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The Progressive-Socialist Convention of 2020

Ignore the in-my-face obvious issues and lend all of my attention to unwarranted, groundless non-issues? Not happening!

Socialist Bernie Sanders Endorsing Joe Biden

Socialist Bernie Sanders Endorsing Joe Biden

The 2020 Democratic Ticket - Biden/Harris

The 2020 Democratic Ticket - Biden/Harris

Expanding Government

Have you ever heard your Parents, Grandparents, Great-grandparents talk about FDR?

Either they thought that he was the greatest thing since sliced bread or they wondered how and why he was ever elected to the office of the Presidency!

They either believe he did what he had to do, in order to save America or they blame him for racking up massive debt and growing the Government, by making too many citizens dependent on the Government.

It is usually one way or the other and not much in between.

Under Roosevelt, Government, which was structured to be limited, grew by leaps and bounds, not good on so many levels, but in particular, not good for those who have grown to depend on the Government, to meet their needs.

That is not the job of the Federal Government.

Our limited form of Government, by design, is set up, so as to be easily controlled, so as not to become so big and so consuming that it, eventually, ends up controlling and devouring...the people!

I have seen enough from the inner cities; with their crime, death rates, crumbling infrastructure and general misery, to see that it has devoured and continues to devour...many a good people!

Why would we ever want...that which is responsible for it, (liberalism/progressivism/socialism) that which entered in decades ago, to spill out all across this Nation?

That’s what those at the Democratic Convention are trying to convince us that we all need!

Franklin Delano Roosevelt - FDR

Franklin Delano Roosevelt - FDR

FDR'S Timeline

* It wasn't until 1939, with the demise of "The New Deals" that the Great Depression finally ended.

Fall 1929

The Stock Market Crashed

The Great Depression Began

Fall 1932

Franklin D. Roosevelt took Office (D)

Great Depression continued

Spring 1933

The First New Deal

Getting Government Involved beyond its Limits

Summer 1934

The Social Security Act Initiated

Government showing its muscles

Winter 1935

The Second New Deal

Government Flexing its muscles

Fall 1936

Roosevelt's 2nd Term

Government on Steroids

Growing the Government

During the FDR years, between the new deals {social programs} and the Social Security Act, Government grew by leaps and bounds, as it was never intended to do.

Deficit spending went through the roof.

As Government grew, the Democratic Party grew as well, expanding into urban areas, where liberalism took hold and remains in the majority of large cities, in particular, the struggling inner cities, to this day!

Progressivism certainly has not done those stuck in these dangerous, falling apart, literally...democratically-run-into-the-ground cities, any favors, over the years.

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But, what other message do the socialists currently speaking at the virtual Convention, have?

There is no other message.

They have nothing to offer us, but more promises and more bribes and more Trump bashing!

They just keep moving further and further to the left, trying to find their way, trying to find their place.

They aren't reigning in anything, quite the opposite!

They haven't looked at the big picture; not for a very long time.

They've been too wrapped the move to take this Country away from, what makes it work!

"The nine most terrifying words in the English language - I'm with the government and I'm here to help."

— Ronald Wilson Reagan

Biden/Harris or is it Harris/Biden - There seems to be some confusion

Kamala Harris (D) V.P. Nominee

Kamala Harris (D) V.P. Nominee

No More Blue Dogs

Once FDR’s reign ended, there was, at least, some semblance of a reining in, many Democrats became more fiscally conservative.

Over the years, there have been a few Democrats that have kept some of that “reining in” about them. In the past, we’ve referred to them as Blue Dog Democrats, but between the eight years of the Obama Administration and what we’ve seen from the left throughout these last few years and definitely since the people hired Donald Trump...any reigning in, is lost. Any blue dogs which may still be around, aren't talking.

Perhaps they will show up at the Republican Convention, where they will feel much more comfortable in speaking up and speaking out.

This Democratic Convention we’ve been exposed to, is giving us all a good look at who they are and what they desire going forward.

Their true colors are shining through!


I may have missed it, I can only handle so much from these leftists that pretend the United States of America is broken and only they can fix it, but I haven’t heard any of them condemn the mayhem, the destruction, the furthering of the streets of the many cities, where they have dominated and ruled.....since FDR!

Agreed, no doubt, these areas are broken and must be fixed, but it is crystal clear, that they aren’t capable of fixing anything, they are responsible...and they can’t or won’t own it!

Their vision of government is unlike anything imagined or structured by our Founding Fathers.

Progressive socialist Democrats are working, have been working to undo our founding. They’ve told us so...often!

