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Prostitution is Endemic in Mexico

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Sad Mexican street scene    credit

Sad Mexican street scene credit

Sex clubs today are parlours of drugs and greed

Prostitution is Endemic in Mexico.

Unless religion puts a damper on things, anywhere women have little opportunities compared to men. Prostitution, overt or underground, flourishes. Mexico’s problem is more the high percentage of young women out of work, or marginalized by lack of education. It is hard for an attractive female to turn down $500 US dollars a night, when all she can make back in the provinces is that amount in a month, especially when she is a single mother with one or more kids to feed.

Prostitution and all its guises, like lap dancing, massaging, or giving old Johnny a quick rub, has become huge business in Mexico City’s Zona Rosa area. This once pleasant neighbourhood of cafes, restaurants and theatres in now best avoided at night when the strip club touts take over and the young, drug-dealing spivs rule the roost. Dallying with street whores in the Plaza Garibaldi, or anywhere away from the town centre is akin to taking your wallet, watch and jewellery and throwing them into a river, you will certainly be accosted, more often than not by the police that guard the fringe areas of the place.

Drugs, greed and the dangers of AIDS have taken any pretence of romance from a sojourn with a lady of the night these days. Many years ago, buying a woman for an hour or a night was a harmless, low-key diversion for both the girl and the client. The clubs were simple places with a juke box and occasional mariachis. The girls was happy to spend an hour or so dancing and having a few real drinks. Although money was obviously the prime mover, it was not made unpleasant as it is today. Some girls had regular customers and really had genuine feelings for them. The waiters, police and management were nice people, happy to chat and protective of both the girls and the visitors.

If anyone has visited a modern sex club they realize how ghastly the experience has become in the Third Millennium. You are hounded to spend money from the minute you enter: unless you are prepared to pay a small fortune, there is no real sex. Most of the girls have a drug dependency and many are lesbians or transvestites. You are in real danger if you take one of these woman back to your hotel or flat. A friend of mine was robbed and shot to death recently by a gangster summoned by the woman in the early hours of the morning and they were never caught, despite the FBI becoming involved.

The economic conditions that drive women into sexual slavery and drug dependence have also affected the ability of married men to maintain the “Casa Chica.” (little or second home), also known as the “Segunda Frente,” (second front). This tradition is part of society among Mexicans of all economic levels and tolerated by wives who have turned a blind eye. There is little shame being a kept woman in Mexico, if fact, no little cachet if the man is successful, wealthy and/or famous. This situation has gone on from the days of the Conquistadores (Conquerors) in the 16th. Century. Cortez himself travelled with his concubine, the Indian, Malinche. She helped him overthrow Moctezuma and the Aztec Nation, which didn’t prevent the soldier from abandoning her when he returned to Spain. In truth, the life of a mistress of a wealthy man is vastly superior in most ways to that of the legal spouse. The reasons are obvious, so you can figure them out yourself, along with the disadvantages.

Women in Mexico also take lovers. But they still have to be most discrete as the law favours the man, and machismo brings physical danger to the woman and her lover. Being cuckolded here is called putting on the horns (cuernos) and must be dealt with by any real man. (Although actually, today, a man will often do as his woman does, turn a blind eye as revenge can be too costly).

The once colourful city, Guadalajara, has been radically changed by drug money and sex clubs to the extent it is called “Little Chicago.” Even in San Luis Potosi, the town of 100 churches, up to 100 prostitutes ply their services at the weekend.

I was quite taken aback recently by a trip along Calle Sullivan and cross streets in Mexico City late on a Saturday night. I was with a friend from Australia and his 12-year-old son I had just met at the airport. The streets were lined with “working girls,” reaching into the car. “What are all these ladies, dad?” the youngster enquired. My buddy, R--, thought quickly and said, “They are mothers, son, looking for a kid to adopt.” O….. was a bit young for the truth! This all made him quite thoughtful.

