how far people will actually go when they go past a certain point in believing the lies that their leaders tell.

If you love your country, It's your patriotic duty to question the actions of your leader, even if you really like that leader and the things they're saying to you. We've fought wars against countries whose citizens have refused to see when their leader was lying or leading them astray for his own personal gain. I lost many of my own relatives in one of those wars, World War II. Another one was Vietnam, when Americans were told that the whole world would "turn communist" if we didn't go to war in Southeast Asia. More than 58,200 young American men and women died because of the lies that were told about the Vietnam war.

How far we're willing to play along with the illusionist is generally determined by how much we stand to lose by believing in the lie. If we simply want to be amused, we'll believe that a reality show is real, or that a magician really did pull a rabbit out of a hat. If on the other hand we're betting real money, and we know that a circus con man is tricking us with sleight of hand as we bet on which shell the coin is under, then we might not bet as much money.

Right now we've all got a lot more to lose than a quarter under a shell at a circus booth. I think it's about time that people really start to question how far they will play along, and what they could actually lose if they persist in believing a con man.

This is not a question of who you want to see on the Supreme Court, or who can keep the stock market rising. Whatever changes that you want to see in our country can happen through the democratic process, but not if a tyrannical leader himself is actively working to destroy that process..

I don't believe that Teddy Roosevelt was a perfect president, not by long shot. Aside from setting vast areas of land aside for our national parks, his success as a leader in other areas is still debatable. He did have a pretty good saying though, and it was this:

"Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president." Theodore Roosevelt







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billips from Central Texas on January 12, 2021:

An article well worth our attention. As you say, some will be angered by it, but we can only hope those same people will acknowledge even a brief flicker of truth, and with time that flicker will spread and more will "stand by their country".

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on January 12, 2021:

Whether Republican, Democrat, or Independent, our country is in real trouble. That Teddy Roosevelt quote should teach us something. I pray that calmer minds prevail and that there will be no more attempts at tearing down democracy. It appears that it is truly fragile, and that should scare us all.