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Presidents of the Past

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Presidents of the USA

With Donald Trump being a steaming topic since being elected as president of the United States of America, I figured a glance in the past at prior president's would suit some people's curiosities.

I enjoy researching all different sorts of topics, and while my midnight mind was pondering thoughts, this is what I came up with.


Presidents of the USA

While the head of the White House is assumed to keep a crystal clear life free of any bad publicity or partaking in anything of possible poor taste, this throughout history has rarely occurred.

We'll start with an obvious

  • Bill Clinton

Everybody's heard it, Bill Clinton's time was full of scandal and betrayal. The press had a field day with him.

Back in 1995 he began an affair with a Monica Lewinsky (Clinton approx 49 at the time) She was an unpaid intern in the White House that summer, and by winter had earned herself a paid internship. The affair was so obvious that by 1996 Monica was moved to the pentagon due to rising concerns about the amount of time she was spending with the president. When she was moved there she later ended up confiding in a "friend" Linda Tripp about the ongoing affair with Mr Clinton. Linda ended up secretly recording these conversations and sharing them later on. When the relationship became involved in a court hearing and the "couple" denied having any type of relationship, they were later charged with perjury due to lying to the courts.

The fact their relationship was brought up in court was due to the fact Clinton was being accused in a sexual harassment case of a State employee, Paula Jones. The event's happened prior to being elected as president, but nonetheless, just as disturbing. She wouldn't be the only woman to accuse the president of sexual harassment neither, as later on a Kathleen Willey would come forward, as well as a Juanita Broaddrick. All this would ultimately lead to the impeachment that would end his term as president of the USA.

He also was suspected of having his hands in terrorism. Many suspecting he was the main reason Bin Laden was able to avoid capture and grow stronger.

Bill's wife, Hillary Clinton, AKA Killary is no better, perhaps having even dabbled in terrorism more so than her loser husband. Not pro Trump, but we were definitely fortunate to dodge having her as president. If the USA is going to have a female president, let it be someone more worthy than Killary.


A lot of people seem to find pleasure in believing that the Obama administration was unlike the others and not corrupt, but long behold, they were in fact corrupt.

He lied about lowering health care premiums by $2500, He told citizens if they liked their current health care they could keep it, only to later on change his mind and deny the fact he ever promised to allow them to keep it in the first place. He promised not to raise taxes for anyone with an income under 250,000. That's just a pinch of the handfuls of lies the Obama administration made.

The only difference between the Obama's and the Clinton's is that they seemed to be more discrete about it vs the Clinton's who left a lengthy paper trail of their scandals.

John F Kennedy and his wife, Nellie

John F Kennedy and his wife, Nellie


John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, was assassinated in November of 1963. Breaking most of America's heart. John was riding beside his wife through a parade, when he was assassinated, his death was captured on camera as many news stations were live filming the president rolling through the parade.

Lee Harvey Oswald was charged in connection with the Death of Kennedy in just over an hour after the shooting. Many claim to say that Kennedy could've been one of the greatest presidents, and that he was killed for stepping on too many toes as the president and not buying into agendas. Oswald was later killed by another person while in hospital who was also caught and charged.

He was the fourth president to be assassinated. There's so many different conspiracies surrounding the late president's death it's too hard to be sure what truly did happen. Although i'm sure more happened than the media is going to let us in on. Somethings we will just truly never know.

The end

It's clear to see that even with all the power in the world, mistakes can still be made, and lives can be ruined, and happiness unreached.

We're currently watching Donald Trump unfold in history, as i'm sure future generations will be going back on his time. While many past presidents had their scandals, i'm unsure as to how they will weigh up against Trump's by the end of his presidency.. So here's to sitting back, sipping some tea, and watching history unfold.

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