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Priti Patel: Taking the Knee, Is Gesture Politics.

Home Secretary, Priti Patel.


We have seen the phenomenon, of England, taking the knee. England the national football team and indeed, in the Premier League, we have seen teams, doing this gesture.

For the unenlightened, taking the knee is linked to Black Lives Matter or BLM. The black movement supposedly, linked, to civil rights for black people. Many in the movement are genuine in their fight for equality, however, like any movement, there are the extremists.

The gesture was originally done, by black American sportsmen and women. The movement and gesture seemed to die down, then it was revived with the awful murder of black American, George Floyd. Since then, black, mixed-race, white, and other races, in sport have taken the knee. This has been primarily, though not exclusively, in football.

Some teams, in the Euros, have decided to take the knee, in support of racial equality. Others have not and it is very much a conscious decision, individually or collectively or indeed, both.

Spain, for example, has chosen not to follow in the England team's gesture, of taking the knee. Most of Spain's team is white, with only 3 black players. Many Spanish fans have taken the motto: "If you see Spain, taking the knee, turn off the TV".

Priti Patel was asked by the new media station, 'GB News', about her opinion of taking the knee and some fans, booing. Priti Patel seemed to say, that fans should have the right to boo, as much as players have, for taking the knee. In a sense, in as much as I do agree with everything Ms. Patel says, she is right. In a supposedly, pluralistic society like the UK, people should have the right to support something as not, to support something. Also, many feel politics, should be kept out of sport just as many, feel sporting events are a good stage, to support causes. What is wrong with today's society, is that everyone is expected to support a certain cause, and if they do not, they are regarded as outlaws, racists, misogynists, etc. Our society has become, intolerant of the intolerant, we now have a North Korean one-party state, mentality.

Priti Patel stated that taking the knee is gesture politics only and does not, tackle racism. She attacked, history revisionists, for wanting to take down statues, etc, as trying to re-write history. Her line of reasoning is this, the woke generation is trying to re-write history and you cannot. Many of us today, condemn actions of the past, which is all well and good, but we have to realise, in past times, people thought differently.

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Boris Johnson, when asked about booing, simply said, fans should get behind the team, whether they agreed with taking the knee, or not.

It would seem, there is a difference of opinion and that is fine, between Boris and as some see her, the straight-talking Priti Patel.

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