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Primal Scene

Aydasara Ortega Torres is a Faculty Member of Psychology, Research Methods and Statistics.

Primal Scene


The Media

“All societies end up wearing masks.” Jean Baudrillard

Over the last few years, social networks have incessantly shown that while some hide behind anonymity to spread hate, others come together to help their neighbor or to raise their voices.

“Forgetting extermination is part of extermination.”

Social media by itself doesn’t generate social movements - arguably - but it is an ideal platform for their gestation.

“Should one make oneself more mediatic than the media?”

The Cause

There are some keys to the success of digital activism campaigns, for example:

  • Structure: the participants have ways of involvement, actions to be carried out and responsibilities. The result is as important as the process.
  • “Glocal”: they connect the local or national with the global, and this happens largely thanks to social networks and other communication channels that have no borders.
  • Specific and clear objectives.
  • Awareness that successes are not individual, but collective.
  • Long-term strategy where other campaigns and actions are combined: a small flame can become a fire.
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  • An economic, social or political movement that gives more visibility to the cause.

“To choose the wrong strategy is a serious matter. All the movements that only play on liberation, emancipation, on the resurrection of a subject of history, of the group, of the word based on “consciousness raising” [...] do not see that they are going in the direction of the system, whose imperative today is precisely the overproduction and regeneration of meaning and of speech.”

The Actions

The question here is how to do it authentically so that the actions are part of an identity as drivers of positive change in society.

“You could almost feel their energy in a dark room and be moved by the powerful touch of their ideas.”

A first step would be to see these movements not as a simple temporary trend or a hashtag, but as a reflection of what is really happening in the world and of a specific problem to be addressed.

Likewise, good intentions must be translated into concrete actions that impact change.

“A visible past, a visible continuum …”

The Movement

We must see consistency as a tactic. Negative comments may be received at first, but we have to keep going, be constant, and show that we are involved because we really believe in the movement and in the people who are part of it.

“Chance does not exist.”

Let's open the conversation and exchange ideas on how to create initiatives with adequate research, strong voices and an authentic digital communication strategy.

“The crucial thing is not to have sweeping views of the future, but to know where to plant your primal scene.”

⦿ Quotes by Jean Baudrillard.
⦿ Mixed media by Aydasara Ortega Torres and Rubén Rivera Matos.

Midnight Oil

© 2022 Aydasara Ortega Torres

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