These liberal Mayors/Governors allowing their cities to suffer, their State's economy to be destroyed, all because they think, in the end, it will only hurt a Conservative President, should... tell constituents all they need to know about the man, the woman, they’ve elected.

I don’t remember any swearing-ins which include the words, to spite the President, I will destroy my community or, I am willing to do anything it takes to make the entire country look like the war zone that is our inner cities.

Leftist, progressive Democrats own this mess, that’s why they will not mention it in their bash the President and don’t let up ‘Convention’.

Of course they’ll blame him for a pandemic and a lull in an economy that was otherwise rocking, until the pandemic hit.

Of course, they’ll pretend they had a handle on it, long before President Trump did, but we remember the timeline!

Do they think we do not pay attention? Probably.

Nancy Pelosi was telling everyone that it was safe to go into China Town. In fact, she encouraged it!

She, Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden and many others, speaking at the ‘Bash Trump Convention‘, called our President “xenophobic“, when he stopped travel from China.

They all called him “racist”, when he attempted to put measures in place to protect us.

None of us knew the severity of this virus or how widespread it was.

While our President was taking protective measures, they {Dems} were calling him names!

Now they will pretend that never happened, but we've seen them in action...make that, inaction!

Inaction should be their message and their Convention theme!

Nowhere to Run to - Nowhere to hide

Former President Barack Obama, recently spoke at the 'Convention' and said that President Trump “hasn’t grown into the job”.

Coming from our former President, that can only mean one thing, President Trump is doing something right, he isn’t seeking to ”fundamentally transform” that which is not broken!

The President must be doing a whole lot right, when they must make everything about him not being progressive enough or liberal enough or woke like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and crew.

Do they really think "the squad" is doing them any favors?

I think the only thing these young, clueless socialists have managed to do is have more and more people looking into and gaining a better understanding of just what it is that we have here.

That which our founders laid out, through careful study, prayer, thought and much debate, long ago!

That which is now and will always the people's best interest!

A limited Government!

Straying away, make that jetting away...from it, as the Democrats have done, leaving them nowhere to run to - nowhere to hide...isn’t a place that most Americans care to go.

We’ve seen enough battered, bruised, longer with us here on earth...citizens, police officers, Good Samaritans, toddlers, babies, which have been in these cities, where liberalism thrives, where progressive elected officials dwell. Well, they do not actually dwell there, they rule over the people, from across town and yet...the people continue to elect them!

We've seen enough of what they are all thank you!

No thank you, Bill, Hillary, Elizabeth, Barack, Chuck, Alexandria, Jill, Kamala, Bernie...Joe.

What you all are peddling, is dangerous to our health...Attorneys will be on television and radio, within a few months, asking the question, “have you been consuming what the Lefties have been selling?"

Walk away and seek help immediately!

Nowhere to Run to Baby - Nowhere to Hide

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 A B Williams


A B Williams (author) from Central Florida on August 21, 2020:

Thank you Shannon. I hoped to make it an interesting read and not a yawn fest like the Dem Convention. :)

I did, in fact, go back to check out what I may have missed and.....NADA!!

I think we are all ready for this to be over. However...I am looking forward to the Republican Convention and to the debates (if they actually happen) We shall see.

Thanks for taking the time to read my articles, always appreciated!

Shannon Henry from Texas on August 21, 2020:

Excellent writing here, Angie. It's well presented. I'm a bit pessimistic when it comes to politics lately. I've found that people do not really listen. I've got certain things I won't compromise on and that makes my choice of vote fairly easy even last time around when I didn't particularly like any candidate option. But "the squad" is youthful, compared to most representatives. I can see why so many people listen to them. They think they identify with their motives and their beliefs, but I've found that under the surface there isn't much in common with my core values. What's really scary are the people my age and younger that are aware of what's under the surface and that's exactly why they support he squad.

Oh, and by the way, you didn't miss it, unless I did to. There was no mention of rioting or looting or what to do about the police and American safety. Biden went on and on about why Trump is so bad. He said he'd like to bring unity if he were president, but not how he would go about doing that. His VP isn't enough to accomplish that, in my opinion, and democratic answers for social equality are not working anymore. But.....any white person trying to explain such a point of view is supposedly only speaking from a position of white privilege. And using an experience to the contrary as an example is also considered bad, apparently.

Anyway, I'm beginning to ramble. It's just discouraging. I can't wait until this election is over! Of course, it will only be a continuation of the last four years if Trump wins. More bashing and no bipartisan politics really happening for the greater good of the people.

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