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Presidents of the United States

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1. George Washington - best overall President in this country's history, only one who actually won the freedom of its existence and with insurance of Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton set implementation to preserve it... he also set a precedent no President followed and that is being one without political affiliation being completely nonpartisan and independent. With assurance of his puppet master Alexander Hamilton forewarned against political party spirit and excessive regionalism in his farewell address.

2.John Adams- Didn't have much to offer, but since he was Washington's handpicked successor essentially putting him ahead of Thomas Jefferson in a highly bitter partisan contested election launching the political party system President Washington forewarned against. South Carolina's Thomas Pinckney almost became known as our 2nd President thanks to puppeteer Alexander Hamilton. Adams was also a father to a President and of course First Lady Abigail Adams was the first to be a wife and mother to a President.

3.Thomas Jefferson- Died on July 4th same exact day as John Adams and of course same day we celebrate our Independence. On his tombstone he mentions Author of Declaration of Independence, of the Statute of Virginia for Religious Freedom, and the Father of the University of Virginia. No mention of being President. His greatest accomplishment was of course the Louisiana Purchase and not so greatest was fathering a slave child.

4.James Madison- Very well one of this country's worst Presidents determined on the scale of war on the homeland. War abroad and depressions at home are not as devastating as death at home. Albeit the British were coming regardless, but we cant give discredit to someone else while happening under his watch. The Capitol and White House were burned to the ground, Dolley Madison perhaps the true hero of this administration preserving and saving George Washington's illustrious portrait before fleeing.

5.James Monroe- Only President besides George Washington who ran unopposed for a second term. Thankfully one elector abstained leaving the preservation to President Washington's unanimous victory and precedent. He presided over a period of Good Feeling and exercised his right to freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and first amendment right by appearing before Congress issuing his message of forewarning European powers against intervention in the Western Hemisphere in what became known as the Monroe Doctrine.

6.John Quincy Adams- First son of a President to be President. John's First Lady Louisa Adams was the only First Lady born outside of the United States. He was a wily fellow and a tremendous post-President as he continued to publicly serve in the House of Representatives after being President. Amen :)

7.Andrew Jackson- He mowed down the Indians. Threatened to hang South Carolinians over treason for not complying with a tariff policy. First President to have experienced an attempt on his life as he fought off an assailant with his cane, and the only time this country has never had a National Debt was during his term in 1835.

8.Martin Van Buren- Andrew Jackson's handpicked successor. Jackson wanted his policies continued so much he even considered resigning during his term to give Van Buren a leg up in the next election. Civil War drums really began to drum during his term, went for President three times unsuccessfully after leaving office.

9.William Henry Harrison- First President to die in office after giving over an hour and a half long inaugural address in the cold sleet without a coat on. A lot of historians believe he as well as subsequent Presidents were cursed by Tecumseh in the Battle of Tippecanoe putting an end to Indian resistance. The curse lasted subsequently all the way up to Ronald Reagan who barely broke the curse.

10.John Tyler- First President to marry while President. His previous wife had died and he then courted and married 24 year old Julia Gardiner 30 years his junior and 5 years junior to his eldest daughter. He was an accidental President of course taking over after William Henry Harrison & he was abandoned by the Whig Party and thus was practically an Independent President and he very much sympathized with the south from beginning all the way until the end.

11.James K Polk- Polk coined the term dark horse when he came from nowhere to claim his party's nomination and presidency. Dubbed "Young Hickory" for his admiration of President Jackson and his continued legacy was perhaps one of the most successful one term Presidents signing the already put in place plan from previous Tyler Administration expanding the continental U.S. all the way to the west coast and also acquiring Texas and much of the southwest after winning the Mexican War.

12.Zachary Taylor- Polk probably would have stayed on for another term if he knew this drooling buffoon would be succeeding him, but it didn't last long with this General as he drained some berries with a pitcher of ice milk causing explosive diarrhea and vomiting making him the second President to die in office. Zachary Taylor rather of died as a president than as a general and he got his wish.

13.Millard Fillmore- He married his teacher and then a wealthy widow after that. After not receiving the nomination for his party for another term, years later after meeting with former President Martin Van Buren in London(very neat for Fmr Presidents to meet) and meeting with Pope Pius IX he received word he was nominated by the Know-Nothing Party for President which he came in third to James Buchanan only winning 8 electoral votes from Maryland.

14.Franklin Pierce- Perhaps our most noble President as well as one of our most handome fellows as President. His first and second child died at infancy and at age four respectively leaving their only surviving offspring Bennie. Unfortunately two months before his inauguration as President-elect while traveling on a train to a funeral their passenger car broke loose down an embankment leaving Bennie as the only casualty at the age of 12 something First Lady Jane Appleton Pierce had never gotten completely over. Even despite this he still served his country courageously by passing the most noble piece of legislation this country has ever passed preventing Civil War when he secured the passage and signed the Kansas-Nebraska Act. His biggest intentional blunder was not acquiring Cuba as a territory of U.S. in the Ostend Manifesto, but made up for it in his post-Presidency Civil War rhetoric. He denounced the war policy of President Lincoln, "fearful, fruitless, fatal civil war . . . prosecuted . . . upon the theory of emancipation, devastation, subjugation." Appalled by the carnage on both sides, he wondered "How futile are all our efforts to maintain the Union by force of arms." And I am here to add and proudly say this, President Pierce accomplished this and President Lincoln did not.

