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President Trump Lied to the American People About Covid-19


What did the President of the United States know and when did he know it about Covid-19?

That is the central question many were asking since way back in January 2020. As John Bolton pointed out, as he was leaving then, he knew that his replacement was briefing Trump on how dangerous the virus actually was. This was late January. So, even before February 7th, when Trump met with Woodward, Trump knew about it being a deadly beast.

The audio of February 7, clearly shows that Trump had been talking to Chinese authorities and knew that:

  • The virus was airborne or by contact
  • It attacked young people as well as old ones
  • It was deadly with much higher morbidity rates than the flu
  • It was five times more contagious and deadly than the cold or flu

Around that same time, Trump authorized over 100 tons of PPE to be sent to China, because America has only a few cases and those were Chinese entering the USA. These Chinese citizens were actually paid by China to fly to the USA between mid-January and the end of the month. Some 15,000 or so would arrive during that time.

It WAS a good thing Trump did stop all incoming flights from China on January 28th, based on the intel he got. But, it was little too late. The virus had arrived on U.S. shores intentionally.

So, Trump knew all the drastic measures needed to be taken. He knew the virus was deadly (190,000 are dead from it in the USA), knew how it spread and knew all age groups could get it.

Yet, on all the following public meetings afterwards and into March and April, Trump told the American people the opposite. He told them that is was just the flu and more people die from regular flu than this virus, he mocked wearing face masks, never admitted that it was airborne until too much evidence had piled up, he said the virus did not infect kids or young adults and they were immune to it. All lies.

President Nixon was also a lied until the sound recordings came out and other documents. Then, Nixon tried to spin it in his favor but the credibility of his character was shot. Few continued to believe anything he said and eventually he resigned.

Trump's lies are far worse than Nixon's. Studies show that far less people would have died had Trump been up front and honest in early February. However, now Trump wants you to believe that he did not want to cause a panic and that it was his duty to not tell the truth. Seriously? First of all, no panic would have happened because at that time, America had less than 10 known cases. But knowing how lethal it was would've helped people decided how they would prepare. CDC was already advising social distancing etc. Trump wishes to portray himself as a stout, strong leader, by withholding this information suggesting that Americans are too weak to handle it. All Trump is trying to do now is to minimize damage and fallout from 18 hrs. of interviews and trying to blame the author for targeting his book as a hit job. LOL, Trump agreed to being recorded and interviews. He thought he could out smart Woodward. He tries to blame the author for revealing this horrible data to the public, as if, it was not his duty as President! Are you serious, Trump? Woodward was under to obligation to reveal this info that Trump had told him.

In fact, Woodward did not realize this smoking gun until May, when he started to go through the recordings and prepared writing this book. It was only then did he realize that what Trump had said back on Feb.7 in private and what he said publicly were vastly different! When one sees Trump tell Woodward what he knew on Feb. 7 and what he states in public weeks and months late, it is crystal clear of the lie, for whatever flimsy reason Trump now gives.

So, will this change anyone's vote? It may. With all these Trump books coming out, the man is truly not a leader but just a shady, corrupt, businessman who is in love with himself. The Trump faithfuls will just ignore this lie and buy into how Trump is trying to justify lying. Those against him, now have the smoking gun.

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