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President Donald Trump at Town Hall

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Details on President Trump's Battle with COVID

Savannah kicks off the program with following up with President Trump on his fight with COVID, after him having contracted it not long ago. She asks if he still had any remaining symptoms of the virus. The President suggest that he feels completely great. She then states that the President received treatment that is normally reserved for the severest cases of the virus. Trump was asked how severe his symptoms had been. He responds that his he had a bit of a temperature and did not feel strong. He also mentioned that while the doctors didn't say he had pneumonia, his lungs were infected. He could not say with what exactly, as he explained he had not asked the doctor specifically for details.

President Trump's first positive COVID-19 test was Oct. 1st, 2020. This was after the Presidential Debate. Mrs. Guthrie mentioned the rules of the Honor System were that the candidates would come to the debate with a negative test.

She asked the President if he had been tested the day of the Presidential Debate. Trump suggested that he tests very often and could not remember if he had taken a test on that particular day or not.


Savannah brought up the White House event held by Trump a few days before he tested positive for COVID-19. She explained how thirteen people from the unmasked event had also contracted the virus. President Trump says that he has no problem with masks. He continued on to say that he heard a statement saying 85% of those who wear masks contract the virus. According to the moderator, that information was not true.

A few of the members who attended the White House event.

A few of the members who attended the White House event.

Denouncing QAnon

QAnon is a conspiracy theory group who push the idea of Democrats being a Satanic, pedophile ring. Savannah went into detail how the QAnon group seems to think Donald Trump is supposed to be the savior. She asked President Trump if he could lay the conspiracy theory to rest, or if he believed it was true. Trump explained how he doesn't know much about the group. He says they're against pedophilia and claimed that was the reason for not denouncing the conspiracy in its entirety. He then quickly switched the subject to how he knows about ANTIFA and the radical left, who he says are burning down their own Democratic ran cities.


Retweeting Extreme Followers

Savannah brings up a recent retweet, which is when a person shares someone else's original post. The retweet expressed that former Vice President Joe Biden was responsible for trying to have the Navy Seal team who took out Bin Laden, murdered to cover up a fake Bin Laden death. There is no evidence of this in anyway. When Trump was asked why he would share a conspiracy theory to over 80 million people, he said it was because he wasn't sure if it was false or not and wanted others to decide for themselves.


Is Trump Willing to Accept a Peaceful Transfer of Power

President Trump says that he has no problem accepting a peaceful transfer of power as long as it's a fair election. However, it seems that Trump does not feel the election will refrain from being rigged. The moderator says that Trump's own FBI Director says there is no evidence of any wide spread fraud. President Trump says if that is the case, the Director may not be doing a very good job. Overall he does not want to transfer power because he rather win. Which is understandable of anyone in that position.

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Q & A With the Voters

President Trump was asked questions from voters themselves.

One of the first questions asked was concerning his actions to close borders to China, but not take any other action to prepare Americans for the virus. Trump's response was that he implemented the ban on China early on in February against the advice of many officials.

Savannah then stepped in to ask if his National Security Advisor warned him about the severity of the virus. Trump replied that his advisor never informed him of such. He continued on to say that he knew it would be a huge threat himself. He says that he didn't want to panic the public by telling the American people they were all going to die. The moderator persisted to ask President Trump if he felt there was some sort of middle ground where he could inform the public without misleading them. Trump says there is no middle ground, you have to be safe, vigilant, and smart.


Another voter asked President Trump what his plan is to bring back the economy, as well as leading the country through the remainder of the pandemic. Trump responded saying we just set a record jobs at 11.4 million. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, We have lost over 22 million jobs since April and May. We have only gained back about half that amount up to date.

A Biden supporter asked Trumped if after catching COVID-19 himself, he felt differently about the safety of wearing masks. He replied that he felt about the same as he did before.


Hardworking, married mother of four, wanted to know what Trump's plan is to make healthcare more affordable for Americans like her. Trump explained how he got rid of the Individual Mandate on the ACA that forced Americans to buy healthcare they didn't want. He goes on to mention he will always protect people with pre-existing conditions. President Trump said he already made Obama Care cheaper, but now wants to replace it with a much better, more affordable plan if they can.


President Trump continued to go over questions with American voters in attempts to win their vote.


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