15.James Buchanan- The only President not to be married. He like Martin Van Buren who was #8 all the way up to Buchanan at #15 prevented Civil War. Even Buchanan realized secession was better than war as he overlooked an act of aggression from the South when they seized Fort Sumter in South Carolina.

16.Abraham Lincoln- He did not get President Washington’s memo in his farewell address making him up to this goal in the year 2021 the worst President of the United States. Not only did he not read it, he murdered it by prosecuting the Civil War while also founding the Republican Party. Previously mentioned during James Madison’s term at #4, depression at home and war abroad does not compare to war at home. The most death and carnage at home during this country’s history was during the Civil War under Abraham Lincoln’s watch and prosecution. My token 16th President will always be Confederate President Jefferson Davis who President Carter in 1978 restored citizenship to. In consequence of his prosecution of the war, Lincoln received what was coming to him in Ford’s Theatre by John Wilkes Booth becoming the first President to be assassinated. Plus the winner of the Civil War ought to receive or deport the slaves, not free them and allow their onslaught and overthrow of the government just as the British intended when they traded them to the United States in the first place.

17.Andrew Johnson- Perhaps this country's poorest President. A remarkable story rising from extreme poverty to President. He was the first President to be impeached but was not removed and over 50 years later vindicated by Chief Justice William Howard Taft when he penned the President has the power to remove members of the executive branch without Senate approval facilitating his power as the chief executive of the branch allowing him to best perform his duties. Johnson was impeached for dismissing War Secretary Edwin Stanton from his cabinet. In his post-Presidency Johnson was the only former President to serve in the Senate under his successor President Grant. The two of them did not share a same buggy on Inauguration Day upon transition. Very trendy :)

18.Hiram Grant- General Grant the sole reason the Union was preserved formally accepted honorable General Robert Lee's formal surrender. Ironically he knew to be absent in Abraham Lincoln's booth at Ford's Theatre the night he was assassinated. Big time whiskey drinker and cigar smoker. Actually when asked about Grant's drinking, Lincoln stated, “Tell me what brand of whiskey that Grant drinks. I would like to send a barrel of it to my other generals.” Riding the boon of his success during Civil War, his Presidency was largely uneventful marked by boring scandal. Julia Grant, his wife, who was cross-eyed and the ugliest First Lady passed away on same day as President Washington. Without precedent he was the first President to seek a third term.

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19.Rutherford B Hayes- Very polite, dapper, and effeminate. A good conversationalist as well as a keen observer of human nature. He became President even despite losing the popular vote to Samuel J Tilden and winning the election after a partisan 15-man electoral commission handed him all of the electoral college votes in dispute. He negotiated the removal of all reconstruction troops from the South and promised to serve only one-term to soothe his election.

20.James Garfield- Second President to be assassinated. It wasn't so much the bullet that killed him fired from Charles J Guiteau, who was an unhappy supporter denied a diplomatic post, but infection and blood posioning that set in after the doctors used unsterilized utensils and supplies while trying to dig out the bullet causing him to die two months later after being shot.

21.Chester A Arthur- A man of mutton chops. Although he dated various women as a young man, Arthur was not seriously involved with any woman before meeting his wife. His wife died before Arthur became President when he was sworn-in by a judge in his 123 Lexington Avenue apartment building in New York, New York preventing interregnum. After taking over for Garfield, sought compromise in lowering tariffs and he revitalized and revamped the U.S. Navy which would be utilized by future Presidents.

22.Grover Cleveland- Possibly father of an illegitimate child with Maria Halpin. Halpin kept company with various men, although unsure of the child's paternity, Grover accepted responsibility rather than burden the other potential fathers, all of whom were married. This came up in his campaign for President. Grover at 27 met his future wife Frances Folsom shortly after she was born taking an avuncular interest in the child, buying her a baby carriage and otherwise doting on her as she grew up. When her father died in a buggy accident in 1875 without having provided a will, the court appointed Cleveland administrator of his estate bringing the two even closer together when Frances was 11. While she was in college and while he was President, Grover's feelings took a romantic turn and proposed to her via letter soon after graduation. 5 days later they got married in the first ever White House wedding in the Blue Room. Being the youngest first lady ever subjected her to intense public scrutiny and gossip with paparazzi in one occurrence causing a fence to collapse while taking photographs. After President Cleveland lost re-election, Frances warned White House staff not to change any of the furniture, drapes, or decorations because they would return in four years. Wait until #24 to find out if she was correct.

23.Benjamin Harrison- Grandson to #9 William Henry Harrison. On election night he went to bed without knowing if he would become President, stating it would irregardlessly have an affect on who won, either he'd need the rest for a big day ahead if he won or he would be able to go back to sleep if he didn't. He won. He passed a largely ineffective anti-trust act, a gold depleting silver purchase act, and then worst of all passed the McKinley Tariff Act setting the tariff rate at a whopping 48 percent which severely impeded and crippled the economy.

