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President Trump's Covid-19 Cover-Up

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The deadly virus is running rampant in the White House thanks to Trump's casual policy towards it since March. There are now 34 infected WH staffers.

The Cover-up

While it has been always happening from the Trump administration, when Trump, himself, was infected with the virus the cover-up intensified. When Trump went to the hospital, many thought it was yet another political stunt or hoax by Trump to change the unfavorable news cycle. Trump has done it in the past. As time went on, the medical news conferences clearly lacked transparency and truth to even the most basic medical questions that his doctors refused to answer. Now we know why.

The doctors serving Trump were all required to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements or NDA's that limited their responses and could expose them to liability. Several doctors who refused to sign them. Exactly what is Trump afraid to reveal about his true condition, one that, could still be worse than revealed.

But even worse was the photo-op that Trump had done when he returned to the WH with that faux Patton-like bullshit salute to the chopper lifting off. Hell, he never did this ever before, why now? One could see him having some breathing issues even while standing there.

But worse was still to come. Just a few days after back at the WH, he claimed he was cured and that he alluded to that he intentionally got exposed to virus just to prove that it could be beaten. That was why for months he refused to wear a mask- he was trying to get it! Later, he then claimed that he was no longer contagious just days after leaving the hospital. No doctor believes that. He even said that he would have beat the virus without the numerous costly drugs given to VIPs. Again, Trump said that God had somehow was involved in all this, really?

What is the truth about Trump's virus infection? Who knows.

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Desperately, now Trump wants AG Barr to indict Biden for improper behavior with Russia in 2015.before the election and refuses to debate Biden further. The virus relief bill to help millions of Americans is being held hostage by Trump. He said he will sign it but only after the election! Meaning, voters should vote for Trump if they want it.

Is there any more despicable POTUS or human being? And yet his base supporters are more than willing to go over the cliff and be killed for him. They would look the other way if Trump did commit murder in plain sight. These are zombie Trumpers.

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