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Donald Trump Acquitted

You can only do so much one you will get yours, it's just around the corner.


Trump need to be punish

The American people knew Donald Trump would never be impeached by Republicans. They knew the President was responsible for instigating an insurrection on January 6. During the impeachment trial of Trump,the manager evidence against the president was compelling and overwhelming but Republicans minds was made up before the trial.

On the 6th of January , President Trump was responsible for inciting a riot at the Nation Capitol. Wednesday at a save America stop the steal rally, President Trump encouraged his supporters to walk to the Capitol and fight like hell to stop the steal election certifying the victory of Joe Biden. President Trump poured flames on a burning fire when he told his supporters to take back their country.

Trump lied to his supporters when he told his supporters he would walk with them to the Capitol, he went back to the White House. Outside the Capitol Barricades was broke through by angry Supporters carrying signs heading to the front steps of the Capitol. Windows and doors was broken into until Mobs were inside the Capitol. Once inside they roam through hallways using incentives, destroying properties and ram shackling lawmaker Officers.

Racial groups forced their attention on Nancy Pelosi and Vice president Mike Pence. Where is Mike Pence, they searched opening doors looking for Pence, saying they would hang him. Mike Pence his family and other lawmakers led to safety. Other members of Congress were trapped in a room a few feet from the angry mob.

Trump watched the attack in the Capitol from the White House. He saw members of Congress in hiding in fear of their lives. Trump could have stopped the attacks any time he wanted but didn't he want to, he enjoyed watching what he saw. President Trump betrayed his own people, he wanted revenge.

Once again Donald Trump has slipped through the cracks Republicans refuses to whole Trump accountable for his behavior and his lies. President Trump once said he would walk down the Streets of Manhattan and shoot someone and nothing would happen. Trump proved his point, five people died on the grounds of the Capitol including a police officer.

President Trump believe he is above the law and can't be stopped

The impeachment is over, with thousands of American in shock at the Republican Party, they violated the Constitution of the Unites States. What some Republicans did was unforgivable, shameful and an embarrassment to one of the greatest countries in the world.

What Trump did was unforgivable, he betrayed, the American people and our country. President Trump is unfit to ever hold any office in politic. Donald will be facing a legal battle in the State of New York City. The Republican Party have no control of what happen to Trump in New York. Trump is no longer the President and should be treated like any other criminal. Jail is where Trump belongs Lock him up.

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President Trump was responsible for the lives of five people, including Police Officers.

Republicans acquitted Donald Trump


Maxine Daniels (author) from Randolph Ma on February 14, 2021:

Donald Trump is unfit to ever hold any kind of office in Politics. Trump is old sick and need to locked up ASAP. It's time for the American people to also bring in a new senate, it's time to get rid of the misfits. Like Trump people like Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, Kevin McCarthy and others need to go.

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