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Prince Charles: Environmentalist for 50 Years.

Prince Charles.


While speaking at a meeting for world leaders in Rome, Prince Charles, put his envrironmental credentials to the fore. It was a message that the Heir to the Throne, has been nursing for 50 years. The Prince when he mentioned he talked to plants, was seen at best, as an eccentric or at worst, a nutter.

But it seems as the Rome meeting closed where the climate crisis was discussed and COP26 in Glasgow begins, the Prince was right, after all. Never a stranger to controversy, the Prince has also spoken out on such things as architecture. The Prince has written letters to governments outling his views, on certain subjects.

The Prince on speaking out on various issues, has to some, behaved in a very un-Prince like way. The Royals, traditionally, are not supposed to voice their views, especially when it comes to politics. However, Charles has been, the exception to the norm.

While some welcome a high profile Royal airing their views, (as Charles does), some think it is unbecoming of a Royal to spout their views, in public. Some Royalists will welcome the Prince's foray into politics, while others will think it most, undignified. Those who are republican and especially, if they happen to be environmentalists, may or may not welcome the Princes view. Whiles others in society who don't think of themselves as Royalist or Republican, probably could not care less.

The Prince will welcome world leaders attending the COP26 conference in Glasgow. He is expected to announcxe that the world should be on a war footing to meet the challenges, of the climate crisis. He will state that we must behave as if going to war, initiating a vast military enterprise, metaphorically speaking, to tackle climate change.

Of course, Boris will be there and he has already outlined that time is running out for us, on climate change. It is already, welll known, his father Stanley Johnson, is a committed environmentalist. How genuine, Boris is though, as with many things, is open to question.

Prince Charles is expected to rally business leaders, to do more, to help the climate crisis. Asking them to pledge and donate trillions of their finance, to tackle the climate crisis.

The Royals in general, have never been slow in coming forward, when it comes to the environment. Prince Philip, always espoused how we should respect our planet and other species on it. Prince William, along with Sir David Attenborough has launched an intitiative called 'Earth Shot'. To encourage people to do something about climate change and to get involved. Even the Queen, allegedly said she felt frustrated, over the lack of progress when it came the climate crisis. Some Royal destracters, however, may rightly question how the Royals on one hand, hold strong environmentalist views and yet, still go hunting. In their minds, the two cannot possibly sit well together.

It matters not, whether the Royals, support them or not, should speak on such issues. Sometimes it can be refreshing, to hear another voice on such things as the climate crisis, rather than politicians all the time. In a way, it is good, to know our future Monarch and other Royals do hold views. It is good to see, they have opinions on important issues, rather than just being souless, individuals.

In the long run, it matters not, who is making all these speeches at COP26. These so-called dignitaries can speak all they like, what matters now is action. Some countries turning up to COP26 will be seriously committed to stopping climate change. Some may be halfhearted, while others for their own reasons, will pretend to go along with it or not hide their opposition to it.

When COP26 is over and hopefully, some agreement is made to counter climate change, time will tell, what good will come from this, if any at all.

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