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Propaganda and Politics: Dividing America

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Good Ole Competition!

Propaganda is extremely biased, or misleading information to push mostly political ideals. Its used to groom peoples' perspectives a certain way by using triggering words and imagery. Propaganda is no new tactic. It has been used for manipulation over many different eras. Lately, it seems it has became the main focus of this year's 2020 Election. There are a few different types of propaganda. Some politicians and supporters have taken a liking to content featuring defamation and fear. How propaganda is used can easily turn a good natured election into a world of chaos.

Propaganda (Left) PATRICK SEMANSKY / AP's Photo of Joe Biden at his son's funeral (Right)

Propaganda (Left) PATRICK SEMANSKY / AP's Photo of Joe Biden at his son's funeral (Right)

Who Propaganda Can Affect

There is an estimated 244 million social media users, says This makes it easier to send out all sorts of content to thousands of users at once. Although most propaganda advertised is focused on exaggerating the image of a person or group, it can be damaging to others caught in the crossfire. A recent picture of Biden giving his granddaughter a kiss on the top of her head has been circulating the media. Some Trump supporters have been using this picture to make people believe Biden is sniffing the child's head. The reality of the picture can be seen in a second photo. Biden and his family were in mourning at his son's funeral. Users can't seem to always distinguish fact from fiction when it comes to the media. Not only does it attack Biden's image, but it can also cause negative attention to the other members of his family.


Both Sides Play the Game

Former Vice President Biden has been known to use a few tactics of his own. The Democrats have been pushing the narrative that President Trump wants to get rid of the Affordable Care Act, which can cause hundreds of thousands of Americans with preexisting conditions to lose their coverage. While it is true that President Trump wants to do away with the ACA, the Executive Order on An America-First Healthcare Plan states those with preexisting conditions will be protected. The President has yet to explain further what he will do to replace the ACA, and how he will protect those with preexisting conditions. This doesn't give much room to deny the idea he may cause people to lose their coverage.

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Senator Kamala Harris made a statement expressing how Trump had not appointed any people of color to the Court of Appeals. The Republican party of Florida took that statement as a chance to make a point against the Democratic party. The Florida GOP page attempts to show the Democrats caught in a lie. checked the information from both sides. It was determined that what Harris said during the Vice Presidential debate was correct. President Trump had not appointed any people of color to the Court of Appeals out of the 50 judges he gave seats. He did appoint a few minorities to lower courts.

Things Aren't Always What They Seem

Some types of propaganda can do more than just damage reputations. Social media is a competitive market as much as it a heavily used one. Many users look to accounts with high following for their information. With the rise of technology, there are ways to make social accounts appear more credible than they really are. Public figures are able to pay to gain more followers, although it's against the rules of most social media sites. This encourages the creation of fake accounts to make someone look legitimate. Since there seems to be such a rise in misinformation, social sites have done their best to monitor the information shared to their networks. This comes with scrutiny from people who use the networks to spread misinformation to thousands of users at a time.



Because some content creators make themselves look more trusted than they truly are, people are tricked into believing things that aren't necessarily true. This can cause conflict between family and friends depending on who they get their information from. When you have trusted public figures participating in spreading misinformation, it's much harder to convince people of the truth. The amount of likes, followers, or even public status does not mean they have integrity. Not everyone is willing to do all the work to make sure the information they have an opinion on is correct. While the propaganda may only be a big trend during election times, it can have a much longer lasting impact on those who believed it.

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