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Profile of a Serial Killer - Part 3 - Bobby Joe Long


Leading normal lives, with wives, children, jobs, relatives, and friends. Waking up, going to work in the morning. Coming home, sitting down, having a family dinner with polite and restrained conversations. Then going out to kill. Do you think that the patients, and tenacity required to keep up this facade day after day, month after month, sometimes year after year, would be exhausting, or exhilarating? These men, these killers, most likely fantasizing about killing during every one of their polite and restrained conversations throughout the day.

In part three of this ten part series we look into the life of Bobby Joe Long. And once again will point to several factors prevalent in serial killers including confusion of sexual orientation, and troubled relations with parental figures.

90% of serial killers are white males between the ages of 25 and 35 years of age and have a higher than normal I.Q. Most ranging between 105, and 120, though several have been found with an I.Q. of around 140. Most heterosexual killers will kill women, and most homosexual killers will kill other men, all of whom fall into on of the following categories.

Gain - Wanting to gain money, or something of value from their killing.

Lust - The need for sexual conquest, usually driven by irrational desires.

Missionary - The need for killing comes from a belief that they are being called to "rid the world" of a certain type of person.

Power - Wanting to control their victims in very specific ways.

Thrill - Gets some excitement from killing and desires to repeat the process. These killers usually are patterned to a fault.

Visionary - Usually psychotic, and, or schizophrenic, these killers believe they are being told by someone (God, the devil, etc.) to kill, and must obey.


Bobby Joe Long

Born in Kenova, West Virginia in October of 1953, Bobby Joe Long had a very dysfunctional relationship with his mother, sharing her bed until his early teens. Rarely getting along with and usually resenting her many short term boyfriends through the years. Puberty, difficult for most teens was especially turbulent for Long as he was born with an extra X chromosome, causing him to grow breasts which led to severe teasing from his peers.

Free from the torments of school life, he married his high school girlfriend in 1974, together they had two children, but would file for divorce only four years later. This may have been the trigger for the beginning of his deviant lifestyle.

Beginning in 1981 Long became a serial rapist, known as the "Classified Ad Rapist". He would answer classified aids for small appliances, when he found a woman home along he would ask to use the bathroom. Once there he would take out a "rape kit" and brutally rape and rob the woman. His territory was wide, ranging as far south as Miami, and North to Ocala, spanning nearly 3/4 of the state. He was tried and convicted of rape in 1981 but was freed after requesting a new trial, and the charges being dropped. Back on the streets he relocated to Long Beach, California where he quickly resumed his abusive habits. He was never prosecuted by California for any rapes.

In 1983, Long returned to Florida, moving to HillsboroughCounty (Tampa Bay area) where his crimes escalated to murder. A serial killer was on the lose, who's signature was distinctive. The killer would pose his victims at the dump site in unusual manners after being bound and raped. But the method of death varied, some were strangled, others were bludgeonedto death, others had their throats slit. The victim was found in May of 1984. The killer was averaging a murder every two week.s Law enforcement agencies from all around the area teamed up to investigate the mourning number of serial killings in the area. The FBI joined local law enforcement by the summer of 84.

Long had also changed victims, moving away from the lone woman, turning to prostitutes and exotic dancers, but not exclusively.

Warning Signs

Dysfunctional relationship with mother

No relationship with father

Strenuous relationships with any other male influences

Not accepted by peers

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Additional X chromosome caused him to grow breasts alienating him from peers and potentially made him question his own manhood.

Lana Long

Lana Long

Michelle Simms

Michelle Simms

The Crimes

May 13th, 1984- Southeast of Tampa - the body of an Asian female victim is found lying face down near the I-75. She had been severely beaten, there were two different types of rope around her neck and wrists, and a silk cloth had been used as a gag. Both hips had been broken to allow her legs to be pulled out at right angles to her body. The cause of death was determined to be strangulation. She was later identified as Ngeun Thi Long - a.k.a. Lana Long. She was a 20 year old exotic dancer at the Sly Fox Lounge in Tampa Bay.