24.Grover Cleveland- Frances was correct, the only President to serve two non-consecutive terms at #22 and #24. A remarkable rematch between both Presidents Harrison and President Cleveland took a somber turn when First Lady Caroline Harrison died suddenly and both candidates ceased campaigning. Americans remembered the prosperity during Cleveland's first term, but since the damage had been done by President Harrison's McKinley Tariff the ramifications were really felt during Cleveland's second term when the Panic of 1893 ensued followed by a four year Depression. With gold reserves being depleted by Harrison's silver purchase act, Cleveland secured its repeal and sought the stabilization of the country's currency by keeping it on the gold standard. "The people of the United States are entitled to a sound and stable currency and to money recognized as such on every exchange and in every market of the world." Long committed to a low tariff as well, Cleveland allowed an act to become binding without his signature lowering McKinley's Tariff Act from 48 percent to 41 percent even despite adding a federal income tax which was declared unconstitutional all of the way up until William McKinley, the author of all of this became President when the federal income tax was reinstated.

25.William McKinley- Known as a Protectionist President won with a front-porch campaign basically meaning he stayed home the entire time relying on other supporters and surrogates to get the message out and giving occasional speeches from his front-porch to crowds who came to see him. Primary author of the McKinley Tariff Act during the Harrison Administration which primarily was the cause of the Panic of 1893 during Cleveland's second administration, McKinley reinstated the tariff back up to 46% but thankfully from Cleveland's influence the Gold Standard Act became formalized stablizing the currency and offsetting more Depression. Domestics weren't only issues on McKinley's gamet as perhaps this country's first overseas War involving Spain's oppression of Cuba. After Congress declaring war, McKinley took strong advantage of the US Navy instituted by President Arthur, handily destroying both Spain's Pacific and Atlantic fleets. Shortly after winning re-election, McKinley was assassinated by Leon F. Czolgosz. After being shot and seeing his assailant being pummeled to the ground, McKinley in a noble act of forgiveness cried out, "Don't let them hurt him." Sure enough over a month later after McKinley's death he was sent to the electric chair and later sulfuric acid was poured over his corpse to accelerate decomposition. After being the third President to be assassinated, Secret Service began detailing the President more extensively.

26.Theodore Roosevelt- An avid explorer and Safari hunter. At age 41, he was the youngest to become President, the age requirement is 35. "Speak softly, and carry a big stick, you will go far" was his Presidential philosophy. Opened the Panama Canal and established the Roosevelt Corollary forwarning any international intervention in the Western Hemisphere. Really turned President Harrison's antitrust measure from nothing into something by being big business and monopolies worst nightmare. After being unhappy with his handpicked successor Howard Taft, Roosevelt became the second former President to run for a third term and ran under the Bull Moose Party which only siphoned votes away from Howard Taft handing the election to Woodrow Wilson. En route to a stump speech former President Roosevelt was shot in the breast where he had a doubled-over pages of his prepared speech in his pocket, a metal spectacle case, causing the infliction to not be as severe as it could have been enabling him to still give his 1-hour speech, and perhaps aware of how President Garfield died elected not to have the bullet dug out.

27.William Howard Taft- At 334lbs was America's fattest President. Notably he was stuck in a White House bathroom tub and needed staff assistance to get out. Burly mustache. Sashay dancer. Established a covert "Taft Corollary". Wasn't too happy with his mentor President Roosevelt running against him causing him to lose re-election. In his post-Presidency served as Chief Justice on the Supreme Court where he penned there are inherent and implied powers in the Constitution for the executive branch plus two different views of executive power that have been articulated by himself not as President but as Chief Justice in one "strong president" view, favored by President Roosevelt that essentially stated Presidents may do anything not specifically prohibited by the Constitution. The other, "weak president" view, favored by President Taft, that essentially stated that Presidents may only exercise powers specifically granted by the Constitution or delegated to the President by Congress under one of its enumerated powers.

28.Woodrow Wilson- First name was Thomas, but elected to go with his middle name as his first giving his name a nice ring of alliteration to it. Two wives. First one died as First Lady, second one married and became First Lady. Both were subjected to malicious gossip for lack of respect for the memory of his first wife and even rumours that he and the second First Lady murdered the first First Lady. With these rumours flying around, President Wilson offered Edith the opportunity to back out of their engagement, which she spurned the idea by saying she would stand by him not for duty, pity, or honour, but for love. The two wed and she served as the most power wielding First Lady in history. Largely in part due to Wilson suffering a stroke and serving as his gatekeeper. Many thought he was dead and she was running the country. On June 28, 1914 19-year-old Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip assassinated Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary causing World War I, in at which Germany continued, and the United States finished. World War I of course served as precursor to World War II. To curb this President Wilson sought to create a League of Nations which the Senate refused, but later became the model for the United Nations.