One thing the girls still are in Mexican clubs: phenomenally attractive and not at all like their granite-faced, lumpy peers in Europe and the US, or their poor sisters on the streets of Mexico City. But I am glad my days of needing this type of stimulus regularly are long gone. I hate all drugs and I’m too romantic for today’s cash cows, and certainly not wealthy enough!


diogenes (author) from UK and Mexico on September 21, 2015:

I agree holeheartedly! But those simpler, happier times have gone forever as soon will we who were lucky enough to have enjoyed them


Cliff on September 20, 2015:

Back in the late 50's I used to spend quite a bit of time in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico. Prostitution ran rampant in what was then called "Boys town", those were the good days, one could get a girl for .25 cents per hour or .50 cents for all night, of course I was only making a little over $100.00 a month. The girls were friendly, young and pretty for the most part. I never heard of any crimes in the city except for the bribes that were given to the police. Oh for the good times again!

diogenes (author) from UK and Mexico on October 26, 2013:

Chuka...It's all sex everywhere today and there ain't no illusions left

Roberto Viva Mexico!

chukalukabus on October 25, 2013:

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Working on a story, fiction mind you. In the old days the Central part of Mexico was as civilized as they come. No whores anywhere. What happened?

Again, What happened?

diogenes (author) from UK and Mexico on February 22, 2013:

Finally took a look at this oooold hub tonight and thank all those who read it and commented...


sweetie1 from India on February 21, 2013:

Prostitution is one of the oldest profession in the world. And once the fire in stomach takes over many girls succumb to it. But not all are in it just for reasons like being single mom, kids to feed but many are in it for easy money and they include college girls who need money just for the their extra needs .

SALLY BOY on November 19, 2012:

Why we are so petrified,??? when I trip to Las Vegas, that's the capital of underage prostitution, so let's ne pretemd we live on a pink world.....

Monk on August 27, 2012:

Prostitution is good. Plays important role in the society. Sex is a human right. All the problems related to prostitution come from making it illegal. In Netherlands where prostitution is a legal and respectable job protected by police there is 50 times less crime related to the trade than in Mexico and U.S.

Jim on February 13, 2012:

I have a taxi taking me there this afternoon.

Can anyone give me an idea what to expect. I like Diogenes perspective

Non on February 06, 2012:

You pay the woman to Leave Bliss and don't pay the woman to stay Pain... Old Wisdom, from India

diogenes (author) from UK and Mexico on December 16, 2011:

Being a bit of a "whorehound" in my misspent youth, I can't disagree with you. It's often cheaper in the long run to go with prozzies anyway. I have not had bad experiences with Mexican whores; the only bad times i ever had was when drunk. But take care, Andy...Bob

Andy on December 15, 2011:

Hi there -

Well I have been here in Mexico for 2 years now. I have had prostitutes all my life (And many girlfriends too I might add) The figures quoted here are high - the price ranges from as little as $15 for an hour to $130 for the same. I have even recently been with an older woman and she was happy to stay all night for $15.

One does have to be careful - there are apparently three girls working the streets who have AIDS. In fact I went with one the other day but wore a condom. They have stolen from me - in one was a real pro pick pocket - I was pretty impressed with her skills. They are surviving and struggling. Some of the girls do earn good money - I know that many of the girls earn $6-800 a week and one known as Savannah (They all have pseudoyms) was at one stage earning up to $1500 in one night.

In fact I am going to meet a working girl in about an hour from now. I have no shame whatsoever in what I am doing. NONE. The only drawback is that the more women you have sex with - the harder it is to forge a relationship and the more quickly you get bored of sex with the same woman. I am coming to terms with the fact that I am going to be single all my life. If I get too lonely I'll get a dog. I have friends but I enjoy my own company too.