May 27th, 1984- Near Plant City Florida - Hillsborough County Sheriffs Officers respond to a call from a construction worker that a female body had been found. When arriving at the scene, investigators found grizzly details similar to a homicide earlier in the month. The woman, found nearly nude was bound with two different kinds of rope. Several cuts adorning her neck and cheek area, including a deep slash across the throat. The victim had suffered multiple head traumas with a large injury over her left ear. She had been dead only a half a day, cause of death was ruled to be asphyxiation and blunt trauma to the head.

She was identified as Michelle Dinese Simms, a 22 year old prostitute with a drug problem. But it seemed that matching tire impressions, and similar forensic evidence was bringing police closer to their killer. Hairs found at the scene were identified as belonging to a male Caucasian.



The facts of the case as detailed by the FBI profile of the murder scenes read;

  • The victims had to depend on others for transportation
  • The victims were essentially nude when found
  • The victims had been similarly bound, while one was posed
  • They had been picked up in Tampa
  • They had been left near interstate highways in rural areas
  • There were tire tread impressions at both scenes
  • They were found at quite a distance from where they were last seen
  • Carpet fibers confirmed the relationship of the crimes

The FBI profile of the killer listed the following attributes;

  • White male - probably mid 20's
  • Extroverted, and manipulative.
  • Organized - he would operate normally in society
  • Narcissistic - need to be the center of attention.
  • Macho self image - may have tattoos to reinstate that, or carry weapons.
  • In keeping with macho self image he most likely has had masculine jobs - i.e. construction.
  • No more than a high school education, though intelligent most likely had problems with the structure and discipline required for higher education.
  • Due to his lack of discipline he would also most likely have difficulty maintaining employment - he would have had multiple short-term jobs.
  • Probably delinquent as a child exhibiting rebelliousness, discipline problems.
  • May have a history of bed-wetting, arson, or animal cruelty.
  • His choice of car would be flashy, like a sports car.
  • Most likely already had a criminal record.
  • Would most likely be a police enthusiast and attempt to immerse himself in the investigation, both to deflect investigators from believing him a suspect, and to relive the crime.
  • He would kill again if not captured.
Elizabeth Loudenback

Elizabeth Loudenback

Chanel Williams

Chanel Williams

Karen Dinsfriend

Karen Dinsfriend

Kimberly Hoops

Kimberly Hoops

Virginia Johnson

Virginia Johnson

Kimberly Swann

Kimberly Swann

The Killings Continue

June 8th, 1984, the mother of 22 year old Elizabeth Loudenback reported her daughter missing, stating that she had gone for a walk and never returned. Two weeks later her body was found severely decomposed. She was not immediately linked to the serial killings because she had not been bound, and she did not fit the profile of the prior victims either being a prostitute, exotic dancer, or hitchhiker. She was later distinguished as the third victim after the same red fibers were found that matched the two prior killings.

Five months would pass before killings would begin again. Police may have begun to believe that he had been captured on some other crime, or was killed. But they couldn't be that lucky. On October 7th, 1984, the decomposing body of a young black female was found shoved under a barbed wire fence near Hillsborough State Park. Her clothing scattered around the area, the girl had been raped and then strangled before being shot in the back of the head. Recently released from prison, Chanel Devon Williams, 18 years of age was a known prostitute in the area. All forensic evidence pointed to the same killer that had already taken three lives at the beginning of the summer. Same red fibers, both A and H blood group from semen samples, and the same brown hair that had been found on previous victims.

One week later a fifthbody was found, her hands tied with a red bandanna, her neck with a shoelace. Raped and severely beaten, her battered torso exposed, her yellow sweatshirt pushed up around her neck was the only clothing she was wearing. All of her other articles of clothing were scattered about the area. Karen Beth Dinsfriend, 28 years of age was a known prostitute and drug addict. Identical forensic evidence found at the murder scene.

Two weeks later on Halloween night the mummified remains of Kimberly Kyle Hoops, a prostitute only 22 years of age was found in a ditch near US 301. The body so decomposed that it took weeks to identify the body, or tell if the killing had even taken place where the body was found. Cause of death was ruled to be strangulation, a black cloth choker she wore around her neck had been used to end her life.

One week later on November 6th a woman riding a horse on her ranch came across a grizzlyscene. Body parts strewn throughout the field, it appeared that some type of animal had gotten to the body. The medical examiner was able to determine that the cause of death was strangulation. She was later identified by the killer as 18 year old Virginina Lee Johnson, a prostitute from Tampa.