29.Warren G. Harding- elected in a smoke-filled room to be the Republican Nominee and became President with a front-porch campaign. He had extramarital affairs with Carrie Phillips and Nan Britton. The 15-year intermittent affair with Carrie Phillips, wife of his longtime friend James Phillips, began in Marion, OH in spring of 1905 while Mrs. Harding was in Columbus undergoing treatment for a kidney ailment and Mr. Phillips was soothing his nerves at the Battle Creek sanitarium. For many years neither of their spouses suspected a thing, even though the two couples often met socially and even traveled as a foursome, sailing to Europe together in 1909 and to Bermuda in 1911. It seemed the perfect affair until Carrie began pressing Harding to leave his wife. He refused and nevertheless the affair continued all the way til Harding won the Republican presidential nomination, to prevent scandal upsetting a potential landslide, the Republican National Committee sent Mr. and Mrs. Phillips on a free, slow trip to Japan and gave them $20,000 plus modest monthly payment for their compliance. This was not the juiciest of William Harding's affairs. Even while seeing Carrie Phillips, Harding sharing same birthday as President Polk also was registering into hotels with his "niece" Nan Britton, a cute blonde more than 30 years younger than Harding and by whom he had a daughter :) From her freshman year in high school in 1910, Nan had a crush on Harding and plastered his campaign posters on her bedroom walls. The affair began when she wrote then Senator Harding for his assurance in finding a job. As an inept president, was something he didnt mind hearing, Harding obligingly got her a position as a stenographer at U.S. Steel Corporation. She expressed her gratitude on July 30, 1917 at a hotel in lower Manhattan. In January 1919 on a couch in his Senate office, Nan conceived Harding's child and was born in Asbury Park, New Jersey 9 months later. Harding apparently saw his daughter only in photographs but paid Nan generous child support, hand delivered by trustworthy Secret Service agents. The couple continued their intimacy while Harding was President, at times making love in a 25-square-foot closet near the President's office in the White House. Very wary of her husband, Mrs. Harding in a cross-country voyage in Palace Hotel, San Francisco, California allegedly posioned him and Harding became the 6th President to die in office. Mrs. Harding refused permission for an autopsy of the President.

30.Calvin Coolidge- A man of few words, at a gala, a woman came up to him and said i bet i can get more than two words out of you, Silent Cal's witty response, "You lose." Shy by nature, Silent Cal slept til noon each day, and 2 hours of nap in afternoon if he didn't achieve his 11 hours of sleep. Plain and simple, Calvin Coolidge presided over the most prosperous period in this country's history during the Roaring Twenties. He knew to cut taxes keeping them low, veto excessive subsidies, and replenish the country's coffers by leaving the economy to the likes of entrepreneurs Thomas Edison and Henry Ford driving an unprecedented economic boom. Much like President Pierce, Coolidge suffered the loss of a son as President, "When he went, the power and the glory of the Presidency went with him." and also the country as he did not seek another term leaving the devastating Hawley-Smoot Tariff to pass under his successor President Hoover causing the country to feel the depression he was feeling for his son with a Great Depression of their own.

31.Herbert Hoover- A brilliant businessman and richest one to become President. Beginning as a mining engineer in Coolgardie, Australia he built his estimated net-worth up to an estimated $4 million. While away in Australia, Hoover cabled a marriage proposal to Lou Henry, which she promptly accepted by return wire. As President he signed Hawley-Smoot Tariff the highest tariff in the nation's history causing all world trade to suffer after a global tariff war ensued causing the Great Depression. In his post-Presidency, Hoover was remarkable. During this time, he chastised President Roosevelt's New Deal especially his decisions to go off the gold standard which prolonged the Depression, recognition of the Soviet Union, and his attempt to pack the Supreme Court. In 1938 he met with Adolf Hitler, whom he found "partly insane, but intelligent and well informed." In his most prominent activity in retirement, appointed by President Truman, he streamlined and consolidated government making it more efficient creating tighter lines of authority from office of the President to the rest of the executive branch. Hoover died AFTER President Kennedy, who I doubt even knew was still around.

32.Franklin Delano Roosevelt- "Todo" First President to serve more than two terms, breaking President Washington's precedent, he won four, served three, dying at the beginning of his fourth. Served a total of 12 years as President. Perhaps the most tumultuous Presidency because of its length covering the Great Depression all the way through World War II. He passed sustaining governmental programs in the New Deal putting people back to work but ultimately Japan's Pearl Harbor invasion, which FDR welcomed as a springboard to jump into World War II, propelled the U.S. Economy out of Depression. FDR had an extramarital affair with Lucy Page Mercer. Once First Lady Eleanor caught wind of it and threatened divorce, FDR agreed to end the relationship. Despite his promise, the affair continued with Lucy frequenting the White House when Eleanor was out of town and even was with the President when he was fatally stricken at Warm Springs, Georgia, but was quickly hustled away before Eleanor arrived. FDR became the 7th President to die in office.

