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2020 a Unforgettable year

Trump rain of terror will soon be over January 20.2021. will he leave the White Peacefully?



The 20-20 election will go down in History as a election that no one will ever forget. Trump left Walter Reed Medical Center where he stayed almost three days with the Coronavirus, He was back on the campaign trail among his supporters, without his mask. He constantly made fun of Joe Biden, saying he didn't know who would vote for sleepy joe.

After the 20-20 election The President hibernated himself in the White House soaking over the election pretending the election was rigged against him. Eight days after the election Trump made a speech about a vaccine that soon be disturbed soon but refused to concede to Joe Biden blocking classified important information.

Saturday Trump supporters took to the streets in Washington at a rally carrying flags and signs chanting "stop the Steal' 'to Trump claims of election Fraud. There has been no evidence of election Fraud in any State. After dark Saturday violence broke out between Trump supporters and Non-trump supporters, twenty was arrested one was stabbed and two policeman hurt. President Trump know is using his own supporters to do his dirty work with him watching and tweeting.

Trump Down Fall

Americans are tired of watching president down ignoring this deadly pandemic, with 245 thousands men, women and children who have died because of the president handling of this virus, Trump knew the virus was dangerous, contagious and deadly and never warn the public. The coronavirus continue to surge across every state in America, dominating and controlling.President Trump has done nothing to help curb the coronavirus except lie about.

Trump Will Destroy Our Democracy

Only four Republicans had the guts to congratulate Joe Biden for winning the 20-20 election.Republicans are going along with what ever Trump says to boast his ego.

How can Americans trust people like Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell because of their unwieldiness to stand up to a president who has lead this country into a crisis. President Trump has sixty-six days left and has neglected his duties as president of the United States. His job consist of playing golf and confirming with his lawyers about filing court cases election fraud. After Trump leaves the White House he can no longer use the Department of Justice lawyer free to handle his business because he will be a private citizen. Why is President to stay four more years in the White House? Is it because he is afraid of going to jail.

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Maxine Daniels Foster (author) from Boston MA on November 15, 2020:

President is neglecting his duties to the America people and our country. Trump you must stop soaking like a spoil child and do your job until you leave the White House January 20/2021. Will you walk out with dignity and pride or will you be escorted out. JMD

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