BTW - I treat the girls with respect - am gentle and kind to them. I do not trust them but I am a gentleman in their company.

diogenes (author) from UK and Mexico on January 23, 2011:

Muchas gracias para su amable comentario, Gene y mucho suerte por la futuro. Roberto

gene on January 23, 2011:

As a former student at Mexico City College, graduated in 68, we were well acquinted with different levels of bar girls. the zona rosa at the time was the in place for fine dining and entertaining. In fact many of us used to stay at hotel Geneve. Garibaldi plaza was always a prostitued area but also realitively safe for american tourists and students. I have not been back to MC since 68 and really dont care to go under the current conditions. Adios

diogenes on December 19, 2010:

As Shakespeare said, "The world is a stage and we are but the players." Thanks for the heads-up...Bob

craig on December 19, 2010:

dude you photo is from a movie in san francisco

I know some of the actors in the photo

myawn from Florida on April 21, 2010:

It is sad that these women have to resort to saling their bodies. I pray for them.

diogenes (author) from UK and Mexico on April 15, 2010:

I took too long to answer you. Money is god and greed permeates everything nearly today. Mexican bordellos used to be fun: no more, drugs, violence and danger. Bit more relaxed in the rural villages...Bob

Anon Man on March 12, 2010:

I visited Mexico City once on business in October 1993. I stayed at a hotel in the Zona Rosa area. Mexico was enjoying a great currency rate then (3 pesos = 1 dollar) and everybody seemed really happy. I saw more people talking on cell phones in Mexico City than I saw in my native Los Angeles California. In fact, cell phones were still a bit of a luxury at that time in L.A. Anyway, at night, I asked the cab driver at my hotel to take me to an interesting club that I might enjoy. He ended up taking me to a bar...I walk in this place, and there are six tables, with a woman sitting alone at each one. Anyway, it didn't take long to realize that they were whores. I sat down at a table, drank a beer, ordered a drink for the lady sitting at the table with me, chatted for about 10 minutes before deciding that I didn't want to stick around. The "waiter" hands me a bill for US$40! I couldn't believe it! He wouldn't budge on the bill either, but assured me that I would get a discount if I chose one of the ladies for the evening!!! I dropped two $20 bills fast and got the hell outta there! From the my experience in Mexico City almost 17 years ago, the money grubbing has been going on there for quite some time.

dogenes on November 23, 2009:

When I was young, I hardly ever needed to pay for sex. Now, I find the idea of the whole scene frightening and repulsive...that is, from a distance.

Nice life on the yacht; you get a good perspective on life from off shore.

Thanks for comment...Bob

James J Mills from Northern California on November 23, 2009:

I enjoyed your hub, Diogenes. Living on my boat in Mexico off and on for years now, I have seen but not dallied in the practice, and its sad that people are pushed to such extremes, even as the country grows more prosperous (for some at least). JM

diogenes on October 31, 2009:

We live in a nutty world, for sure...thanks for your kind comment...Bob

Janet G. from Coatesville,PA on October 30, 2009:

So,So true!

I jus heard a story of 2 famouse luchadores from mexico that got poisned by 2 prostitutes in that area. They went to a hotel with them and they poisned their drinks and they died and they never found the women.

diogenes on October 24, 2009:

Thanks for interest and kind comments. But the pulquerias? Only allowed women in recently; but laws are like pie crusts in Mexico! Bob

MagicStarER from Western Kentucky on October 24, 2009:

I lived in Mexico for 12 years. There has always been prostitution there, at different levels. The "Zona Rosa" has been bad for many years. I'm sorry to hear that things have become so desperate there. Usually these girls kept to the pulquerias or cantinas before.

Good read - thank you, I enjoyed it. Especially the part where your friend told his son they were looking for kids to adopt. LOL! :)

diogenes on August 08, 2009:

Hi Amanda:

Just think of all the money you could have made! As you say, it's a life of desperation for most below the courtesan level. It wasn't so bad before the drugs, pervertion, disease, homosexuality and violence came along. They got older and retired with a few dollars put away then their kids supported them. It was government controlled which eliminated the pimps and minor venereal disease... Simpler times.

Amanda Severn from UK on August 08, 2009:

Your hub just took me right back to my first trip to Paris at the tender age of nineteen. Our budget priced hotel was on the edge of the Pigalle, and the boldness of the working-girls lining the streets was a real eye-opener to me. A few years later my younger sister had a weekend trip to Amsterdam and was similarly surprised despite the advance warning from friends and family. I'm glad that life and circumstance has never propelled me down a similar route, as those girls often have a short and sordid existence.

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