33.Harry Truman- After his predecessor's four-term Presidency, Truman supported a Constitutional Amendment limiting future Presidents to two-terms in office with an exception for 10 years for a Vice President succeeding mid-term, officially binding President Washington's precedent of serving two terms for future Presidents. After Adolf Hitler's suicide perforating while with wife Eva Braun, the war in Europe ended with the surrender of Germany in May 1945, and then the war in Japan ended after Truman dropped two nuclear bombs (created by the Manhattan Project but essentially by Albert Einstein) on Hiroshima and Nagasaki winning Japan's surrender September 1945.The Korean War was next on the docket, Truman's newly created United Nations, mandated expulsion of North Koreans from the South. General Douglas MacArthur launched a daring amphibious landing in Inchon, seizing the mandate and pursued the North Koreans back north of the border, until he misread Red China who were waiting there with hundreds of thousands of Chinese who drove McArthur back South. MaCarthur called for an all out war against China, but when Truman refused to extend the conflict for fear of World War III and a possible nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union. MacArthur insubordinately publicly criticized U.S. Policy leaving Truman to relieve the popular general from his command. Truman declined to run for another term officially restoring President Washington's precedent.

34.Dwight Eisenhower- A simpleton. While he was General, he was in the White House when he greeted an elderly woman named Frances, and he asked her where did you stay when you lived in Washington? Her response, "In the White House you dumbfuck." as it was Frances Folsom the youngest First Lady in history to President Cleveland. Amazingly she was still around. Although not the brightest bulb of the bunch and perhaps maybe not the most personable person, he had a strong visceral and instinctual side of him. For instance when he was little he had scraped his knee and infection ensued, the doctor recommended amputation but Eisenhower protested vehemently that he would rather die than be a cripple, and sure enough his parents listened. He used his visceral side in which he saw in people with his First Lady Mamie who was much more affable and affectionate than he was attracting lots of attention, and then sticking by his running mate Richard Nixon after giving his Checkers speech. Vice President Nixon not only substituted during cabinet meetings while Eisenhower was away, but essentially was his Foreign Policy as well with traveling extensively abroad to places like South America and even to the Soviet Union where he engaged Soviet chairman Nikita Khrushchev in a Kitchen Debate about the merits of capitalist and communist societies. The one trip Eisenhower did make on his own was to Korea, as President-elect when he fulfilled a campaign promise to expedite peace talks returning the border to where it was before the Korean War started. He was an avid golfer and fished a lot. In 1955 as president, Eisenhower suffered a heart attack.

35.John F. Kennedy- Youngest President to be elected at age 43. Him and First Lady Jacqueline were dubbed as "Camelot" essentially serving as America's royalty. Kennedy had numerous extramarital affairs. The list includes Lee Radziwill, Jackie's sister when Jackie was in hospital with Caroline. Audrey Hepburn, Jayne Mansfield for 3 years, other actresses tied to JFK in the press were Angie Dickinson, Kim Novak, Janet Leigh and Rhonda Flemming. 90 minutes before the first televised debate with Nixon in 1960, JFK was with a call-girl. He also had a call-girl inauguration night. The night before the inauguration, he cheated on his wife in their Georgetown house. JFK kept an apartment at the Carroll Arms in Washington where he met young women. After a year of marriage a girlfriend said of Jackie, "Jackie was wandering around looking like a survivor of an airplane crash." JFK had sex with Mary Pinchot Meyer in about thirty White House visits from Jan 62' to Nov 63'. She was mysteriously murdered in 1964 and her diary of their affair ended up at the CIA. Mary and JFK did drugs together. JFK had affairs with David Niven's wife, stripper Blaze Starr, and Pamela Turnure, 23, a Jackie look-a-like, hired as Jackie's press secretary, in an affair that went on three years in the White House. Fiddle and Faddle, Secret Service code names for 21 and 23 year old staff members hired mostly for sex. JFK tested dangerous drugs on them without their knowledge by putting drugs in their drinks. JFK got shots of speed from Dr. Max Jacobson, aka Dr. Feelgood. JFK had a penchant for swimming nude with his female guests at wild pool parties one recently made notable Mimi Alford. JFK & a British female tennis star had a lengthy relationship. JFK married socialite Durie Malcolm in Palm Springs in early 1947 and then a few days later had his friend Charles Spalding steal the marriage certificate from the Courthouse. JFK reportedly had an illegitimate child in the late 50s by prostitute Alicia Darr Clark who later tried to blackmail him. JFK laid Judith Campbell Exner, mob moll, who had some twenty visits starting in May 1961. Exner carried cash bribes to JFK from California defense contractors. When she called JFK and told him that he had made her pregnant, he asked "What are you going to do about it?" She had an abortion at a Chicago hospital in January 1963. She was never invited back to the White House. Her lover, mob boss Sam Giancana, bragged that he had 'placed' her with the President. Interestingly, both Giancana and another of her mob lovers, Roselli, were given the C.I.A. contract to kill Fidel Castro. JFK did Ellen Rometsch, an East German spy. When the Profumo affair (a sex scandal with a German spy) was blowing apart the British government, the Kennedys paid her off and had her deported. They abused both the FBI and Congress (by threatening Congressmen with information from their FBI files) to keep this liaison out of the press and the timing strongly suggests that the assassination of South Vietnam's Diem was used to divert press attention from JFK's connection to Rometsch. When the Secret Service was asked by local officials in Seattle if Kennedy always had prostitutes brought to him, they answered, "We travel during the day, so this only happens at night." Truckloads of prostitutes were brought to the White House and admitted without security checks. When JFK inspected military bases, he expected to be supplied with women. JFK used Peter Lawford's home in Santa Monica for meeting women. JFK kept a large collection of photos of himself with naked women. When President, Kennedy blackmailed starlets into servicing him or have their careers destroyed. JFK suffered from permanent venereal disease because he had been re-infected so often. He infected his partners with a disease so serious that it causes 35 percent of all infertility in US women. He apparently told brother Bobby Kennedy, not exactly a monk himself, "I get a migraine headache if I don't get a strange piece of ass every day." And then the prize of them all, American Goddess Marilyn Monroe after singing Happy Birthday to the President in 1962 essentially singing as his birthday present to him, told a columnist that JFK would not indulge in foreplay because he lacked the time. They had a one-year affair. Bobby Kennedy also had sex with her and she even had aborted his baby which, if she told, would have destroyed his career. The day Monroe died, neighbors saw Robert F. Kennedy and "a man with a doctor's bag" together enter her house. Within four hours she was found dead. Monroe was killed with a barbituate suppository, but a bottle of oral pills was left at the scene to make it look like a possible suicide. U.S. Attorney General Kennedy was never questioned about his role and his cousin actor Peter Lawford who "cleaned up" the murder scene never explained what happened to Marilyn's incriminating diary. Lee Harvey Oswald, a former Marine and self-avowed Marxist lived for a time in the Soviet Union and then visited with Fidel Castro in Cuba before assassinating Kennedy in Dallas, Texas with a rifle from a book depository while Kennedy was driving in a top-down convertible in his motorcade making him the 8th President to die in office, the 4th to be assassinated. First Lady Jacqueline Bouvier had the desensitized pleasure of picking up the fragments of skull and jaw from the car as it sped away.