Only six days later yet another body was discovered. A loose leash-like noose tied around her neck, rope burns on her body, her clothing on the ground near her. Her face and upper body severely battered, her legs forced open for shock value. Dead two to three days, detectives found identical forensic evidence as every other victim. One main difference was that the killer had apparently defecated at the scene, leaving fecal matter on the victims shirt. Inside the jeans of the victim police discovered a drivers license for Sly Fox Lounge dancer Kim Marie Swann, 21 years old. With the bodies stacking up, the desperate police department redoubled their efforts to catch the killer who had obviously accelerated his killing schedule.


Lisa McVey

Lisa McVey

1978 Dodge Magnum (Not actual vehicle)

1978 Dodge Magnum (Not actual vehicle)

The Beginning of the End

On the night of November 3rd, 17 year old Lisa McVey was grabbed off of her bicycle and tied up by someone who had been hiding in the bushes. She was quickly blindfolded and bound before being thrown into a car. She begged and pleaded with the man not to hurt her saying that she would do whatever he wanted. He ordered her clothes removed and for her to perform oral sex on him. She complied, but was not released. After driving around for some time she was taken back to his apartment where he kept her hostage for the next 26 hours raping her repeatedly.

Keeping a level head, she left a baret near the bed, and made whatever mental notes she could to assure that the man could be captured, assuming she made it out alive. The man woke, and for some reason finding her still there, the man seemed to began to seem to trust her, his behavior towards the girl became less threatening, even making statements that he wished he could find a way to keep her.

Placing her back in the car, Lisa was sure that he was taking her to her death. To her surprise he stopped the car and said "get out", even saying "take care" as he drove away.

She hurried home and told her father what had happened, he immediately called police. Lisa described her killer to police as a white male in his mid 30's, with "layered" brown hair, thin eyebrows, a short mustache, a big nose, small ears, and good teeth. She stated that he was slightly overweight, and had come across as "somewhat feminine". She continued to describe the gun, the car, a dark red Dodge Magnum with an all red interior, even details about the inside of the apartment.

About two weeks later, Long was pulled over by Tampa police, they gave him a story about possibly matching a suspect of an unrelated crime, and so he allowed them to take his photograph before being released. With the information gained they were able to gather enough evidence for an arrest warrant.

Crime and Punishment

Evidence from the search confirmed Robert Long was their killer. The fibers from his car matched the fibers on all of the murder victims, his blood type matched, and detectives even found pictures he had taken of some of the rapes in his apartment. They also found some articles of womens clothing he had kept as souveniers. Bobby Joe Long was arrested on November 16th, 1984, charged with sexual battery and the kidnapping of Lisa McVey.

Nearly a year later, in September of 85, Long plead guilty to eight homicides, along with the abduction and rape of Lisa Mcvey for this received 26 life sentences without possibility of parole. He was also charged with the murder Michelle Simms in July of 1986, and for this he was also found guilty and was at that point sentenced to death by Florida's electric chair.

In total, Bobby Joe Long received one five year sentence, four 99 year sentences, 28 life sentences, and one death sentence.


KimberlyTola on June 07, 2018:

Msdetective, I used to see him at Ccs and at Brass Mug that was across street. I also worked at Sly Fox back then. It seems he only wanted to harm hookers and addicts. I served him many times at Sly Fox. And Library lounge. He was quiet and polite. Scary to think back

Rebecca on November 04, 2017:

Although your articles are very interesting and informative, I can't help but notice that you could really use a proofreader or an editor of sorts. I find myself very distracted by all the grammatical errors and misformed sentences. It seems like the difference between professional writing and amateur writing. But for that your articles would be good indeed.

Suzie from Carson City on August 11, 2017:

Drawn to these gruesome tales by curiosity and fascination with the human mind, this is an exceptionally horrendous recount of a serial killer. I have read information on Bobby Joe Long several years ago but appreciate the interesting refresher course.

It is my fervent hope that the medical/science community delve deeply into the research and study of the brains of these mentally deranged individuals.

