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Prince William Attacks Space Race and Space Tourism.

Prince William.


William Shatner, became Captain Kirk for real when he rode in a rocket that took him, to the edge of space. Shatner, 90, became the oldest man ever to ride to the outskirts of space, where he experienced weightlessness. Shatner landed safely and became very emotional, thanking Amazon owner and billionaire, Jeff Bezos. Bezos has been taking people, (mainly those who could pay, it would appear), into the highest point in the atmosphere to experience the edge of space and look back at our blue globe.

Bezos, Branson, Musk, etc, seem to be making 'space tourism', a thing. Many have criticized these billionaires, for flying around in their spacecraft with their rich buddies, because they can. Amazon is a multi-multi-billon Dollar outfit that has made Jeff Bezos one of the richest men on the planet. However, the working conditions at Amazon for its workers have been criticized. Amazon, seemingly, in response has been airing ads, saying how wonderful it is to work for Bezos. That working for Amazon gives you a great work/life balance.

The Duke of Cambridge, Prince William has spoken out against the space race and space tourism. The air to the Throne said great minds and brains should be thinking of schemes, to fix, this planet. Instead of looking for some other place in the universe, to go and inhabit. The Prince has launched a scheme, where he encourages people, to step forward with solutions for climate change, etc.

William was speaking to the BBC, as he launched his scathing statement, about space travel. The Prince referenced the Cop26 convention where the world's nations will be gathering to talk about the state of our planet. This is taking place in Glasgow, Scotland.

The Prince said he does not, want to see his son, Prince George, in 30 years' time speaking about the same thing, as he is now. In other words, if Prince George, as an adult is addressing the issue of climate change, etc, our planet will be further down the road to destruction. The Cop26 must address the issues facing the planet. The Prince outlined that those present must not just concern themselves, with clever words or speeches, but follow it up with real action.

The Millenials and Generation Z generations, come under attack, from the older generations as being shallow and materialistic. While this may be true, there are also, many in these age groups, who are anxious, about their future coinciding with the future of our world. The Prince also, referenced, the worries of these generations.

It seems the Royal family, is moving in an environmental direction, at least the younger generation. Of course, William is not the first Royal to highlight, the dangers of what is happening to our planet. Charles was speaking about such things years ago. When he spoke about such things, he was dismissed as an eccentric and a nutter. The late Duke of Edinburgh, also, highlighted the human race's effect on our world and the other species, we share it with. And, while it might be right and correct, to call out the Royal's for living lavish lifestyles and hunting, they were and are correct in what they said and say.

There are thousands of people, unknowns, who have been and are, voicing concerns. Many will attack people like Charles, William, and even Sir David Attenborough, for their privileged position. However, those privileged positions allow these people to speak out against the effects of our species on this world and that, can only be a good thing, in the long run.

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