36.Lyndon Baines Johnson- A very in your face kind of person and President. His most comfortable spot perhaps was on his kiester on a toilet where he would receive National Security briefings. Maybe one of our ugliest Presidents with a big nose and big ears. Lady Bird his First Lady was an angel with a twang and beautified the country with wild flowers. Johnson covered domestic with his Great Society which included War on Poverty, Civil Rights, and Medicare & Medicaid and foreign policy with the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War gave him the most migraines, as his far left base were against it the most, but he was determined in containing communism by not letting it spread into Asia in a so-called domino theory. Affected by the far left including his own Vice President Hubert Humphrey coming out against the war, Johnson announced he would halt bombing and not seek another term as President, however he still very much believed in the war effort leaving Johnson secretly leaning towards Republican Nominee Richard Nixon for President. Before the election of his successor, he ramped up the bombings again all the way up until Halloween essentially handing the election to Nixon.

37.Richard Nixon- A natural and professional politician. He was the 20th Century. A Congressman, a Senator, Vice President, a Gubernatorial candidate, a President, and of course a Former President. While President Coolidge was best on the economy, President Nixon was best on foreign policy. He campaigned on a secret plan to end the Vietnam War which he played masterfully to both sides politically, gradually pulling out the troops appealing to the protesting left, while at the same time escalating the war appealing to the "silent majority" on the right. He opened the door for trade in China's market revolutionalizing the world landscape economically by becoming the first President to visit there, and then set the course to the conclusion of the Cold War by signing the first SALT Agreement. Oh and his foreign policy wasn't restricted to earth either as Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon. All of these accomplishments plus Henry Kissinger announcing a peace agreement in Vietnam before the election pleasing everyone in 1972 guaranteeing a 49 state landslide victory. However in June 1972, five members of the President's re-election committee were arrested in the act of burglarizing the Democratic National Headquarters at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C. which the FBI instead of focusing on Soviet Union with nuclear warheads aimed at the country proceeded with a wild goose chase leading all the way up to the President becoming the first President to resign. Politically gifted, Nixon maneuvered his way out of murky waters, as he easily could have pardoned all of those involved nipping the scandal in the bud, but he realized the pardon power would be best reserved for the President. After Vice President Spiro Agnew resigned following a bribery scandal, Nixon selected House Minority Leader Gerald Ford as not only as Agnew's replacement as Vice President but also as his own replacement as President in exchange for a full pardon after he resigned. "Tricky Dicky" escaped out the back door.

38.Gerald Ford- The not so accidental President as he was the only President to serve who had not been elected as neither President nor Vice President. He loyally took one for the team of Presidents and pardoned one of their own Richard Nixon in which he received a lot of heat for and quite possibly cost him the next election. His best decision besides the pardon was keeping on Nixon's star Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. He survived two assassination attempts constructed by mass-murderer Charles Manson as circumstantial evidence is no evidence whatsoever becoming the oldest living President dying at age of 93. The three best speeches at his funeral were from Henry Kissinger, Richard Cheney, and Jimmy Carter.

