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President Trump Is Out


Joe We Made it

The people have spoken electing Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States. Thousands took to the streets across America dancing, singing, cheering, after hearing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris was elected President of The United States.The first woman elected as vice president Kamala Harris, a Black woman. Joe Biden message to the American was that he would do everything could to unite our country, he made himself clear whether or not Republicans voted for him, he would be the President to all Americans.

it's time to come together even those who voted for President Trump. Americans need to come together and give the new administration a change instead of complaining before they walk through the front door.come together, we have to communicate with each others and see each other. .

Donald Trump is taking legal actions against Nevada and some other States claiming voter fraud, there has been no evidence that no State committed voter fraud. People are making fun of Trump because of his voter Hotline, wanting anyone report to him what they saw. The Trump's are turning the 20-20 election into a nightmare, along with some Republicans and his lawyer Giuliani. Trump will never concede to President Joe Biden because he always have a need to win and is embarrassed he lost.

Republicans are cowards who are afraid to congratulate Joe Biden for his victory over Trump We want Biden out of fear because Trump might turn on them. Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham should have been voted out of office, they are Trump puppets going along with anything Trump says. It's time for Trump to concede and do his job Until January 20.2021.

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