Until this can be understood , it cannot be tolerated and allowed to continue. In the scientifically advanced world, it seems the only kind of person who would attempt to slide past the law with murder, would have to be nothing short of a moron. It's impressive that they were actually able to arrest, try and convict this Moronic madman. He had done more than enough damage!

It is interesting to read the comments left by people who literally KNEW him!!

Snakesmum on February 11, 2016:

One has to wonder what makes people do these things. Lisa was a very lucky and smart lady.

kat on October 25, 2015:

I am from Kenova WV,I shopped at his Moms clothing store for years,he was there a few times.She was a very nice lady.

Matthew I Crawford (author) from Greeley, Colorado on May 31, 2015:

i'm very sorry to hear about that, it must have been a horrible experience. I'm thankful that you survived a run in with a killer like Long. My heart and prayers go out to you to overcome that trauma.

Jamarbenson on October 27, 2013:

Did you know that Bobby Joe Long had a Motorcycle Accident in 1974

Matthew I Crawford (author) from Greeley, Colorado on March 30, 2013:

It staggers me that I've actually reached people who had contact with this man. I never thought when writing these articles that I would get these kind of responses.

msdetective - I feel for you, such devistation could break a person. Thank you for staying strong, continuing your life, and finding happiness.

Matthew I Crawford (author) from Greeley, Colorado on March 30, 2013:

Thats awful, I feel truly sorry for you and your family.

msdetective on February 25, 2013:

So tragic Kelli your aunt has had enough pain for 1,000 people. A parent not a child now two, one to murder the other to cancer, should die first. The Lion King is the circle of life it shouldn't be the opposite way around. Having lived in Tampa, FL for 33 years I think I actually saw Bobby Joe Long stalking me at CC's Bar & Lounge in 1983 on Fletcher Avenue in North Tampa. I remember he tried to send over a drink I refused the ONLY time in my life then he stared at me making me feel uncomfortable. Leaving CC's I turned around once I was in the parking lot going to my car he followed me outside then left in his car. I feel badly for your innocent cousin & Lisa McVey the only survivor. All the other girls were victims of living a destructive lifestyle. You live by the sword, you die by the sword. Still not one should've been tortured to death. Myself after getting kidnapping by an Outlaws gang member for hours then two date rapes (roofies were involved) add a kidnapping from Tampa to Plant City then another brutal attack with injuries the attacker crashed my car leaving it disabled I feel grateful I survived moving from Bucks County a teenage girl very deeply religious then terrible things happened. I became very promiscuous feeling worthless that could've been me. I even remember driving my car the wrong way up the one way ramp to the interstate heading to St. Pete. to Tampa. Sometimes even now I have nightmares all these years later as I try to r-e-l-a-x in paradise in Hawaii. Some bad things have happened to my daughters while to living in the Aloha State so now I have to take Xanax daily plus have med. marijuana. My one daughter a Make A Wish girl went to California to escape the drama on the islands. The younger daughter now in high school smokes marijuana daily to be able to handle life on the islands. Some disappear mostly on the other side of the island without a trace as they're tossed into the ocean or a lava rock. Newspapers won't cover the missing so it doesn't scare off tons of tourists. Murders go unsolved UNLESS like the Dante Peter Gilman murder (his dad wrote Diamond Head a movie & book critical of the HI police) it's on video tape. Mean pit bulls tied up 22 hours a day then let loose to bite a human or any thing that moves of course dogs & cats are their favorite prey. It's not the peaceful Hawaiians it's the locals who have not ONE ounce of Hawaiian blood that hate Haoles (whites). This is the REAL Hawaii. Aloha

karina on November 26, 2012:

it good

Kelli Mehring on March 28, 2012:

Loundenback was my cousin and my dad her uncle and my aunt her mother still feel the pain everyday. My aunt just lost another daughter a couple weeks ago to she questions why...why is she out living her kids!

Matthew I Crawford (author) from Greeley, Colorado on May 09, 2011:

Me too. I'm trying to understand along with what causes people to kill, why we, as a society, are so fascinated with them as well.

Thanks for reading.

mommyneal6 from Illinois on May 09, 2011:

I remember this! Great hub! I love reading about these things, it helps to educate myself what people can do.

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