39.Jimmy Carter- A living national treasure. Described as "worldly." A peanut farmer turned Former President. He has frequented a funny quote, "I cannot wait to grow up so i can be a former president" Used his one-term as a bully-pulpit of influence to his successors as a check he might run against them. He traveled all over the world as humanitarian even into controversial places such as North Korea, Cuba, and Africa. The Iranian Hostage crisis unfortunately brought Carter's actual Presidency to its knees but essentially the biting sanctions he imposed on the country is what brought the hostages home and the Camp David Accords also gave him tremendous expertise on the Middle East in his post-Presidency.

40.Ronald Reagan- "Altzy" Up until his election, oldest to become President at age 69 but the country didn't notice it because he regularly dyed his hair. He hung up President Coolidge's portrait in the Oval Office. Besides the Iranian Hostages being released on his Inauguration, Reagan was not all that popular until he broke Tecumseh's Tippecanoe curse when he barely survived an assassination attempt in which he was shot in the belly, on the surgery table he reminded all surgeons they better not be Democrats, and then after he remarked to First Lady Nancy Reagan that he forgot to duck his popularity amongst the public increased. Some of his supporters would call his leadership style as delegating, others would describe it as hands off and dealing with consequences when they come about such as in the Iran-Contra Scandal. Largely in thanks to the framework set by President Nixon, the Soviet Union was on a course to collapse under his Presidency with the tear down of the Berlin Wall in concluding the Cold War. Reagan also followed Nixon's framework of winning a similar landslide victory of 49 states for re-election. In his latter years of his administration because of his age and other factors, dimentia and alzheimers began to set in and he began proposing Constitutional Amendments for a President to serve more than two-terms and to require a balanced budget, both which would have made love of country. Even to this day Reagan's memory has turned him into an ideologue for the religious and political right something he was not.

41.George HW Bush- He had an ideal resume to become President. A successful businessman/oilman, U.S. Congressman, Ambassador to the United Nations as well as China, Director of the CIA, and Vice President. He campaigned on an infamous pledge "Read my lips, no new taxes" which he was unable to follow through on in at which many felt was key to the 1990s economic expansion a gift to his successor in more ways than one. He garnered the highest approval ratings for a President after winning the Persian Gulf War without a single casualty but also criticized for not following Saddam Hussein all the way back to Iraq finishing him off something his son George W. Bush would not forget. Speaking of which, Bush began the pedigree of a political dynasty with two of his sons becoming Governor and one of them becoming President. Barbara Bush was the second First Lady to be a wife and mother to a President.

42.Bill Clinton- A womanizer and a Kennedy wannabe. He didn't quite have the look or the prestige of President Kennedy but he did the best he could. He actually did get to meet him as a youth. His extramarital affairs included Susan McDougal, Gennifer Flowers, and more recently Belinda Stronach, Gina Gershon, and Joy Page but of course the most famous one was with Monica Lewinsky, a White House Intern, which for whatever reason led to the President testifying before a grand jury while in office in which he was accused of perjuring himself. He invoked executive privilege and ought to have been executed by him. He became the second President to be impeached but was not removed. In large part he will be remembered as a President who presided over peace and prosperity in large part due to the dot-com boom thanks to the likes of entrepreneurs Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and even sport athlete Michael Jordan. First Lady Hillary made history by becoming a U.S. Senator and a viable candidate for President which Clinton dusted off his poltical shoes to help aid and cement his legacy. Furthermore during a vacancy she became the first First Lady to become Secretary of State through Senate Confirmation.

43.George W. Bush- Second son of a President to become President. In the most hotly contested election since 1876 between Rutherford B. Hayes and Samuel J. Tilden. The election was essentially decided the same way by the Supreme Court toeing party lines in their decision to halt the recount in Florida which would have handed the election to Vice President Al Gore but instead gave it to George W. Bush. Gore easily could have won if he carried his home-state of Tennesseee or elicited the help of President Clinton to campaign in Arkansas but mistakenly stood his distance in the wake of President Clinton's Impeachment. Bush's Presidency was the most tumultuous for a two-term President. Starting with the 2000 election, Bush dealt with Columbia Shuttle disaster, Iraq and Afghanistan War, Katrina Hurricane disaster, Virginia Tech shootings, Lady Bird Johnson who was still around replied to a pen-paler before passing away, 2008 Financial crisis causing the Great Recession to ensue, and of course the worst attack in U.S. History, worse than the War of 1812 and of course worse than Pearl Harbor which Hawaii wasn't even a state then, 9/11 in at which al-Qaida terrorists at the direction of Osama Bin Laden flew commercial jetliners into the World Trade Center Towers in New York, the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. and a plane that was intended to fly into the U.S. Capitol but crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania due to heroes aboard the flight. Because 9/11 happened in our homeland under his watch, according to our criteria makes him the second worst President in our history behind President Lincoln but ahead of President Madison.

Barack Hussein Obama- "Moose & Ash" Referred to as "Babrak Karmal" by President Carter and President Romney's "Runaway Slave Kenyan" in inner circles. A continuation of President Lincoln's legacy. He used Lincoln's bible to be sworn-in on as President in at which he flubbed the oath of office in at which many felt disqualified him in becoming President as Vice President-elect Joe Biden was sworn-in first as Vice President. Many feel he was born in Kenya or even Indonesia where he was raised as a youth and attended madrasah, but his birth certificate states he was born in Hawaii in 1961 barely making the cutoff as Hawaii became a state in 1959. If he had been born before 1959 he wouldn't have met the naturalized-citizen requirement in the U.S. Constitution to become President. The previous day Chief Justice John Roberts practiced swearing-in Obama properly to clear up any controversy and it did not pan out. Obama had a strong disregard for American History in large-part because he views himself on the other side of it especially in the beginning. In his Inaugural address, Obama mentioned the 43 men that came before him while there were only 42 men with President Cleveland serving two-nonconsecutive terms as he is counted twice as a President but not twice as a man. During this vacancy a Stimulus Act was passed that went largely to one-time infrastructure jobs instead of to something more sustaining such as foreclosed and under-water homeowners prolonging the Great Recession, through large Democratic majorities, Congress passed sweeping Health Care reform through reconciliation ironically after Senator Kennedy had passed away who was a thorn in to the side of every U.S. President from #35 to #43 thwarting them in getting the measure passed. Heather Maddox and Detective Bryan Harper of Tippecanoe County, Indiana committed treason by violating the 19th and 26th Amendments of the United States Constitution and received what was coming to them as she was lynched and macheted like a piñata by John Jay then exhumed by Pope Benedict XVI and thrown on into Africa full blown HIV + AIDS as Detective Bryan Harper is hanging from a Pine Tree in Cuba with a gun shot wound to the head where there are no uniforms. In May of 2011 Osama Bin Laden, mastermind of 9/11 was killed by U.S. Navy Seals by the order of Obama.

44. Interregnum to Richard Lugar- An advisory has been issued if you have not filled out a 2010 United States Census started by President Jefferson not only are you unaccounted for but most likely do have HIV + AIDS and must be deported IMMEDIATELY!!

45. Mitt Willard Romney- "Geezer" as housing is affordable as most homeowners already have a home and may have been underwater due to a foreclosure crisis as a rate for unemployment is determined by benefits every first Friday of a new month.

46. Donald J. Trump - 'The Donald' a real estate mogul and celebrity enthusiast became a coronavirus czar as president. Also, was a protectionist on trade and was more for law and order than citizen's rights. He was the third president to be impeached and was impeached twice. 2/3 of a majority should be required for impeachment of a sitting US president by a House floor vote instead of a majority vote and then 2/3 of a majority by Senate floor to remove a president from office. Melania Trump was the only bright spot of this administration being first lady born outside of since Louisa Adams and was the prettiest since Frances Folsom.

47. Christopher Ryan Stried - Current President of the United States, '08 & '16 Gov. Candidate, enumerator for United States Census, travelled to Europe, Australia, and created a trifecta of New York, Indiana, and Florida in way of travel throughout 2008 and 2016 independent candidacies for Governor of Indiana, as Stephanie Stried was married to Christopher Stried at Vatican, Vaticano before Pope Benedict XVI on 10 June 2009. Extramarital affairs include 'Red', Laurie, Brenda, Jo Ann Holotka, Keri Romanac, Lynn Walsh, Camey Chandler, Melissa Flesch, Nancy Wood, Emi Curri-Stried, Nina Lane, Gia Sutton, and Laura Avgherino.

47. Susan Swain - independent candidate for Vice President of the United States, general elections are held according to first Tuesday of November of every four years as United States Census for every ten years according to a US Constitution since 1789.

48. Joe Robinette Biden - Youngest and longtime US Senator in history, upon his election Delaware needed to wait until his birthday at age 30 to swear him in to serve in the Senate, then became oldest President in history. Biden told his first wife Neilia that he wanted to be president before she died in a car accident along with their daughter, she made it happen for him posthumously.

49. Gretchen Esther Whitmer - First woman president; Madame President, A Way We Go Whitmer campaign was launched after Whitmer was shunned and snubbed by Joe Biden on his ticket for president in a previous election. Biden wouldve won a landslide victory like FDR over Hoover if he had selected Whitmer with coronavirus having a two pronged effect being a health and economic crisis. Following suit of JFK in 1956 not being selected as Adlai Stevenson's running mate, JFK launched a ticket of his own in 1960 cinching the presidency. Women rejoiced around the world with Whitmer being first woman president.

50. Christopher Ryan Stried - 47th and 50th President, second to serve non-consecutive terms as president, continued President Washington's legacy by being a nonpartisan independent candidate and politician throughout his political career.


Christopher Stried (author) on May 16, 2017:

First ladies of a United States include Martha Washington, Louisa Adams, Lucy Garfield, Anna Harrison, Caroline Harrison, Frances Cleveland, Ann Romney, Stephanie Stried, and also Susan Swain! :)

22nd February 2017 - One dollar! :) on February 17, 2017:

A story of Jesus Christ can be localized from Rome, Italy to Bethlehem after Presidents day! :)

Christopher Stried (author) on December 09, 2016:

A Pope is a visible Universal church leader and of course holy! :)

Christopher Stried (author) on September 08, 2015:

President Washington already knew original capital of United States was New York, New York before it was moved to Washington D.C. and he still is laid to rest at in Mt. Vernon, Virginia his birthplace of European descent!

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